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Business Phone System Installation: Step By Step Guide

So, your business phone system has just arrived, and you’re wondering how to set it up. Or perhaps, you want to see what it takes to install a phone system before choosing a business phone provider. Either way, this guide will walk you through easy, detailed steps you can follow to install a business phone system.

Firstly, port your business phone numbers from your existing phone system. Next, access your phone provider portal and configure extensions.

In addition, you need to set up business hours, voicemail, and call features. Once the configuration is complete, you’re good to bring your phone system live.

Though that’s short, installing a business phone system can require in-depth information. So, keep on reading to learn about phone system installation in detail. We will also discuss a business landline phone service that integrates quickly and provides packages according to your needs.

Factors to Consider Before Installing Business Phone

Here, we’ll look at the most important things you must consider before setting up a business phone at your office.

The Number of Phone Lines

The business phone service you should pick highly depends on the number of phone lines you’ll use. As a rule of thumb, the telecommunication services that serve small businesses may be unable to provide a lot of phone lines. At Community Phone, we offer a variety of plans with different numbers of phone lines to suit all business needs.

Type of Business Phone

Business phone systems are different; some use traditional copper wires, whereas others are based on the internet (VoIP). While copper landlines are inefficient for modern-day use and are about to get phased out, VoIP landlines aren’t that reliable as they require high-speed internet. Our Community Phone landline, however, runs off cell phone towers to provide affordable yet effective landline services to businesses.

How to Install a Business Phone System

Community Phone is a leading business phone service provider. Follow the steps below to set up your business phone system:

Step 1. Port Business Phone Numbers

You can quickly move your existing business phone numbers to your new phone system through porting. This ensures your customers don’t find it hard to contact you as needed. First, you’ll have to see if your number is portable; simply ask your carrier for that. Next, contact your new provider and fill out the number request form. We at Community Phone are always open to assisting you in this regard.

Learn More here: How to Get a Business Phone Number

Step 2. Access Community Phone User Portal

To access Community Phone’s user portal, you’ll need first to create an account at Community Phone. The process is quite simple as you have to fill out details like your name, email address, business phone number, and company name. Once registered, you’ll be able to access the user portal.

Step 3. Configure Multiple Extensions

Community Phone lets you design call flows according to your business needs. These extensions are effective as your customers can contact the relevant department by dialing a specific digit. You won’t have to dedicate an employee to forward the calls to the appropriate staff. Our multi-phone line system for business enables multiple people to be on the phone simultaneously.

Step 4. Set Business Hours and Voicemail

At Community Phone, you’ll be able to set business hours and a voicemail pretty quickly. Having defined business hours will ensure whoever calls outside this time receives a voicemail informing them your business is closed and when it’ll reopen. Record a unified business voicemail greeting to build a connection with your customers.

Step 5. Set Up Exclusive Call Features

Advanced business phone services like Community Phone offer various calling features to help you deal with customers productively. For instance, you can develop a call forwarding number so that when a particular agent is unavailable, the call is automatically forwarded to another. A call management system like Community Phones boosts employees' productivity and helps marketing campaigns.

Step 6. Make the Phone System Live

Once you’re done with configurations, it’s time to bring your phone system live. As you do that, the phone system will be available for your customers to call.

Why Choose Community Phone as Your Business Phone System

Business Phone Service

Community Phone revolutionizes how landlines work. Community Phone's landline runs off cell phone towers, unlike copper and VoIP landlines with high setup costs and low reliability.

You neither need an extensive copper wire setup nor a high-speed internet subscription. Instead, you can make reliable, crystal-clear calls over Community Phone’s wireless landline.

Main Features

  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • Automated Voice Messaging System
  • Call Waiting and Voicemail-to-Text
  • Simultaneous ring and call forwarding
  • Supports high-speed 4G and 5G networks

Custom Plans for Businesses

We understand all businesses have unique requirements, which is why we offer custom plans to suit all business needs. Pick from a range of different plans, or you can develop a custom package that best fits your requirements without charging a premium. Community Phone offers the following ready-made business phone service packages:

1. Basic Business Landline Service - $39/month, per line

This allows you to switch landline or cellphone service without the internet. You get unlimited nationwide calling, outbound caller ID, voicemail, temporary call forwarding, and call waiting.

2. Premium Business Landline Service - $69/month, per line

This package allows you to keep your same phone service and gain dynamic features such as call routing, dial menu and call greeting, rollover, and simultaneous ringing, live call transfer, voicemail to email, and ringing to a second line if the first line is busy. You get unlimited nationwide calling in the US, virtual call management, all the basic communication, one provider with one bill, no internet, and onboarding specialists.

How it Works

Community Phone's landline base device to each customer who connects your telephone system to a nearby cellular network.

As you attach your telephone to the base device and turn it on, it sets up automatically within 30 seconds. Once done, you’re ready to make calls over Community Phone’s reliable, innovative landline.

When it comes to porting phone numbers, Community Phone provides full support for that. You have a choice over whether to keep your existing number or get a new one. If you pick The current number, we’ll help you transfer it to Community Phone. Otherwise, we have a versatile database of phone numbers that you can choose from.


  • Doesn’t require paying for high-speed internet
  • No time-consuming and expensive wired setup needed
  • Crystal-clear communications with top-tier reliability
  • Works during disasters and power outages
  • Offers top-end flexibility for businesses.

If you’re interested in trying our wireless, flexible, and innovative landline service, Talk to our Landline Specialist at (866)-496-2475.

Which Business Phone Plan is the Best?

Here we’ll quickly compare Community Phone with other business phone systems available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a business line to my cell phone?

You can add a business line to your cell phone to keep your business communications separate. But it’ll require using a mobile app from your business phone provider. That said, you can either use an existing phone number for the business line or register a new one.

How much does a new business phone system cost?

The cost of a business phone system depends upon the calling features and type of system you pick. The phone plans at Community Phone start from $39/mo. Community Phone plans come with varying calling features and several phone lines.

On top of that, you can also create a custom plan to meet your business needs.

What is the average phone bill for a small business?

The average phone bill for small businesses falls around $60 per employee.

The more employees in your organization, the less you’ll pay per device. But for startups, the per-device cost may fall around $200 for a mid-end phone system. This is why Community Phone offers custom plans for small business owners.

The Bottom Line

Setting up a business phone system can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. But if you get the proper instructions, it’ll be pretty straightforward. This guide lists the easy steps you can follow to set up your phone system, starting from porting your business contact.

If you’re seeking a reliable, future-proof, and affordable business phone provider for your business, Community Phone is the way to go. Get started at Community Phone today! With a 14-day return guarantee at hand, signing up should be a no-brainer.

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