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How To Get A Business Phone Number [Types & Providers]

How To Get A Business Phone Number [Types & Providers]

Let’s be honest: you want your business to look professional, authoritative, customer-caring, and reliable. In that case, a business phone number is essential. It’ll not only boost your brand’s recognition but will also ensure better customer service and work-life balance.

You can get a business phone number within a few clicks with Community Phone. It is suitable for both small and large-scale businesses. Get your new commercial number right now, and enjoy great packages.

In this article, we’ll explore the different types of business phone numbers, how to choose one, and what’s the best way to get a company phone number. Let’s dive in.

Best Way to Get a Business Phone Number - Community Phone

Business Phone Number

Community Phone is the best business phone service provider you can use to get a business phone number. Community Phone offer an advanced business landline phone service. The landline service is based on cell phone towers, meaning it doesn't require an active internet or a messy copper wire connection.

Community Phone gives you the freedom to either transfer your existing phone number or obtain a new phone number right away. To register a new number, simply mention your state, area code, and preferred number letters. Once you do that, you’ll get a list of phone numbers to choose from. Furthermore, you can also get a toll-free number from Community Phone.

Main Features

  • Both business and personal phone services are available
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • Custom dial menu
  • Supports voicemail to email
  • Simultaneous ring


  • It doesn’t require an internet connection
  • Offers extremely reliable services
  • Works during power outages (over 12 hours)
  • Lots of advanced calling features like call waiting, call forwarding, and call routing
  • Lets you keep your existing number or pick a new one

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4 Reasons Why You Should Get A Business Phone Number

Before we dive into how to get a business phone number, let’s have a quick look at why having a professional phone number is important.

1. Establish Business Hours

A business phone number should only operate during business hours. Your customers will feel dissatisfied when their call isn’t picked up. You can set up an automated voice message that lets users know the service is unavailable and when it will be back.

2. A Professional Voicemail System

A voicemail system allows the customers to leave voice messages to your business. This way, your team will be able to determine the customer’s concern about calling and possibly fix their problem. Plus, a professional voicemail system will ensure your customers’ voicemails remain separate from your voicemails.

3. Local, National, and International Presence

A business phone number lets you expand your company’s presence. If it’s a local or national business number, the customers nearby or within your country will be able to place a call on it quickly and effortlessly. And if your plan supports international calling, your customers will be able to call you from foreign countries. This helps ensure you can market your products or services wherever you like.

4. Work-Life Balance

Obtaining a business phone number ensures your professional and personal communications remain separate. For instance, you won’t have to manage customers’ texts and your texts from one place. Similarly, all your business voicemails will be maintained separately, using the professional calling network – ensuring a decent work-life balance.

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Business Phone Numbers by Type

Different types of business phone numbers are available, including:

1. Local Numbers

A local phone number refers to a telephone number that’s allocated to a specific geographic location. This geographic location of a local phone number is mostly represented by area code. For instance, the area code “212” is specified for Manhattan and nearby areas in New York, US.

Local phone numbers are the best option for local businesses as they build trust with local customers. A business with a local phone number will appear much more reliable and professional than a local business that lacks it.

Community Phone lets you pick a local phone number based on your provided location.

2. Vanity Numbers

A vanity number is a type of local or toll-free number that generally spells out a word or a phrase to make it easy to remember. Users themselves request providers for an easy-to-remember vanity number for better marketing results. Examples of vanity phone numbers are 1 (800) FLOWERS and 1 (888) BEACHES.

Though vanity numbers tend to be more expensive, they’re a great way to prove the trustworthiness and authoritativeness of your business. It’s because your vanity business phone number will be relevant to your industry or service while ensuring your customers and prospects can easily remember it.

Thankfully, Community Phone’s toll-free numbers support vanity numbers so you can incorporate your brand’s name into your phone number and give it a personal touch.

3. International Numbers

An international phone number contains a country code at its start so that a foreign user can place a call on it. For instance, the US-based international phone numbers start with the prefix “+1” as the country code.

International business phone numbers are a great option if a business operates and serves users in more than one country, as an eCommerce shop. If you have a store on one of the top places to sell online, you must also be able to keep in constant communication with customers.

Having an international phone number displayed on your website will help improve the conversion rate of your foreign visitors who may be looking to buy a service or product from you. Long-distance calling has never been this smooth!

That said, Community Phone’s business phone numbers support international calling to ensure you can communicate with overseas customers with ease.

4. Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers are billed for incoming calls already, so the person placing a call is not charged for it. The toll-free numbers generally begin with a three-digit distinct code that can be dialed via a landline, free of charge. Examples of toll-free codes are 800, 888, and 877.

Setting up a toll-free number for your business is an effective way to build strong relations with your customers and improve your brand recognition. Moreover, a toll-free business phone number can also improve your customer support satisfaction rate, ensuring users feel encouraged to call your business.

You can pick a toll-free number from CommunityPhone by just specifying your state name and area code.

How to Choose a Business Phone Number Provider

This buying guide will help you make an informed decision when choosing a business phone number.

1. Company Size

The first thing you should consider when buying a business phone number is your needs. If you’re a small business, you can get away with any trustable small business phone number provider to power your professional communications. However, a trusted service provider makes scaling easier. If your business is large, make sure the provider you choose supports your business needs.

2. Type of Number

Business phone numbers are of different types. They’re categorized as toll-free, vanity, and VoIP phone numbers. Not all phone number providers offer all kinds of phone numbers. So, determine your ideal type of phone number and decide on a phone service provider accordingly. But in most cases, a local phone number works best for businesses.

3. Choose Provider

Once you know your needs, it’s time to pick a business phone number service that fits them. When considering a phone service, ensure it’s authoritative, trustable, and affordable. Also, carefully choose between a landline and VoIP phone provider. Choosing a landline provider based on a cell phone network would be your best pick for maximum reliability.

4. Select Plan

The last thing to do to get a business phone number is to choose a business phone plan. The different professional phone plans pack varying calling features and therefore, fit different business needs. You can pick a plan that best fulfills your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a business phone number?

You can create a business phone number by purchasing it from a local phone service provider such as Community Phone. Most providers allow users to choose from a range of available business phone numbers in an area, according to the given address. But you can always opt for a different area code.

Can you sell a business phone number?

You cannot sell a business phone number, as instructed by US numbering policy. It’s because phone numbers are considered a public resource in the United States and are not supposed to be brokered. However, certain organizations help users swap valuable phone numbers for a lot of money while keeping a cut.

How can I find the phone number of a business?

An easy way to find the contact number of any business is by looking at their website on Google. Most of the time, you’ll find the phone number on the homepage. But if it isn’t visible on the homepage, check the Contact Us page to find the number.

Final Thoughts

A business phone number is an important asset for any business. It not only ensures the number only operates during your business hours but also uplifts your professionalism, authority, and overall brand. Not only that but a business phone number will also improve your customer service by notifying users if the phone service is unavailable, and when it will be available again.

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