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10 Best Business Text Messaging Services for 2023

10 Best Business Text Messaging Services for 2023

Business Text Message services help staff and customers stay in touch. Sending business texts is an efficient way to provide reminders to contacts or employees and schedule meetings for future employees. Despite large-scale acceptance and usage of social media and commercial broadcasting, text messaging plays a significant role in shaping a business.

Businesses bank on the opening rate of text messages - 99%, as against 20% of business emails to launch marketing campaigns and notify customers about proposals, offers, and updates. 2-way messaging allows businesses to receive customer reactions and responses to various campaigns they launch.

Add text messaging to your marketing strategy with the following 10 best business text messaging services. Choose the service that best fits your requirements and budget.

1. Community Phone - The Best Business Text Messaging Service

Community Phone is a wireless business phone service that does not require internet or copper wire to provide landline service. With companies embracing remote and hybrid work cultures, you can stay in touch with employees and hire talent from across the country with the Community Phone unlimited text messaging and nationwide calls.

Gone are the days of impersonal SMS marketing and bulk messages. Customers, existing and potential, want curated experiences and do not want to be treated like a name, number, or statistic. Send personalized greetings, offers, and discounts to existing customers, and launch personalized marketing campaigns with the Community Phone landline-texting feature.

Image of Community Phone business landline service

Community Phone Landline Texting for Businesses

Here's how you can send personalized messages to your clients, customers, and employees through the Community Phone landline texting feature:

1. Sign in to your Community Phone user portal.

2. Click on landline texting from the menu on the left-hand side.

3. Click on the "+" symbol and choose "add."

4. Enter the phone number of the recipient

5. Type your message in and hit send.

6. 2-way messaging allows you to access messages from the customers as well to record their reactions to campaigns or collect feedback.

Community Phone Business Features

Call Routing

Route calls to the appropriate department or person with the call routing feature. Program several phones in your business, or even cell phones, to ring simultaneously to ensure calls get answered by the right people.

Program phones in your business to ring a second number if the first one does not answer or is busy using the call routing feature.


This feature helps you access voicemails as audio files and transcripts in your mail, ensuring you do not miss responding to a single customer call. Community Phone does not go down, even if cell towers go down. On the rare occasion of a communication blackout, you can still connect with your customers once connectivity resumes.

Community Phone's voicemail-to-email feature would have sent you the audio files of all your voice messages from when your lines were down to ensure you do not miss responding to a single customer.

Custom Dial Menu

Program your automated answering service with professional greetings, and information about your business, to route calls, and answer frequently answered questions. Community Phone's multi-level attendant ensures you create a great impression among customers and appear professional, creating a niche for yourselves among competitors.

Spam Call Blocking

Increase employee productivity and protect them and your business from scammers with the Community Phone spam call-blocking service.

Benefits of Switching To Community Phone

Here are the benefits of switching to Community Phone:

a) Nationwide calling and unlimited texts to stay in touch with customers, and vendors, collect feedback and launch phone-marketing campaigns.

b) 24/7 reliable customer support with real reps you can talk to, and not some random bot.

c) A 14-day risk-free trial to try the great features and the service

d) Wireless internet that does not require the internet or copper wire, ensuring your business is not vulnerable to hacks, breaches, or wiretapping.

e) Quick DIY setup of the landline base allows you to save time and money on installation.

f) Get a new number from Community Phone - local, toll-free, Vanity, or port your existing number.

g) The 12-hour backup battery ensures your phone works during power outages.

h) No contracts or hidden charges to bind you or surprise you. You pay what you signed up for.

How Do I Get Started With Community Phone?

Here's how you can sign up for Community Phone:

1. Contact Community Phone customer care at 866-806-1270 to sign up for Community Phone.

2. Talk to your account manager to tailor the features to your business needs and get a custom quote.

3. Choose a new number - local, toll-free, or Vanity. Or, you can port your existing number.

4. Start your business subscription and access the user portal.

5. Follow the above steps to send text messages to your customers, employees, or contacts.

6. Other Top SMS Marketing Platforms

Other Texting Service Providers

2. Google Voice

Google Voice is not a powerful text messaging service for businesses. However, it is an efficient tool and costs slightly less than the other options.

It is suitable for a business that wants to deliver a few messages or respond to future customer messages. If you do not want to execute bulk texting campaigns, then Google Voice will not charge you a lot.

Google Voice might suit you if you want an affordable messaging platform and do not require various text messaging features. Beware, this service has limited SMS functionality. It does not support automated voice messaging and toll-free numbers.


a) Group messaging (appropriate for eight contributors)

b) Unlimited text messaging to Canada and US numbers (except US Virgin Islands, US Territories American Samoa, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Micronesians)

Pricing: The monthly plan for Google Voice business starts at $10 per user. A Google Workspace subscription is also required, starting at $6/month.

3. ClickSend

With ClickSend, you can deliver online posts, MMS, text messaging, and rich content. You can also deliver an SMS using Microsoft Outlook with ClickSend's Microsoft Anticipation Plugin. It enables you to integrate with third-party applications and also gives API support.


1. Provides global support

2. Combine email templates into SMS

3. Quick delivery of SMS

Pricing: The pricing depends on the packages and the number of messages you deliver.

4. Sakari

Sakari has a limited reach of 200 nations. It is a cloud-based text messaging service that supports fundamental SMS requirements in one place. Messages can be scheduled to be sent automatically, and media, images, and maps can be added to text messaging.

This business text messaging service enables you to send notifications, marketing campaigns, reminders, and verifications. If you want to send approachable SMS to your clients, such as delivery alerts, booking confirmations, and other similar messages, Sakari is suitable.


1. Two-way texting

2. GIFS, audio, and video support

3. Schedule SMS in bulk

4. Plan SMS campaigns

5. Accommodate with VOIP and CRM systems

Pricing: It starts at $16 monthly in the US, and you can send 500 text messages monthly.

5. SendPulse

Marketing automation platform that incorporates several channels for customer communication. Apart from bulk SMS campaigns, users can send promotional emails, build messenger chatbots or create basic websites and landing pages for business purposes.


SMS marketing automation

free subscription forms

Automation 360 – combines email marketing, SMS campaigns and chatbots into a single marketing funnel

scheduling SMS campaigns

Pricing: Price per message varies depending on the country.

6. SlickText

SlickText is a famous text messaging service platform and offers many features to send multiple SMS. You can quickly send messages to consumers through this platform. It provides a wide range of options for communicating with clients.

It detects wrong numbers automatically and eliminates them from the contact list. This tool also provides two-way conversation. It is suitable for eCommerce businesses, restaurants, universities, churches, and many other companies.


1. Allow integration of other platforms

2. QR code facility

3. Two-way SMS system

4. Allow promotional campaigns

5. Series-based SMS

6. Create links and web forms

Pricing: It starts at $29/month and allows 500 SMS.

7. Omnisend

This SMS marketing software enables you to deliver text messages to customers and create a customizable and continuous engagement by combining emails and automated text. It has a library that creates workflows for all main occasions, such as birthdays, text messaging for unattended carts, etc.

You can communicate with your customers anywhere in the world. It also saves time and allows you to increase your experience to enhance confinement.


1. Prebuilt automation to integrate the marketing process

2. Accommodate with web forms

3. Marketing automation for SMS campaigns

Pricing: The pricing starts at $16 per month and also depends on the number of SMSes.

8. Trumpia

Trumpia is a comprehensive SMS service that features text and voice messaging. This software allows you to create custom workflows or utilize current templates by automated workflow builders. It is best for organizing all the operations on one platform.

It offers various features, from automated text messaging to mobile solutions. However, this text messaging service is expensive.


1. Automation feature for streamlining

2. Accommodation with other software along with Zapier

3. Workflow automation

Pricing: It has confusing pricing, although the plan starts at $76 per month and allows 3000 SMS.

9. Texted

Texted seems basic, but it offers features such as Bulk text messaging, auto-replies, and scheduled messages in advance. This service has the lowest per-text charges. But you have to pay the extra price for automated email marketing, text customization, email campaigns, and auto-replies.

Texted is also not straight for MMS pricing. It is challenging to use, so you require an experienced SMS marketer to utilize it. It might not be beneficial if you are a startup or small business.


1. Schedule texts

2. Comprehensive analytics

3. Bulk messaging

4. Built-in link shrinking

5. Two-way text messaging

Pricing: It charges $24/month for 1200 text messages.

10. Podium

Lastly, Podium is a complete text messaging service for businesses. It allows you to text, live chat, and video chat so you can organize all the conversations on one platform. However, you can easily manage your online reputation.

It helps manage inboxes, gathers payments, and takes surveys. You can improve customer experience and drive communication to stay connected to them. So, it is a fine addition to your business strategy.


1. Contact management

2. Allow internal conversation by team chat

3. Automated workflows

4. Ready-made templates

Pricing: The pricing starts at $189 per month.


When should businesses use text messaging services?

Businesses can use text messaging services to send appointment notifications, essential system updates, company alerts, consignments reports, and two-way conversations with their customers. Moreover, business text messaging improves customer service and satisfaction.

What is the best texting service?

Community Phone is the best texting service for businesses because it provides cost-effective unlimited texting.

The Community Phone landline base, with the 12-hour backup battery, works during a power outage, ensuring you can stay in touch with your customers.

It offers many valuable features - automated answering service, live call transfer, and more. Call Community Phone customer care at 866-806-1270 to learn more!

How much does text marketing cost?

Text marketing costs depend on your business needs. You can enjoy unlimited texting with the Community Phone business number.

Call Community Phone customer care at 866-806-1270 to learn more!

Make the Right Call!

Selecting a system that provides more than just text messaging would be a great value proposition for businesses. Every text messaging service in this list is either too expensive for texting features or too limited. What you need is an easily manageable service like Community Phone.

Community Phone is the best wireless business phone service provider, with an intuitive text messaging service that helps your business. It is reliable and offers game-changer VoIP features such as 3-way calling, call forwarding, and call routing.

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