Blog/How Much Does A Business Phone Line Cost?

How Much Does A Business Phone Line Cost?

How Much Does A Business Phone Line Cost?

As a business owner, you want complete ROI on your resources and to achieve your business objectives. Getting a business phone that helps you accomplish your goals and does not break the bank is vital.

This article provides information on the following:

  1. How much is a business phone line?
  2. How to choose the perfect business line for you
  3. The best business landline service provider - Community Phone

How Much is a Business Phone Line?

1. Pricing Factors

Here are things you should consider before you decide on a business phone for your company:

2. Company Size

The size of your company will impact the business phone cost. A startup's phone needs may vary from an established business's, affecting cost accordingly.

If you don't want to make a significant investment in a business phone line right away, Community Phone has an excellent call-forward feature that can help you.

The call-forward feature enables you to get a business phone number without investing in a landline. Community Phone will forward calls from your business number to your cell phone, so you can keep your number private.

Or, you can get a second business number for your cell phone to help you keep your business and personal life separate.

3. Number of Phone Lines

Since the business phone cost is based on usage, the number of phone lines you need will impact the cost. Getting more lines would be a great advantage as it enables you to route calls to the person most appropriate to help your customer, creating a wow experience and enhancing your business reputation.

4. Additional Features

What kind of features do you need for your business phone line? From caller ID to voicemail, there are a variety of features that you can add to your business phone line. And while these features may cost a bit more, it enables your business to be flexible and create great end-user experiences.

Why Do You Need a Business Phone Service?

According to Business Insider, 77% of customers prefer talking to a rep to engaging with a chatbot or automated system. A reliable phone system enables your customers to reach you for assistance.

The cost of a robust system will be justified with the customer loyalty and trust your business builds and the revenue and referrals you get by creating curated user experiences.

A business phone service can help your business grow by tracking wait times to call duration. And with features like call forwarding, call routing, and caller ID, you can be sure that your business is running smoothly.

Get Business Phone Line Service From Community Phone

Businesses have a lot of expenses. From inventory to employee salaries, there are a lot of factors that consume a company's budget. So, when it comes to getting a business phone line, it's understandable that cost is a significant concern.

However, you shouldn't sacrifice quality or features and customer satisfaction to save money; with Community Phone, you don't have to. Community Phone combines the reliability of a landline, wireless access, and fantastic calling features in one service to ensure businesses can create great end-user experiences and grow.

Community Phone's Business Phone Lines

Business Features from Community Phone

Here are some excellent business features from Community Phone

1. Call Routing

With Community Phone, you can easily route calls to any phone, whether it's a landline or a mobile phone. You can also set up a fully customizable dial menu so callers can easily reach the right person or department.

You can set up a simultaneous ring, which will ring multiple phones simultaneously. This feature enables available representatives to answer the call, ensuring no missed calls. You can also have your phone systems programmed to ring a second number in cases where the first one doesn't answer.

2. Live Call Transfer

If you have multiple agents specializing in different services, you can quickly transfer your customers to the most relevant agent, minimize hold times, and reduce customer frustration due to hold times.

3. Voicemail-to-email

With Community Phone, you can quickly get your voicemails delivered straight to your inbox as audio files and transcripts. That way, you can listen to them at your convenience and never miss a message again.

4. Custom Dial Menu

In today's business world, first impressions are everything. With Community Phone, you can easily customize your dial menu to route calls, answer questions, share information with customers, and route calls to voicemails during peak and off-business hours. A non-confusing, simple, interactive dial menu can help customers minimize wait time, have a great experience, and enhance your business image.

5. Spam Call Blocking

Nobody likes getting spam calls, and you can easily block them with Community Phone. With its advanced robocall blocker add-on service, Community Phone automatically blocks 99% of spam calls so that you can focus on the calls that matter.

Benefits of the Community Phone Business Landline

Here are some benefits of switching to Community Phone:

1. No Internet Connection Required

With Community Phone, you don't need an internet connection to make or receive calls. This freedom from the internet is perfect for businesses in rural areas or places with spotty internet service. You'll never have to worry about dropped calls or poor call quality.

Besides, with Community Phone, you don't need any copper infrastructure, which can save you a lot of money.

2. Unlimited Nationwide Phone Calls

You can make unlimited nationwide calls with Community Phone to stay in touch with your customers, clients, and employees.

3. Unlimited Text Messages

Clients and customers are constantly texting these days, so it's crucial that you have a business phone line that can handle text messages. With Community Phone, you can send and receive unlimited personalized text messages to engage your customers, inform them of offers and discounts, and roll out poll surveys.

4. Easy 30-Second Setup

Waiting for a technician to come and set up your phone line is a thing of the past. With Community Phone, you can be up and running in just 30 seconds. Connect the landline base to a power outlet, plug your phone in, wait for all the lights to go green, and you are all set!


5. Works During Power Outages**

Is your business in an area with a lot of power outages? No problem. With Community Phone, you can still make and receive calls, even if the power is out.

Their service runs off of the cellular network, so as long as there's cell service, you'll be able to stay connected. And with a battery backup that can last up to 12 hours, you can be sure that you'll always be able to stay in touch with your clients and customers, even if the power is out.

6. Free 14-day Trial

Call Community Phone at 866-407-8427, sign-up for the service, and experience the wonderful features Community Phone offers, FREE for 14 days. And if you decide that it's not for you, simply cancel within 14 days, and you won't be charged a thing.


How much does a Community Phone business phone line cost?

Business phone lines cost approximately $69 per month with Community Phone, with a host of excellent calling features, the reliability of a landline, and wireless access.

You can contact Community Phone customer care at 866-407-8427 to customize your plan as per your business needs and get a custom quote.

Why do you need a business phone?

A business phone line will help you keep your professional and personal life separate. Business features like call routing, a dial menu, voicemail-to-email, etc., can help you create curated experiences for your customers, display professionalism, and build trust among your customers.


A business phone line is an essential tool for any business, big or small. With features like call forwarding and simultaneous ringing, customers can always reach someone that can help them.

Community Phone provides the best business phone service that is affordable, has no contracts or hidden charges, has world-class support, and has a free 14-day trial.

Talk to Community Phone's business specialists at 866-929-0659 today to customize business features to suit your needs and accomplish your business objectives.

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