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Simple, reliable, phone service for businesses

Modern landline and wireless phone service that doesn’t require internet.

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Trusted in 4,000+ homes and businesses including

Landline phone service that doesn't require the internet

Unlimited nationwide calling from your landline phone, starting at $39/month. No contracts.

Great service. Great
pricing. Easy set up.
Fast, easy even for
a low tech person
500+ people people joined Community Phone in the last 30 days

Wireless service backed by nationwide carriers

The most reliable landline phone service through the same nationwide networks you’re already using.

Choose a custom number for FREE

If you need a new phone number, we can help you find one that represents your business in our database of over 30,000 phone numbers.

(415) 555-7788
San Francisco, SF
(415) TOM-SHOP
San Francisco, SF
(415) TOM-1234
San Francisco, SF
(415) TOM-1122
San Francisco, SF
(415) TOM-2222
San Francisco, SF

Choose your beautiful number. It's easy.

Search for new phone numbers by state, area code and/or numbers and keywords.

Business phone service, supercharged

Small businesses

Choose a memorable phone number — Get a toll free or local number, and choose your digits.

Stop missing customer calls — Set up a custom dial menu and route calls to any phone or phone number.

Two phone numbers, one phone — Put your business number on your personal cell phone, and keep calls separate without buying a second device.

And dozens more business features

“I chose a custom phone number for my company and added it to my website in 5 minutes. The best support on the market.”

Small businesses

Supercharge your personal landline or business line with spam call blocking, voicemail to email, call routing, choose your new number, international calling, and dozens of other features.

“I chose a custom phone number for my company and added it to my website in 5 minutes. The best support on the market.

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Our customers love us

Our US-based customer support team is with you every step of the way. Via email or phone, 
you’ll always reach someone who can answer all of your questions.

Twin-Silos Farm
Community phone offered me a friendly  neighborhood phone company equivalent when no other utility was available in my area. The representatives are honest and concise.  What they advertise is what you get.  No extra plans or fees. The quality is clear and an equal trade off from traditional landline service...
Judy Johnson
If you need to port over your landline and your provider won't do it for you, then you need this company. It was a smooth transition and my mom now gets to keep her phone number that she has had for over 30 years. Had to move her to an assisted living and being without a phone to all her friends was a BIG concern for me...
Rating 4.3 out of 5 based on 68 reviews