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Simple, reliable, phone service for homes and businesses

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Backed by nationwide carriers

The most reliable landline phone service through the same nationwide networks you’re already using.
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Landline phone service that doesn’t require internet

Unlimited nationwide calling from your landline phone, starting at $39/month. No contracts.

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Supercharge your business line

A second number across your existing phones and cellular phones. No new phones, apps, or systems to learn.

Michael Henry
"My service with Community Phone works around the world and I save half compared to Verizon."
“Community Phone has been able to offer us many additional features that we really appreciate... This provides some awesome ways of serving, supporting and communicating with our constituency.”
Samantha L
“I opened a yoga studio with a collection of instructors and I wanted us all to be able to answer calls. Luckily that was easy to set up with Community Phone!”

Why you should choose us

Big company features
Ever wanted your phone play a recording to callers who then select from a menu? We record your MP3 using professional voice actors, and set up your menu so callers can place orders, and get transferred! No human or complicated technology required.
Unbeatable prices
You can't get our features elsewhere - and you can't get our prices elsewhere either! Save thousands per year (literally).
Keep your number and coverage
Enjoy nationwide coverage on the providers you already trust, and keep the number and phone you already love.
Real human support
US-based customer support from people who know your account. We're here to make your telecommunications experience simple and fun.