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It’s your doctor with news

Trusted in 10,000+ homes and businesses including
Dunkin’ Donuts
Wells Fargo
Exxon Mobil Corporation

Home and Business Calls: Anytime, Anywhere

Unlimited nationwide calling,starting at $39/month.

Answer landline calls anywhere
With the Community Phone app, authorized users can make landline calls on their cell phones.
Text from your landline
Sometimes texting is easier. With the Community Phone app, authorized users can text using the landline number.
Customize your call flow
Want to block all spam calls? Want callers to hear a greeting? Want to play audio recordings like FAQs? Check, check, and check.
30-second setup
You can set it up yourself — no technician required. All you need is a power outlet.
No internet required
Don't let the strength of your internet connection decide whether you can connect.
Unlimited nationwide calling
Stay in touch with people anywhere in the United States with unlimited minutes.

We are a nationwide carrier.

Unlike VoIP, we don’t require the internet to elevate your calling experience. Instead, all of your advanced features run on the LTE network.

Customize Your Call Flow

  • Add a custom greeting— Callers hear a welcome message and your store hours before connecting to you.
  • Stop missing customer calls— Answer calls on your cell phone when you’re out of the shop.
  • Return missed calls with a text— Automatically send a text when you miss a call, so the caller can get an answer to their question without interrupting you.
  • And dozens more business features
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“I chose a custom phone number for my company and added it to my website in 5 minutes. The best support on the market.”

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My 96 dad can not use a cell and he loves his landline phone
Senior Friendly
Very pleased with the service so far. It was an easy transition from sprint to community phone. Thanks to all who kept me up to date as my old number was being transferred.
Number Transfer