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We wished there were a better phone company, so we created one.

James Graham, Founder & CEO

Why we're here

We wanted a phone company where customers were treated as we’d treat our own family, where everyone—young and old—would feel welcome and understood, and where prices were fair. More than fair. A phone company that didn’t nickel and dime you with hidden fees, that didn’t tie you up in inscrutable contracts, or fine you for cancelling them, and that didn’t make you feel like just another row in a database.

That’s why we started Community Phone.

Home is where your landline is

At Community Phone, we offer simple, reliable landline phone service for homes and businesses. Our phone service does not require internet, and works during power outages. It’s powered by our landline base, a device that connects your landline phone to cell towers in your area. Simply plug the device into an outlet, plug your phone into the base, and enjoy unlimited local and long distance calls in the US.

We also give you full control over how you use your phone. Transfer your landline number onto a cell phone, or forward calls from a landline and get rid of your existing service completely. Have calls ring on multiple phones at the same time, or route calls to different phones based on a custom dial menu. Send voicemail recordings to your inbox. All with helpful, accessible customer support.

Our story

Our founder, James, started Community Phone in 2018 after his grandmother walked into a big carrier's store with an email problem. Rather than helping her learn about her email, the salesman pushed her into purchasing a $1,000 cell phone she could neither afford nor understand. James decided that enough was enough and launched himself on a quest to create a better phone company.

Who we are

We are committed to giving our customers the best possible telecommunications experience in the country. If you’re passionate about building a better phone company, we’d love to have you along for the ride.

Our Leadership

James Graham
Founder & CEO
Vadym Syliava
Product Designer
Stephen Kyalo
Backend Engineer
Andy Sinsel
Director of Support
Mark Lindquist
Marketing Specialist
Shanice Smith
Ellie Lasater-Guttmann
Product Manager
Meghan Graham
Sales Manager

Backed by world-class investors

Thiel Fellowship
Y Combinator
Flexport Fund
Dylan Field
Figma, Founder & CEO
Justin Kan
Twitch, Founder
Charlie Songhurst
Former Head of Corporate Strategy, Microsoft
Kai Stinchcombe
True Link Financial, Founder & CEO
Lachy Groom
Stripe, Head of Stripe Issuing

Thousands of customers love Community Phone

Amy D'Angelo
Amy D'Angelo
“My parents loved it. My parents were not comfortable using cell phones, and I wanted to give them a landline, but they didn't have an internet connection. And then I came across Community Phone's landline service. It was very easy for my parents to set it up without any hassle of the internet or copper cables. My parents are absolutely enjoying the quality landline calls that they used to have.”
Lisa Welliams
Lisa Williams
“So glad that I got rid of my old provider.. I was paying too much for my landline plan with AT&T. But I didn't want to give up my landline, so I was looking for alternatives and I found Community Phone. Which is way cheaper than these giant telecoms. The great thing about Community Phone was that I didn't have to do anything, they handled the switch from AT&T and ported my number as well.”
Make Roderick
Mark Roderick
“Loved the personal service
I signed up with Community Phone about two months ago on the basis of cost and other technical aspects of their offer. The thing that impressed us most, however, was the cordial, personal service that came along with it. When there was a small problem getting us connected up, they were immediately available to clear things up and make sure that everything was working smoothly. Much appreciated.”

Join thousands of happy customers today

Hooray! We have coverage in your area! 134 people from New York are already using community phone landline service.
We are launching here soon. Please email us at or call us at 888-582-4177 if you would like us to come to you sooner.