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Best Call Management System for Your Business

Best Call Management System for Your Business

Implementing an effective call management system for your business can be frustrating. There are instances where the system doesn't give you the results you want, or you get a call management service that does not suit your business needs based on size and features.

Community Phone has developed a robust call management system that guarantees the on-demand caller solutions management required for your company, ensuring that there are no setbacks of any kind.

What Is Call Management?

Call management is routing all incoming telephone calls to caller agents. It connects all calls to their appropriate caller agents in any organization. Routing these calls can be as straightforward as just having the business phones on everyone's desk ring out simultaneously. Still, whichever way a call management system works, it must be effective enough to make your business more accessible and organized. For example, with Time-based routing, calls are forwarded to a specific agent or voicemail based on the time of day.

Basic Call Features of A Call Management System

1. Call Waiting

This call management feature notifies a phone user of any incoming call while permitting them to either choose to "hold" the ongoing call temporarily and take the new incoming call or ignore the incoming call until the initial call ends. ****

2. Call Tracking

This call management feature enables an individual or firm to efficiently take a record of helpful information, which would help them to analyze the results of their strategies and systems. It allows anyone to easily trace specific feedback to the actual sources and make the right decisions after that.

3. Call Forwarding

This phone management feature allows anyone to redirect incoming calls to other numbers easily. This functionality may or may not work depending on the caller, the time of day, or whether your phone is busy when the call comes in.

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4. Simultaneous Ring

Simultaneous ring is a phone management feature that enables multiple phones to ring concurrently until the call is answered, at which point they all cease to ring.

5. Voicemail Management

A voicemail management system allows you to manage users, mailboxes, business greetings, and voicemail profiles. You can not only check voicemails but also convert them into the text to save time. This feature is called Voicemail-to-Text.

6. Call Routing

This is the process of making voice calls intended for a particular queue according to any planned out criteria. Call routing works with advanced algorithms that ensure every call is forwarded to the appropriate extension. The system responsible for call routing is an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD).

7. Automatic Call Distribution

An Automated Call Distribution system, also known as an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), is an electronic device responsible for answering and matching incoming calls to the appropriate desks or agents in any organization.

Best Call Management System for Small Businesses**

Business Phone Service

Community Phones is an efficient, easy-to-use, and reliable landline provider that guarantees a five-star landline phone service that works perfectly without any internet connection. It is a powerful tool for small-scale businesses because you get advanced landline phone services that work perfectly and boost your business productivity while helping you to save extremely high communication costs. At Community Phone, you get all kinds of technology and features needed to keep you constantly connected to a nearby cell network.

Features of Community Phone

How It Works

Community Phone provides crystal clear phone communications by connecting to cell phone towers in your area. Unlike traditional landlines, you don’t need copper wires to connect their phone system. Moreover, this cellular-oriented landline does not need the internet to work!


  • Available in 99% of the United States
  • Perfect sound quality
  • Reliable battery that works without power
  • Easy to learn and manage


"I moved to a new location that has a generally poor signal location. I was constantly frustrated when I needed to make a call until the neighbors overheard me fussing one weekend and recommended Community Phone. To date, I've never regretted heeding their advice." -Thomas Ben.

" Our old country house has electricity issues, and we always have power shortages. But I've never had to be stranded with making phone calls because I use Community Phone landlines with a reliable and portable battery."- Marie Austin.

Try out our efficient landline services at Community Phone and begin to experience the best part of modern technology today.

Tips on Choosing the Ideal Call Management Service

Choosing an ideal phone management service for your small business must be a calculated decision because it has to function perfectly for your kind of business. The following factors should be considered when choosing a call management service for your business:

1. Business Size

The size of your business helps you ascertain the most appropriate call management service for a better work experience. You have to consider that your business will only grow in the future. So choosing a phone system that can easily integrate according to the current size, and should be expandable in the future, is very important.

2. Basic and Advanced Features

Carefully consider all the features of every call management service and find out how they apply to your business before opting to get it. For instance, your business may require a simultaneous ring feature because there's room for constantly taking customer calls which everyone in the business should be ready for. The primary and advanced features of a phone management service, like call forwarding, routing, muting, etc., should therefore be considered to ensure you're getting a service that will be excellent for your business.

3. Plans

The plans of your call management service should be suitable for the nature of your business. Is it a weekly plan or a monthly plan? Can I afford this for my business? Will it be sufficient considering the number of customers I have to attend to daily? Your responses to these questions will give you a clearer picture of what you need.

4. Look for Simplified Setup

Always go for a setup that is simple to operate and easily understood because you do not want to waste your time, energy, and resources.

5. Reliable Technology

Any technology that isn't efficient and reliable should be avoided to save yourself from disappointments and business failure. For example, the traditional copper-wired landline is about to get extinct in the US. So choosing a modern and reliable technology like Community Phones is very important. Invest wisely!

Frequently Asked Questions**

What systems do call centers use?

Call centers use simultaneous rings and Automatic Call Distributors to ensure that many customers are attended to in no time. You can get these features with Community Phones.

How long does it take to set up a call management system?

The time required to set up a call management system varies and depends on how each system operates. Some take time, while others are built to be effortlessly set up. A great example is Community Phone, which takes about 30 seconds to set up a call management system successfully. The setup is 100% simplified and easy to operate to enable you to start making calls almost instantly.

How much is a business phone management service?

There are two primary business plans at Community Phone, the basic plan and the premium plan. You can also get a custom plan based on your business needs.

  • The Basic Plan: Includes Unlimited Nationwide Calling, Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call forwarding, and Call Waiting for $39 per month.
  • The Premium Plan: Includes all the features of the basic plan, plus a dedicated account manager, call greeting and auto-attendant, call routing, ring a second line if busy, Live Transfer, and Voicemail- to-email for $69 per month.

Final Thoughts

Every business needs an effective call management service that provides exceptional services in all its features. The features of a call management service are an essential factor to consider when getting one for your home or business. Other factors to consider when choosing a call management service are its reliability and battery life, sound quality to enhance smooth communication, signal strength, etc., because choosing an ideal service is essential and must never be done haphazardly.

There are lots of call management services coming up today, but that doesn't guarantee that there are lots of businesses with effective call management services. Thus, Community Phone ensures that you get the best caller management services for your homes, business place, and everywhere else you wish to have excellent and productive caller solutions management. Do not let slow caller management systems and a situation such as poor signals hinder you from achieving more in your businesses. Simply get register for our excellent and effective call management services and begin to enjoy happy, smooth, and reliable business calls.

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