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How To Port A Phone Number Away From Google Voice

How To Port A Phone Number Away From Google Voice

Discovering how to port a number from Google Voice is essential if you want to be able to keep using the same contact number.

This will save you from having to update all your contacts with a new number. And will also decrease the risk of falling out of touch with family and friends when you switch your number.

Number porting is not as complicated as you might think! In fact, arranging to transfer your number is surprisingly simple and quick to do.

Community Phone has helped thousands of users port their phone numbers away from Google Voice without the headache. ****

This blog post will explain how to port your phone number away from Google Voice, including what you'll need to do before and after the porting process.

Can You Port A Number Away From Google Voice?

Yes, you can transfer your number from Google Voice when you move to another landline or call phone provider. To do this you will have to contact both Google Voice and your new provider to make them aware.

If you don't tell Google ahead of time, you will lose your phone number after closing your Google voice accounts. Google will lock your number once you leave. And if you don't initiate the port while you still have an active Voice Service account, you could lose your contact number completely.

So, you need to make sure that you are aware of the process of porting from Google Voice and the steps you need to follow to do it successfully.

How To Port A Number From Google Voice

Below we will take you through all the steps you need to follow to port out of Google Voice. Follow these steps carefully and you will find the process to be simple and quick to initiate.

1. Unlock Google Voice Number For Porting

Your first step is to contact Google Voice to initiate a Google Voice Porting Status. This will enable your Google Account to make your number available for porting to other providers.

  1. Log into your Google Account on
  2. Select "Unlock My Number" from the menu options.
  3. Choose which Phone Number you want to port out of Google Voice.****

2. Choose a New Phone Carrier

Now you can start looking for your new phone provider. If you are looking for a new landline provider to transfer Google Voice numbers to, then you should consider Community Phone. Community Phone commits to providing this service to those who still want to use this valuable form of communication.

Community Phone can provide landline phone service without internet. For a no-nonsense, reliable, and straightforward landline phone with no hidden costs or extra complications. You can enjoy unlimited national calling from a landline for as little as $39 a month!

3. Get in Touch With Your New Service Provider

Once you have made your new choice of a mobile or landline provider, you need to contact them. You will need to let them know about your intention to port a number from Google Voice. So that they can start porting from Google Voice, they need the following information:

  • Your Google Voice Account Number
  • The Google Voice Phone Number you want to start porting from Google Voice.
  • Your details and address.
  • The PIN number for your Google account.****

4. Pay a $3.00 Fee to Port Your Google Voice Number

After confirming with your new landline provider, log back into your Google Voice account. Complete the process by paying the $3 fee to port your number from Google Voice. Google can charge this fee to port numbers from Google Voice, according to the FCC.

5. Check Number Porting Status

Then you need to wait for your new and old providers to arrange the porting process. It can take as little as a few hours to one business day to port a number from Google Voice. If you have any queries, contact your new provider to check your Google Voice Porting Status.

To check if the phone number has transferred, simply use a friend's phone to call and check if the call comes through on your new landline.

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Port Out Google Voice Number to Community Phone

Community Phone

****Community Phone is a popular option for people looking for a traditional landline Service that doesn't require an internet connection. Community Phone is proud to provide a transparent, simple, and easy-to-use service which customers can rely on for their ongoing Landline phone service.

You can switch your number to Community Phone through its hand-held porting process in 3-5 business days without disrupting service.

Follow these steps to port your number from Google Voice to Community Phone:

1. Contact Community Phone

Call their customer care at 866-271-7804. Inform the rep that you would like to port your number. A dedicated representative will be assigned to help you with your porting process.

2. Check for Coverage

Your rep will check your area to ensure Community Phone has coverage before you sign up with them.

3. Authorize Porting

Once the rep confirms coverage, you can share the necessary information to port your number. Community Phone will need:

a. The phone number you want to port

b. Your name as it is with your old service provider

c. Account number from the previous provider

d. PIN from the previous provider

e. The billing address the previous provider has on file for you

f. A letter of authorization

4. Contact Your Old Provider

****Contact your old provider and request your number to be ported to Community Phone.

5. Wait For Porting to Complete

Your dedicated rep will keep you updated on the porting status and any challenges during the process. Alternatively, you can check the status by logging into your Community Phone user account on

6. Verify If Your Number is Active

Once Community Phone has completed porting, you will receive your landline base if you have opted for it. Install the landline base in 30 seconds per the manual's instructions, and test your phone to check if you can make and receive calls. Contact customer care if you have challenges.

7. Cancel Service With Your Old Provider

After verifying that your Community Phone service is active, you can call your old provider and cancel the service with them.

**Why Should You Port a Number from Google Voice to Community Phone?

1. There are No Hidden Fees.

Community Phone provides a transparent, simple, and easy-to-understand pricing structure. You will not be subject to hidden costs, tacked-on extras, and nasty surprises when you open your phone bill.

2. Community Phone is Not Operating System Dependent.

You can enjoy unlimited nationwide calling without facing any operating system restrictions.

3. When Google is Down, so is Google Voice.

Community Phone is not dependent on the internet, so you can still make calls even if your other services are down.

4. Reliability

Community Phone is the most reliable wireless service provider as its landline base connects to cell towers and does not need the internet. Google Voice may have several issues like jitter, call drops, and poor voice quality characteristic of an internet-based phone.

5. Safety and Security

Community Phone is invulnerable to hacks, breaches, and wire-tapping as it connects to cell towers. Since Google Voice uses the internet for communication, you are vulnerable to hacks, breaches, and data theft when using their service.

Community Phone Landline Features

1. Call Forwarding

Forward calls from your landline to another number temporarily, permanently, or by setting conditions through the call forwarding feature. This feature allows you to be available for your loved ones, colleagues, or customers even when you can’t answer calls from your landline.

2. Call Waiting

This feature empowers you to handle another incoming call when you are engaged in one. When you hear two beeps on your phone indicating a waiting call, you can place the first call on hold and answer it or let it go to voicemail.

3. Spam Call Blocking

Block unwanted calls and protect your loved ones from scams with the Community Phone built-in spam call blocker.

Spam Call Blocking

Benefits of Switching to Community Phone

Here are some features from Community Phone to create a tremendous telephonic experience for you:

1. A local phone number if you choose not to port out of Google Voice.

2. Unlimited nationwide calling

3. No internet required

4. Works during power outages and blackouts

5. Quick, technician-free setup

6. Works with all landline phone models

7. Hassle-free hand-held porting process

8. 24/7 reliable customer support via phone, email, or live chat

How Long Does It Take Port Out a Google Voice Number?

The time it takes to port a number will depend upon both Google Voice and your new phone provider. Phone number porting can take as little as a few hours or up to one or two business days. If you start to worry about how long the process is taking to transfer your number, call your new provider.

FAQs about Google Voice Porting

How do I find my Google Voice PIN number?

To find your Google PIN number you need to log into your Google Voice Account and then select your Account Details. You can find your PIN here. If you can't remember your username login, you can input your phone number instead to sign in.

Can I port a Google Voice number to a landline?

You can port a number from Google voice to either a landline or phone from a new provider. Moreover, you cannot port your landline number to Google Voice.

Why can't I port my Google Voice number?

If you are having trouble porting from Google Voice, you need to contact Google Voice support. Also, make sure that you have followed the porting steps in the correct order.

Did you cancel your Google Voice account before confirming a Google Voice Porting Status? If you don't do this, Google will lock your number when you cancel your service.

Another possible problem could be that your new provider doesn't cover your region of the country. This is unlikely to be the case with Community Phones which cover 99% of the US.

Wrapping Up

When looking to port a number from Google Voice, consider transferring Community Phone. Reliability, transparency, and continued landline phone service are defining features of the company. Contact us today to discover our simple and affordable pricing packages with no hidden fees or complicated setup procedures.

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