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August 2, 2022

How Long Does It Take To Port A Phone Number?

How Long Does It Take To Port A Phone Number?

Transferring your phone number to a different provider is not something you can do instantly. In most cases, it takes between 5-7 business days to port a phone number from one provider to another.

Number porting time depends on the complexity of the request, the type of number being ported, and your existing carrier. Due to vacations and network maintenance, telecom operators may also introduce porting block days.

How Long does it Take to Transfer a Phone Number?

Although porting typically take 5 - 7 days to complete, they may take up to 4 weeks.

Therefore, you must first consider the procedure for transferring your phone number from one carrier to another in order to understand the average porting time.

Many countries have laws requiring telephone services to permit users to transfer their numbers to different service providers. The regulations are not always simple to uphold, though.

Some VoIP providers and telephone companies are unwilling to let consumers go and make the procedure as challenging as possible. Businesses could find it detrimental to their income if there is a long lead time for transferring a number, and some might conclude the trouble is not worth it.

Having stated that, there shouldn't be any downtime for your phone number. The changeover time issue is a concern, however, the change should be immediate when the company moves the phone number to a new carrier.

The transfer time also depends on the service provider. The ones who are quick in transferring the number if everything goes well include Community Phone, AT&T, Verizon, Google Voice, Vonage, and T-Mobile.

Service Provider

Estimated time to port a phone number

Community Phone

3-5 business days


3- 5 business days


Mobile: 4-24 hours 

Landline: 2-10 business days

Google Voice

48 hours


Up to 10 business days 


10 minutes to 24 hours

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Transfer Your Phone Number to Community Phone

Community Phone

Community Phone is an innovative wireless landline service, which connects to local cell towers in your area. The benefit for both homes and business is that it does not require the internet for it to work and also works during power outages.

Instant Porting Facility & Benefits

If you are applying for an instant request to transfer your cell phone number to another carrier, just check out the 2 plans:

Plan includes:

Landline number to an existing cell phone

Landline number on its own cell phone

Keep your landline number

Get rid of your old provider

Forward calls to a cell phone

Place your landline number on any cell phone

Unlimited minutes

Unlimited Talk & Text on the major GSM networks

Standard Caller-ID

Free Sim-

card with 2-day shipping

Standard voicemail

100% USA-

based phone and email support




Benefits of Using Community Phone

Some of the amazing benefits of Community Phone are:

  • Secure service
  • Affordable plans
  • Trustworthy service
  • Super easy-to-install system
  • 30-second quick setup
  • 12-hour battery to keep it functioning during the power outages.
  • Easy-to-use
  • Specially designed for business communications
  • It works perfectly without internet or copper wires

The Process of Transferring Numbers

Call the team, discuss your requirements, choose the plan, and you have just requested the porting of your number with the Community Phone. Once the provider gets your documents, they will review them and start the process of porting a phone number.

All you need is to formally ask for your phone number to be transferred to a different service provider. Then, you will need to present proof, typically in the form of a phone bill for the number you intend to port (or another document proving the number is yours) and a document with your signature attesting to your consent to the transfer.

The FCC has very strict rules about number porting, so until you produce the necessary paperwork, your new provider won't even be able to submit the port request to the current carrier.

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Why is it Taking so Long to Port a Number?

You know the estimated time of it already, as we discussed earlier. However, there are still some factors that might impact the estimate of 4-5 days. Find out below:

1. Documentation errors

One of the main causes of port delays is a lack of required documents. Before the number is transferred, several necessary documents must be filled out. It's critical to deliver these documents to your provider as soon as possible due to FCC requirements.

2. Delaying tactics by carriers

The primary factor that can make the porting procedure take longer is the new provider not replying to your request for the transfer on time.

But this is a rare case, and there are genuine reasons for it. However, your current carrier may use tactics to delay the process as they don’t want to lose a consumer at any cost.

3. Number porting rejections

Sometimes mistakes happen, and they can be on your part too. For example, address mismatch, wrong business address, incorrect passcode, and missing documents. In this case, the carrier can reject your request.

Therefore, you must ensure that all the information you submit to your new provider is accurate, including the service address, billing phone number, and account holder's name.

4. Complex or category C number port

The majority of number ports are categorized as "simple ports," and if yours is one of these, the processing time will likely be very little. There can be delays if your number includes extra features like call groups, forwarding, or special voicemail services or is a C-category number.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I check porting status?

You have two ways to check it. If you try to check it online, visit the website of a relevant company such as Verizon, Community Phone, Vonage, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc. Navigate to the port status check page. Enter your phone number and get the status.

However, for offline confirmation, you must contact the operator's support team to whom you have ported your number.

2. Will I lose text messages when I switch carriers?

Definitely not. Switching cell phone carriers does not affect your message inbox.Since text messages are stored on the phone, you will never lose all of your texts while changing carriers.

3. Can a phone company refuse to give you a PAC Code?

Your supplier cannot refuse to issue a PAC if you have unpaid invoices or charges. Your final bill should include these fees once the port has been completed.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you now know how long it takes to port a number. However, keep in mind that it is a process that takes time, even if it is just a few hours, and you need to be prepared for everything.

So, contact the Community Phone. Our representative will quickly respond to the phone number release, offer you amazing services, and will be in touch throughout the process.

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