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October 31, 2022

The Best Landline Phone Service for Military Veterans

The Best Landline Phone Service for Military Veterans

Without veterans, America wouldn't be the "land of opportunity." Veterans have not only contributed during conflict but also contribute to society by organizing food drives, fundraisers, etc., for the less fortunate.

Read on to learn how Community Phone, the best landline phone service for military veterans, honors the significant contributions made by these men and women.

Community Phone: The Best Landline Service for Military Veterans

Community Phone

Community Phone is the best wireless landline service in the US. The landline service has been designed for seniors, especially military veterans.

Unlike traditional landlines, Community Phones don't rely on copper wiring and can function without internet access. The military phone plans also offer advanced features like call waiting, forwarding, and voicemail, making it a perfect solution for veterans living independently or in assisted living.

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Why is Community Phone the Best Landline Phone Service for Military Veterans?

Community Phone believes in showing appreciation for those who have served the United States selflessly for years.

10% Lifetime Discount

To honor their contribution to society and the country, the company offers a 10% lifetime discount for all veterans on the Community Phone subscription.

World-Class Support

You can reach the 24/7 reliable customer support team at Community Phone via phone, email, and live chat to experience world-class support in answering your queries or solving your issues.

Quick Installation

The Community Phone landline base does not require a technician or messy wires for installation. You can connect the landline base to a power outlet, hook your phone to the base, and you are all set!

Stay Connected During Emergencies

The Community Phone landline base has a 12-hour backup battery that ensures your phones continue working during a power outage.

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Benefits of Switching to Community Phone

Enjoy the following benefits when you switch your service to Community Phone:

Unlimited nationwide calls: Stay in touch with loved ones and friends across the country with Community Phone's unlimited minutes.

Unlimited text messages: Send personalized wishes or texts to your grandchildren or loved ones to connect and bond with them.

Keep your existing number: When you switch services to Community Phone, you can keep your existing number. Talk to a business specialist to learn more about the unique hand-held porting process at Community Phone!

No contracts or hidden charges: Experience transparency and peace with Community Phone as the company does not bind you in lengthy, expensive contracts or surprise you with hidden charges.

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Does Community Phone give military discounts?

Yes, Community Phone gives a military phone discount for veterans - a 10% lifetime discount.


Community Phone offers veterans a lifetime 10% discount to show their appreciation for their contributions.

With affordable plans, world-class setup, quick and easy installation, no contracts or hidden charges, and unlimited nationwide calling, Community Phone is what veterans need to stay in touch with loved ones.

Wireless Landline Phone Service

Upgrade your home or business phone service for less with Community Phone.

Get crystal-clear unlimited nationwide calling for just $39/month.

No internet or copper-wires required.

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