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July 15, 2022

Do Landlines Work Without Power?

Do Landlines Work Without Power?

Whichever type of landline you’re using, you might want it to work round-the-clock. But as power outages and breakouts happen everywhere, you might wonder if landlines work without electricity. So, really, do landlines work without power? That we’ll find out today, in this guide.

Community Phone is an innovative landline phone service that operates through cell towers, eliminating the needs for an internet or copper wire connection. Its landline base offers a 12-hour battery backup. This ensures it keeps working when the power goes out, enabling round-the-clock communications.

For instance, this article will walk you through types of landline phones and which ones work without power. We’ll also look at the benefits of phones that offer a built-in battery. Other than that, you’ll find why traditional copper landlines are no longer effective – sounds bad but it’s true. Let’s dive in.

Do Landlines Work Without Electricity?

Whether or not your landline will function without power depends upon its network – wired or wireless:

Traditional Cordless Phones – NO

Though your landline provider will offer electricity backup for your landline phone, your landline won’t work if you use a cordless phone. It’s because the power offered by your phone provider isn’t sufficient to create a wireless network between your handset and the phone system. So, cordless phones backed by a traditional landline service won’t be functional – but with a provider like Community Phone, it’ll work.

Traditional Corded Phones – YES

The corded landline phones don’t require electricity to run. Landline services offer enough current through copper cables to power your wired phone. This means if you have a wired landline phone, it’ll keep working when the power runs out, without needing a power backup.

However, note that traditional corded phones are still not a good option for a few reasons. Firstly, their data transmission rates are quite limited. Secondly, FCC will no longer limit telecommunication companies to offer copper wire landlines from August 2, 2022. As copper landlines are retiring soon, they’re not a great long-term solution for anyone.

That’s where innovative landline services like Community Phone come in, presenting a long-term phone service solution. Keep on reading to learn more about Community Phone.

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Community Phone – Best Landline Service That Works During Power Outages

Community Phone Landline

Community Phone is the best landline service in terms of reliability. Our landlines run off cellular towers through wireless connections to enable the most reliable landline network possible. Our customers get a landline base device that wirelessly connects to a nearby phone tower to create a landline connection.

Furthermore, we offer landline services for homes as well as businesses.

How Our Service Works During Power Outages

Our base device offers a 12-hour battery backup. This ensures it keeps working when the power runs out, enabling round-the-clock communications. Whether you’re a business or household, the reliability of our landline services is up to the mark.


  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • Call forwarding, caller ID, voicemail, etc
  • Supports all landline phones
  • 30-second setup
  • Base device has a 12-hour power backup


  • No internet or copper wire connection needed
  • Works during power outages
  • Quick setup
  • Affordable subscriptions with no setup costs

If you’re interested in using our emergency-proof landline service, click here to get started at Community Phone today!

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Benefits of Landline Phones With Battery Backup

Most modern-day phone systems come with built-in batteries for numerous benefits, such as:

1. Supports Your Needs During Blackouts

It’s obvious that landline phones with battery backup enable communications during power outages or breakouts. They’re a great solution for remaining in contact with your family & friends round-the-clock, regardless of blackouts. Plus, they’re effective for businesses that want to maintain good customer relationships by providing 24/7 customer support.

2. No Downtime

Hands down the best thing about battery-enabled landline phones is the minimal landline downtime. This means you’ll never be disconnected from the world – your family, friends, colleagues, emergency helplines, local shops, customer support services, and whatnot. The zero downtime will be a bonus if you’re a business as your support service will be available all the time.

3. Very Reliable in Emergency Situations

The slightest hurricanes and wind storms can disturb electric connections and cause power breakouts. Worst of all, you may not be able to fix your electricity fluctuation until the emergency is over. If you don’t have any other power backup, you might have to survive without phone calls until that time. A battery-based phone enables consistent communication even during emergencies.

4. Protection Against Power Variance

If your electricity current keeps fluctuating, it may fry out your electronic appliances and gadgets – including your telephone. A good way to deal with power variance is by using a landline phone that packs a built-in battery. This way, you’ll be able to set your phone to use the built-in battery until the current stabilizes.

5. Confidence

Whether you’re a business or everyday user, having a battery-based phone will give you peace of mind – knowing power outages won’t affect your communications.

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How Copper-Wired Landlines Work When Power is OUT?

We all know that the traditional landline phones keep working even when the electricity runs out – be it for a short or prolonged period.

First of all, note that landlines require very less power to keep working. It generally falls between 6 and 12 volts of current at 30 milliamps or less. But when the power runs out at your end, it runs out 100%. So, how does a landline phone keep working?

Well, your landline service provider offers a dedicated copper wire connection for your telephone. The electricity comes through the telephone line and provides power for your telephone, as long as it’s corded. If your handset is wireless, you’ll need another power source to have your phone working during a power outage.

Generally speaking, phone service providers have extensive battery power systems at their offices to provide round-the-clock electricity regardless of power outages. This helps them ensure a 100% landline network uptime and results in a more pleasant user experience for customers.

That said, the copper wire cables used to provide electricity are generally disaster-proof – they’re buried to protect them from storms and hurricanes. So, to conclude, copper-wired landlines are fully functional during power outages if you have a wired phone. But wireless handsets require an electricity backup to run.

Why Copper Wired Landlines Are Not a Long-Term Solution

However, note that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has permitted large telephone providers to cease their copper-wired landline services from August 2, 2022. Many big phone services have already switched to cellular and internet-based landlines due to their lower costs and easier setups.

If you’re seeking a landline service that works during power outages, go for a cellular landline service like Community Phone. Unlike internet-based landline providers, Community Phone’s landline works as long as your nearby cell tower is operational.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a telephone line shock you?

The electric current running through telephone lines is only 48 volts. This is not enough to cause a shock. Still, telephone lines can be harmful to the artificial cardiac pacemaker – a device that’s implanted into the chest to control the heartbeat. But for everyday users the current passing through these lines is negligible.

How much electricity do traditional landline phones use?

The landline phones are functional as long as they get an electric current of between 6 and 12 volts at a 30 milliamps rate of flow. Landline phone services are generally connected to copper cables for power, provided by your landline service vendor.

Which is better: cordless or corded phone?

A corded phone is more reliable whereas a cordless phone is more convenient. If you want your telephone to be functional during emergencies and power breakouts, use a corded phone. But if portable and convenient conversations are your utmost concern, a cordless phone might be a good solution.

Final Words

Whether a landline works without power or not depends upon the network of its phone. If you have a wired landline phone, it’ll keep working when the power runs out because of the power provided by your landline vendor. But this current is not enough to power a wireless phone. So, a wired landline phone works without power but a wireless phone doesn’t.

If you’re looking for a reliable phone system for your business, avoid traditional landline services as they’re retiring from August 2, 2022. Most landline vendors have already replaced their copper landlines with modern landlines. But we also suggest avoiding a VoIP-based landline provider as it’ll require a reliable and high-speed internet connection.

CommunityPhone is your best bet for reliable phone service as our landline works during power outages – without needing internet or copper wires. Plus, it’s affordable, effective, and convenient. Click here to sign up at CommunityPhone today.

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