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How to Transfer or Forward a Landline Number to a Cell Phone

Today, many people are looking to ditch their landline phone for the convenience of cell phones.

The quickest way to do this is to set up call forwarding on your landline phone, which will simply redirect all calls from your landline to your cell phone (keep reading to learn how to set this up).

This works well in some situations, but it means you’ll have to continue paying for your landline phone service, even if you’re no longer using it.

There are, however, a number of options that allow you to get rid of your landline phone, and therefore, your contract with your current provider, without losing your home phone number.

These options can help you save more than $300 dollars per year, but keep your existing phone number.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to:

a. Ensure your number is eligible to be forwarded or transferred

b. Select an option for saving your landline number, so you can get rid of your landline but keep the phone number

c. Transfer or forward your number for a specific carrier

d. Complete your transfer using a self-transfer form with Community Phone (we've helped more than 10,000 users transfer their landline number to their cell phones, without the headache).

How to Transfer or Forward Your Landline Number to a Cell Phone

There are 2 steps to successfully transfer your landline to a cell phone, while ensuring you keep the number you've had for years:

  1. Check if your landline is eligible
  2. Choose how you want to move your number
  3. Call 866-969-4886 to have it transferred for you by our landline experts.

Step 1: Check if Your Landline is Eligible

Unfortunately, not all landline numbers can be made mobile. Fortunately, we can check for you.

Input your landline number, your provider and your email (so we can send you the result). It usually takes a few seconds to get your results.

What if my Landline is Eligible?

If your landline is eligible, this means you are free to forward or transfer the number to a cell phone. This is how most folks get rid of their landline phone, without losing the home or business number they’ve had for years.

Step 2: Choose how you want to move your number

The most popular options for moving your number are:

  1. Forward calls from your landline to your cell phone
  2. Forward the landline number to your current cell phone
  3. Transfer or port your number on to a cell phone
  4. Keep your existing landline phone hardware, but leave your provider

The first option keeps your landline, and hence, your contract with your landline provider.

The other options, however, serve as replacements, not additions, to your current landline service. That means that you can get rid of your landline altogether, but keep your landline number and move it on to a cell phone.

It is important to remember your provider does not "own" your number and if you do find a better service, you are free to "port" over your number to them. If you are in a bundle, you can still choose a different provider to help transfer or forward your landline number without losing your home internet/cable service.

The right provider will let you replace your current service while saving your number with one of the options listed below.

How to forward calls from a landline to your cell phone

To forward calls from your landline to your cell phone, follow these steps:

  1. Lift the receiver of your landline phone and dial *72 after you hear the dial tone
  2. Dial the 10-digit phone number you’d like to forward these calls to, followed by the # sign
  3. Wait for confirmation that call forwarding has been successfully set up

To deactivate call forwarding:

  1. Lift the receiver of the landline phone that is currently forwarding calls, and dial *73
  2. Wait for confirmation that call forwarding has been turned off

This is the simplest method of forwarding your landline number to your cell phone. All inbound calls are simply forwarded automatically to your cell phone.

Forward calls but get rid of your landline phone

What many folks don't know is that there is a version of Number Forwarding that lets you get rid of your landline service altogether, but keep your phone number. Whoever provides the service will simply redirect the incoming calls to another number, like your existing cell phone.

Forwarding your number will also result in the most savings - at Community Phone, it starts at just $18 a month.

Click here to learn more about forwarding your number with Community Phone.

How to transfer or port a landline number to your cell phone

In some cases, you may still want to keep the landline as a separate phone that you can use for calling and texting. That is called "number transfer", and it’s the process of taking your landline number and putting it on a SIM card.

This also allows you to get rid of your landline, but keep the phone number.

If you choose this option, you will need to get a talk&text plan to replace your old landline service.

Click here to learn more about how to transfer or port your landline number to a cell phone with Community Phone.

Different carriers have slightly different processes for transferring or forwarding your landline to a cell phone.

Some providers also offer more call forwarding services, such as call forward busy, and selective call forwarding.

We’ve created step-by-step guides walking through how to transfer or forward your number across 7 of the most popular service providers. Follow the link below to find instructions for your carrier:

Keep Your Existing Hardware but Leave Your Provider

The last option is for folks who want to keep their landline phone, but get rid of their relationship with their current provider.

With Community Phone’s contract-free landline service, you can keep your existing landline number, and landline hardware (ie. the phone you currently use to make and receive calls), but reduce your monthly payment to $29/month.

Community Phone’s landline service is powered by a landline base, which plugs into the wall and into your landline phone.

The landline system does not operate over the internet, so you’ll enjoy the same call quality regardless of your internet service. It also has a backup battery in case your power goes out.

To set up Community Phone’s landline service, follow these steps:

  • Click here to purchase your landline base
  • Plug in the landline base to any electricity outlet
  • Plug your existing landline phone into the landline base

The landline base is shipped free, and there is a 30-day money back guarantee. If you have any questions, our USA-based landline specialists are available to walk you through the process and help you get set up.

Transferring Your Number with Community Phone

Telecom is notorious for their horrible customer support. This makes transferring your landline number a difficult ordeal, especially if you're with one of the big providers.

Fortunately, at Community Phone, we've made the transfer process easy and smooth. We provide both Number Forwarding (Option 1) and Number Transferring Plans (Option 2). Plus, many of our customers save hundreds a year! You can learn more by visiting our landline transferring page below.

Click here to learn more about transferring your landline number to a cell phone with Community Phone.

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