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How to Block Phone Numbers on a Landline Phone in 2023

How to Block Phone Numbers on a Landline Phone in 2023

If you own a landline phone, you've likely received frequent unsolicited calls from scammers and telemarketers. These calls can be incredibly annoying, but blocking numbers on your landline phone can be a helpful step toward preventing further calls.

The best way to block phone numbers on your landline is to switch to Community Phone’s landline phone service.

Community Phone's mission is to keep people connected and ensure that when the phone rings, it's their family, friends, or doctor on the line. The best part? All landline plans include FREE robocall blocking.

It enables you to flag any spam, unwanted, or robocalls and blocks them before your landline phone even rings.

How to Block Phone Numbers on a Landline

There are a few ways to block phone numbers on your landline phone, but most of the options require you to actually receive the call before you can block it.

Ideally, people want spam calls to be blocked before they even pick up the phone. With Community Phone's spam call blocking, you can do just that.

Most landline phone providers don’t provide spam call blocking for their customers.

The only version of spam call blocking they offer is blocking a number after you receive the call. Generally, what these providers suggest is to use the *60 code as explained below:

  1. Pick up your receiver and dial *60
  2. You’ll hear a message that will walk you through how to block a number
  3. To block the most recent call, dial #01#
  4. To block another number, dial #, then the number (including the area code), followed by #.

Different providers have slightly different steps for this type of spam call blocking, which is covered below. *60 will prevent that specific number from calling you again. However, you can only enter a total of 12 numbers using the *60 method.

Given that most people receive more than 12 spam calls every week, *60 is not a long-term solution.

An effective spam call blocker will prevent spam calls from reaching you in the first place, rather than allowing you to block them yourself, one by one, after you receive them.

This was supposed to be accomplished by the Do Not Call registry. It’s illegal for telemarketers to call numbers that are on the registry.

But the law is poorly enforced, especially internationally, where most spam calls originate. It also doesn’t work against most robocalls, which are the majority of spam calls today.

It’s worth adding your number to the Do Not Call registry, but don’t expect it to significantly reduce the number of spam calls you receive.

Are unwanted calls driving you crazy? Find out how Community Phone successfully blocked 22,000 unwanted calls for landline users in August. Click the button below to see the results and learn how you can enjoy uninterrupted connection and peace of mind.

The Best Way To Block Numbers On Your Landline

Most landline providers do not offer spam-blocking services, leaving you with no option but to block them on your phone manually. Manually blocking spam calls is ineffective because numbers can be blocked only after receiving the call.

The only effective way to block spam calls is to switch to a provider that blocks them automatically before they reach you.

Community Phone offers landline phone service with FREE robo-call blocking that can stop unlawful and unwanted calls from reaching your landline. It allows you to keep your landline phone without tying it to the internet and block 100% of spam calls.

With two different types of services, Robocall Blocking and Complete Scam Blocking plans, Community Phone helps you stay in control of who can call you and when.

The Robocall Blocking feature allows users to block all robocalls before they reach their phone while the Complete Scam Blocking plan enables users to create an “Allow List” which will only allow contacts from that list to be able to contact them.

Learn more about how both services work below:

Option 1: Community Phone’s Robocall Blocking

Community Phone's Robocall Blocking is an effective solution to unwanted calls and spam. With this service, you can block 100% of spam calls and never worry about them again. The best part? It's free with any of their landline plans, starting at just $39 per month.

How does the Robocall Blocking work?

  1. When someone dials your Community Phone number, they won't hear your phone ringing immediately; instead, they will be asked to press 1 to connect.
  2. Robocalls work by sensing when the recipient picks up the phone and speaks, so when no one does, the call never reaches your phone.

Robo-Call Blocking from Community Phone is easy to set up and use. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your private information isn't being exposed or compromised by spammers or malicious actors attempting to gain access through automated calls.

It is an incredibly cost-effective solution for anyone searching for a simple, quick way to block spam calls.

Option 2: Community Phone’s Complete Scam Blocking

Community Phone’s Complete Scam Blocking enables users to set an “Allow List” of the people who can ring their phone.

All other calls are then blocked by default—preventing 100% of scam calls and unwanted solicitations without manually filtering through each call. This means no more interruptions during meals or when you’re in the middle of something important.

How does the Allow List work?

The Allow List is easy to set up and manage. You can create a list of contacts you want to receive calls from. This can include friends, family members, work colleagues, or any other people or businesses you are comfortable receiving calls from.

This list acts as a safe-list of approved callers. Then, all other numbers not on your list will be blocked from calling your phone line.

If someone new attempts to call your phone line, the Allowed List will detect the unfamiliar number and automatically reject the call before it even reaches you.

Community Phone's Complete Scam Blocking provides an excellent solution for anyone looking for a convenient way to protect themselves against telemarketing scams, robocalls, and other types of unsolicited communication while still ensuring they never miss important calls from people they know.

Whether you live alone or have a large family who relies on your landline for communication, this feature can help keep everyone safe from harm while preventing annoying interruptions throughout the day.

The Allow List successfully blocked 12,105 calls for 47 landline users in August. Click the button below to see the results and learn how you can enjoy uninterrupted connection and peace of mind.

Deactivating Call Blocking

As mentioned earlier, you can dial *80 to turn off call blocking. However, the exact steps may be slightly different depending on your service provider.

Here are a few variations on both the call block activation and deactivation processes for common providers:

How to Block Calls on Verizon Landline

Verizon advises landline users to dial 1180 on a rotary or pulse-dialed phone to deactivate call blocking. To activate the feature on such devices, you should dial 1160.

How to Block Calls on Landline AT&T

AT&T landline users may need to press 3 after dialing the star code to activate (or deactivate) the feature. Otherwise, the steps are the same as those used by most other carriers.

How to Block a Number on Landline Spectrum

Spectrum phone users can block up to 30 numbers with the standard star code, but the service feature needs to be activated online first. This service also incorporates a special Nomorobo successor by default to block robocalls.

How to Block a Number on My Cox Landline

Cox allows for up to 31 numbers to be added to a block list by using the standard star code.

How to Block a Number on CenturyLink Landline

CenturyLink provides an update center from which call blocking features can be configured. To access it, users should dial *78 or call 888-(your area code)-8052.

How to Block a Number on Frontier Landline

For Frontier Landline users, up to 12 numbers can be blocked in total; however, some areas may only be able to block six.

Robocalls are an unfortunate part of owning a phone, but by following these simple steps, you can greatly reduce or even eliminate unwanted calls.

FAQs - How to Block A Phone Number

How do I block unwanted calls on my landline for free?

There are many ways to stop unwanted phone calls on a landline for free. These include:

  1. Spam call blocking software: Use a software such as Community Phone’s spam call blocking. It allows you to block all malicious phone calls that you may receive daily, by requiring all callers to press a button to connect.

  2. Do Not Call Registry: Add your number to the National Do Not Call Registry.

  3. *60 Method: Dial *60 on your landline phone to stop unwanted calls from a specific phone number.

  4. Anonymous Call Rejection: Dial *77 to turn on Anonymous Call Rejection on your landline and wait to hear the three beeps. This means that any calls that come through as Private, Blocked or Anonymous will be blocked.

How do you block a phone number?

To block a specific phone number dial *60 on your home phone and you’ll hear an automated message that will talk you through the steps.

Alternatively, you can use Community Phone’s robocall blocking software to stop unwanted scam calls from reaching your phone. It requires all callers to press a button in order to connect, hence blocking robocalls automatically.

How do you unblock a phone number on a landline?

To unblock a phone number on a landline you need to dial *80. This is the universal code for disabling any call block feature.

Does * 61 block unwanted calls?

Yes, you can block unwanted calls by dialing *61 after you've received a call. You can stop that particular number from calling you again by pressing *60 on your phone. However, using the *60 technique, you can only enter a total of 12 numbers.

Can I block a number permanently?

Yes, the best way to block a number permanently is to contact your service provider and they will block the number for you. Community Phone offers a revolutionary spam call blocking software that can block over 6 million numbers permanently. Call 844-685-3562 to learn more.

How do I block a number?

To block a phone number on a mobile device, carry out the following steps:

  1. Open your Phone app.
  2. Select More, and Tap Call history.
  3. To block a call from a certain number, tap it.
  4. To report the number, select Block/Spam.

How do you stop robocalls on your landline?

To stop robocalls on your landline, sign up for Community Phone’s robocall blocking software. It enables you to flag any spam, fraud, or robocalls and blocks them before your phone even rings. Call 866-969-4886 to learn more.

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