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15 Best Cordless Landline Phones in 2023

What if you could find the best cordless landline phone for your needs within 10 minutes? Cordless phones have given people the freedom to talk on the phone is every room of the house. Companies such as Panasonic and AT&T have manufactured some of the most effective cordless landline phones on the market today.

In this article, we’ll look at the best landline phones for sale and compare them to help you find the perfect match. We’ve narrowed down these landline telephone options after detailed research and evaluation with factors like user-friendliness, efficiency, battery, and price value in mind.

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The 15 Best Landline Phones

Here is an overview of the top cordless landline phones that are easy to operate and well-amplified.

Panasonic KX-TGD833W – Cordless Landline Phone

The Panasonic cordless phone at hand is an innovative landline phone system that packs a base station and a single handset by default while being expandable to 6 handsets. With the option for multiple handsets at hand, you can make sure the phone is within your sight whenever you need it.

There’s a digital answering system within the phone that supports a quick-read message function by displaying the messages on the screen. Prolonged battery life, call blocking, and two-way recording are some of its other benefits.

Key Features

  • Block unwanted calls
  • Audible phone functions
  • Two-way recording
  • 10-hour talk time & 5-day standby time
  • Expandable to 6 handsets

Pricing: $39.95

2. AT&T BL102

AT&T BL102 – Cordless Phone for Home

The AT&T cordless phone is a long-range answering system powered by a unique antenna design and advanced noise-filtering. The phone supports recording up to 22 minutes of messages and packs a 2-inch screen that lets you conveniently track the caller's name, call history records, and contacts.

Though this cordless phone includes a single handset by default, you can expand the system up to 5 handsets.

Key Features

  • Records up to 1,000 names
  • Extra-large screen
  • Two-way recording
  • Audio assist & handset intercom
  • Expandable to 5 handsets

Pricing: $36.00

3. VTech CS6719-16

VTech CS6719-16 – Cordless Handset

The VTech cordless phone is a basic cordless landline phone that stores 50 calls and allows users to track caller ID. It packs a handset that displays the contact’s name and other information like time, date, incoming calls, etc.

Key Features

  • Records up to 1,000 names
  • Extra-large screen
  • Two-way recording
  • Audio assist & handset intercom
  • Expandable to 5 handsets

Pricing: $24.95

4. Panasonic Compact Cordless Phone

Panasonic Compact Cordless Phone

This compact phone by Panasonic is backed by the latest digital phone technology to ensure clear sound with no wiretapping. Not only that, this advanced phone system is equipped with support for multiple languages, caller ID, and speakerphone. The backlit keyboard and battery indicator are some other benefits of this cordless phone.

Key Features

  • Easy navigation
  • Speakerphone
  • Illuminated keypad
  • 9-hour talk time
  • Wall mountable

Pricing: $19.00

5. AT&T - EL51203

AT&T - EL51203 – Cordless Phone System

The AT&T phone system is expandable up to 5 handsets to give you the freedom to attend your calls from anywhere. On top of that, this cordless system is user-friendly and offers a backlit keypad to provide clear visibility in dark environments.

Key Features

  • 3-line LCD screen
  • Full-duplex speakerphone
  • Intercom functionality
  • Easy volume control
  • Latest phone technology – DECT 6.0

Pricing: $43.99

6. Panasonic - KX-TGC352B

Panasonic - KX-TGC352B – Cordless Landline Phone

This landline phone by Panasonic packs a 1.6” monochrome display that lets you read phone numbers, texts, and much more. The support for intercom, speakerphone, and ringtone customization are some other great features. Other than that, the phone system offers a backlit display to ensure optimal battery performance.

Key Features

  • The phonebook supports 50 callers
  • Easy switching to speakerphone
  • Customizable ringtone
  • Supports intercom functionality
  • Optimized for long battery

Pricing: $39.99

7. VTech - CS6949

VTech - CS6949 – Cordless Phone

The VTech cordless phone comes with a corded base station while supporting up to 5 handsets. The phone system is brilliantly designed for convenience. It is easy to connect to a modem with a phone jack and mount on walls. With 22 minutes of incoming message storage and the latest digital technology for clear voice, this is among the best cordless landline phones for sale.

Key Features

  • Records up to 30 names
  • Extra-large display
  • Wall-mountable
  • Includes a corded base station
  • Supports 22 minutes of incoming message recording

Pricing: $50.99

8. AT&T DL72210

AT&T DL72210 – Handset Connect

Here we’ve got an advanced handset by AT&T that offers a long-range antenna along with noise filtering and a small call blocker. The system packs Bluetooth, allowing you to connect your Android phone to it and receive your phone’s notifications.

Key Features

  • Smart call blocker system
  • Can be connected to an Android phone
  • Supports Siri and Google Voice Assistant
  • Eco mode for long-lasting battery
  • Noise filtration for clear communication

Pricing: $76.99

9. Panasonic - KX-TGD830M

Panasonic - KX-TGD830M – Expandable Cordless Phone System

This Panasonic landline phone is yet another expandable cordless phone system, supporting over 6 handsets with 17-minute storage of incoming messages. The 10-hour talk time is another significant addition.

Key Features

  • Backed by the latest DECT 6.0 technology
  • Extended 1.6” display
  • Effective 2-way recording
  • Bi-lingual display
  • Quick-read message counter

Pricing: $39.95

10. AT&T - CL82213

AT&T - CL82213 – Digital Answering System

The CL82213 phone system by AT&T is quite versatile and is a fit for long-range communications with a built-in antenna. It’s compatible with some alternative versions of AT&T as well and is expandable to 12 handsets – making it the top choice for seniors and businesses.

Key Features

  • Supports a long range
  • Table and wall mountable
  • Compatible with some other speakerphones of AT&T
  • Expandable to 12 handsets

Pricing: $69.99

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11. VTech VG104-11

VTech VG104-11 – Cordless Phone for Home

The VTech cordless phone supports hands-free talking with full-duplex mode. Its backlit keypad offers an easy vision in dark environments whereas the blue-white display ensures long-lasting battery life. On top of that, the phone system supports an exciting 1000 ft range.

Key Features

  • Records 14 minutes of messages
  • Works with hearing aids
  • The phonebook supports 30 contacts
  • Full-duplex speakerphone

Pricing: $28.00

12. Panasonic KX-TG833SK

Panasonic KX-TG833SK – Cordless Landline Phone

Here we’ve got another Panasonic cordless phone that supports Bluetooth and allows receiving your smartphone’s notification with a Bluetooth connection. The quick message counter, call block button, and caller identification are some of its highlights. That said, the phone system is not brand-new but comes from the Amazon Renewed store.

Key Features

  • Quick message counter
  • Call block button
  • Can be connected to an Android phone using Bluetooth
  • Supports voice assist
  • Expandable to 6 handsets

Pricing: $59.95

13. VTech AM18047

VTech AM18047 – Small Business Phone System

VTech’s basic phone system at hand is a fit for small businesses. It supports speakerphone to allow hands-free calling. The support for the latest digital protocol ensures the best call range and clear audio with no wiretapping or interference with wireless routers. But there’s a catch – the call history cannot be shared between different extensions connected to the base.

Key Features

  • Versatile LCD display
  • Backlit function
  • Two-way recording
  • Displays the name, number, time, and date of incoming calls

Pricing: $73.00

14. Amzer CS611411

Amzer CS611411 – Landline Telephone

This Amzer landline phone consists of a single handset that offers a rechargeable battery with adjustable volume and multiline operation support. The sound range is remarkable with an illuminated keypad for easy vision. However, the phone system lacks a speakerphone.

Key Features

  • Records up to 30 contacts (names and numbers)
  • Sleek design
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Excellent sound range
  • Illuminated keypad

Pricing: $22.00

15. VTech SN6107

VTech SN6107 – CareLine Cordless Handset

Last but not the least, this CareLine cordless handset is a super user-friendly phone system that offers oversized backlit buttons for your convenience. The audio assist buttons are another significant addition, allowing easy volume control. Moreover, the phone system provides clear audio with an equalizer that supports four different audio profiles.

Key Features

  • Stores 50 calls
  • Extra-large screen
  • Two-way recording
  • Audio assist
  • Expandable to 5 handsets

Pricing: $20.00

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