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September 4, 2022

How to Cancel AT&T Landline Service in 5 Simple Steps

How to Cancel AT&T Landline Service in 5 Simple Steps

Let’s be honest: AT&T’s landline service is quite costly and packs various limitations, including the internet requirement. Also, many users complain about poor and inconsistent call quality as high-speed internet is often unavailable in many areas.

How can you cancel AT&T's landline service and find a better landline provider to power your home phone? This guide will dive deep into the five steps you need to disconnect from AT&T’s landline. Plus, we’ll explore a more effective alternative to AT&T that requires neither internet nor copper wire connection.

That said, let’s roll in.

How to Cancel AT&T Landline

Follow the steps below to disconnect from the AT&T landline:

1. Start By Calling 800-288-2020

First of all, place a call at AT&T’s support service contact number, which is 800-288-2020. Their customer care is available from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m CST, Monday through Friday.

2. Follow the Prompts From the Automated System

The auto attendant will ask you to enter your home phone contact number. Once you’ve entered your contact, the automated system will ask for the reason for calling. As you give them the reason, you’ll be connected to a live support agent if available.

3. State Your Reason for Disconnection of AT&T Landline

You will need to verify your AT&T account. Once connected to a support agent, you must validate your account information to ensure you’re an AT&T customer.

4. Get Your Account Information Ready for Customer Service

Next, tell the support agent you want to disconnect your AT&T landline. After that, the agent will transfer your call to the disconnection staff. They will ask you for a reason for cancellation. They’ll try their best to convince you to keep using their services by offering a small discount. However, if you insist, they’ll agree to cancel your landline.

5. Find Out Your Disconnection Date

The disconnection department will let you know when the cancellation will occur, and you will need to pay any outstanding fees until that date. That’s it, they will cancel your landline, and you’ll be free to try a more effective landline service provider. Below is our recommendation.

Learn More here: What Do You Need to Switch Carrier?

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Switch to Community Phone Landline Service

Community Phone Landline Service

Community Phone is a standout landline service that works without power. Its landline base connects to local cellular towers, eliminating the needing an internet or copper network. Therefore, you don’t have to pay an internet subscription or pay for an extensive copper wire setup.

Main Features

  • Unlimited Calling across the US
  • Landline Texting and Voicemail-to-Text
  • Business Voicemail Greetings
  • Connects with any Landline Phone
  • Voicemail and Call waiting

Keep Your Existing Phone Number

Community Phone allows you to keep your landline number as you switch from AT&T. So, you won't need to change your phone number whether you’re a household landline user or an organization. Keeping a phone number is easy with Community Phone. You can register a new phone number. Contact us at (866)-937-3159, and we will start the porting process.

How Community Phone Works

Community Phone offers a landline base device that connects to any landline phone. Once you turn it on, it automatically performs a 30-second setup and connects to a nearby cell tower. To find out more information, here is a quick video on how to set it up to find out more information.


  • It doesn’t require internet or copper setup
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Keep your existing phone number
  • Feature-rich plans for households and businesses
  • Affordable pricing

Are you disappointed in your AT&T Landline? Consider trying Community Phone Landline Service. Speak to a landline specialist today at (866)-937-3159. We will get you started in a few minutes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AT&T getting rid of landlines?

AT&T and all other primary telecommunication services have terminated their copper wire landlines as FCC asked them to do so. However, AT&T continues its home phone service by switching its infrastructure to a VoIP protocol, which uses the internet for calling. Though it’s a modern-day infrastructure, it comes with significant compromises like high costs, low reliability, and poor call quality.

How long does it take to cancel AT&T?

Generally speaking, canceling AT&T’s landline takes 2-4 hours. It requires talking to a customer support agent over the phone, who will try their best to keep you as their customer. You can contact their support service by placing a call at 800-288-2020. But note it’s only accessible between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m CST, Monday through Friday.

Can AT&T waive the early termination fee?

You can avoid the early termination fee at AT&T by canceling your contract within 14 days of the signup. If you choose to cancel your subscription after that, there’s no way you can avoid the early termination fee. It will be needed to disconnect from the AT&T landline.

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The Bottom Line

Every telecommunication service has its downsides, and AT&T is no different. Its copper landlines are no longer operational, and you must choose the VoIP landline service, which is quite expensive. In this guide, we’ve learned how to cancel your AT&T landline subscription.

If you’re seeking a new landline provider, try Community Phone. Our modern-day landlines are much more reliable, easier to maintain, and cost-effective than VoIP and copper wire landlines.

P.S: We also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee to get you peace of mind!

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