Blog/Vanity Phone Number: What Is It and How to Get One

Vanity Phone Number: What Is It and How to Get One

Vanity Phone Number: What Is It and How to Get One

Let’s get it out there: personalized vanity phone numbers are booming nowadays. They’re easier to remember and help improve your brand’s authority, trustability, and recognition, all of which are important for its growth.

A vanity phone number has small patterns of numbers or letters to make it easy to remember for customers. Also, companies are free to customize the letters to make something meaningful from them, like their brand’s name, when claiming a vanity number.

But how to get a vanity number in 2022? That we’ll find out today. For instance, we’ll dive deeper into what vanity numbers are their benefits, and the steps you should take to acquire one. If you’re in a hurry, know that CommunityPhone is the finest vanity number provider, combining cost-effectiveness with top-tier reliability.

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What is a Vanity Phone Number?


The vanity phone numbers contain easy-to-remember patterns of numbers or letters. This allows users to easily memorize them for convenient communications. Vanity numbers are also known as custom numbers as they tend to have letters or words that relate to a particular brand.

Business Strategy

Using a vanity number is highly effective for marketing as users can easily remember the number, increasing the chances of landing more customers.

Example #1

Xfinity’s customer service is based on a vanity number, which is 1-800-XFINITY. It’s easy to remember for consumers and ensures they can easily contact Xfinity’s support service.

Example #2

Many support channels and stores of Apple use a vanity phone number for convenience of users. For instance, you can contact Apple’s Mexico-based store by dialing the vanity number “001–800–MY–APPLE”.

Average Cost

The average cost of a vanity phone number service falls between $15-20. A vanity number’s price depends upon the uniqueness of the number and your provider.

Generally, vanity numbers come with a one-time setup fee that falls around $20 or $30. Other than that, their subscription fee starts from $4/mo and goes up to hundreds of dollars to suit all business needs.

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Top 5 Vanity Phone Numbers Providers

Here we’ll have an overview of the finest vanity phone number services in 2022.

1. Community Phone

Community Phone

Community Phone is the most appealing vanity phone number provider on the market, offering custom vanity numbers at affordable rates. All landline phone service plans of CommunityPhone support vanity numbers and are powered by cell phone networks for maximum reliability.

Unlike most competitors, Community Phone doesn’t require expensive internet or cable service connections to enable phone communications. All it takes is a landline base device that connects to a nearby cell phone tower to provide a landline phone service.



  • Starts from $39/month

2. eVoice


eVoice is a virtual phone number service for small and medium-level businesses, offering decent phone packages. The provider specializes in offering VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone services, meaning it requires an active internet connection.

Though this VoIP service gets you additional features like voicemail and call forwarding, it’s not effective for regions that lack fast internet. However, eVoice is still a decent option for small businesses needing a cost-effective communication solution that supports vanity phone numbers.


  • Voicemail, call forwarding and faxing
  • Screen sharing
  • Studio recorded greeting
  • Dedicated outbound calling app
  • Ease to use


  • Startup Plan – $18.10/mo. 2 users + 350 landline/mobile calling minutes.
  • Startup Plus Plan – $24.15. 4 users + 750 landline/mobile calling minutes.
  • Scaleup Plan – $36.24. 6 users + 1600 landline/mobile calling minutes + analytical reporting.

Note: Various add-ons like web conferencing are also available at additional rates.

3. UniTel Voice

UniTel Voice

UniTel Voice is a decent virtual phone system designed for businesses. The provider lets you pair any phone with a business phone number so that your business number appears in caller ID, alongside your work email.

Other than that, UniTel Voice lets you select from a range of studio-recorded professional greetings to impress your customers. Also, the features like call forwarding and business voicemail are included to ensure your team can handle customer calls productively.


  • Call forwarding, simultaneous ring, and business voicemail
  • Phone app for receiving faxes and voicemails
  • Unlimited call-handling
  • Easy online management


  • Startup Plan – $9.99/mo. 1 phone number + 500 monthly minutes + 3 users.
  • Unlimited Plan – $24.99mo. 1 phone number + unlimited minutes + unlimited users.
  • Office Plan – $29.99/mo. 1 phone number + unlimited minutes + 3 users. Extra features include a mobile app, desktop software, team messaging, and more.
  • Office Plus Plan – $49.99/mo. Everything with Office Plan + video conferencing + screen sharing.

4. FreedomVoice


Offering a cloud-based system, FreedomVoice is yet another great vanity number provider that provides effective phone systems. FreedomVoice’s infrastructure is based on cloud servers for flexibility, reliability, and affordability.

Moreover, the provider offers a quick setup of whichever phone number you pick alongside a no-contract policy, meaning you can cancel anytime. Apart from that, FreedomVoice claims to offer a 30-day free trial on a toll-free number.


  • No long-term contracts
  • Supports attendant, call forwarding, and voicemail
  • Lots of advanced features
  • Virtual phone system, based on a cloud network


  • Start Plan – $9.95/mo. 400 minutes included.
  • Edge Plan – $19.95/mo. 1200 minutes included.
  • Max Plan – $29.95/mo. Unlimited minutes included.

5. is among the most cost-effective phone system providers on the market. Their plans are based on VoIP and require active internet. Though the internet-based infrastructure has some limitations like availability, it enables a modern feature set.

Moreover, you get a web-based control panel to make changes on the go. The inclusion of features like videoconferencing, voicemail, and voice tagging is yet another significant addition, leading to more effective business communications.


  • Caller queues, conference calling, and voicemail
  • No long-term commitments
  • Easy-to-use control panel and mobile app
  • Affordable pricing


  • Basic Users Plan – $11.99/mo. 500 minutes + 1 phone number, 1000 texts + video conferencing + 50 calling features.
  • Plus Users Plan – $15.99/mo. Everything with basic plan + Unlimited minutes + conversational text messaging + 1 phone number + compatibility with IP desk phone.
  • Pro Users Plan – $23.99/mo. Everything with plus plan + call recording + call analytics + CRM integration + voicemail transcription.

CommunityPhone vs Its Competitors

Community Phones offers better Vanity Number plans and outperforms its competitors in terms of dependencies like

Better Vanity Phone Number Plans

CommunityPhone’s vanity phone number plans tend to be more affordable yet more effective. All our landline plans come with unlimited nationwide calling, support for international calls, and 24/7 customer support to outrun our competitors.

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Limited Dependencies

We, at CommunityPhone, don’t require you to arrange a copper wire channel in your office or get internet or TV subscription for us. All it takes to get a vanity number from CommunityPhone is a landline plan subscription so you can use your number.

Here we’ll see how well CommunityPhone compares to its competitors.

Get Vanity Phone Number For Your Business

CommunityPhone is one of the best landline phone services that lets you create a custom vanity number. At CommunityPhone, you can either get phone service for personal use or for your business needs.

Either way, note that CommunityPhone’s landline service runs off cell phone towers, without needing an internet or copper wire connection. This makes sure our service remains functional during disasters and extreme weather conditions.

The key features of our landline service are quick setup, unlimited nationwide calling, sustainable monthly subscriptions, and added features like call waiting.

Starting with CommunityPhone requires getting our base device. When turned on, it automatically sets up within 30 seconds and connects to a nearby phone tower. Though the device needs electric power, it also has a 12-hour battery backup so you can continue calling during power outages.

If you’re interested in trying CommunityPhone’s landline service and acquiring a vanity number, click here to register at CommunityPhone today!

Benefits of a Vanity Phone Number

Here we’ll look at the top advantages of a vanity phone number.

1. Stands Out From Similar Numbers

A vanity number resonates with your brand’s name and thus, stands out from similar phone numbers. A standout phone number will set your business apart from the rest, leading to a higher authority.

2. Easy to Remember

Users are likely to place a call on phone numbers that are easy to remember. The vanity phone numbers are incredibly convenient to read and remember, leading to a higher chance of hearing from your potential customers.

This feature of vanity numbers also makes them perfect for marketing as users can quickly remember them when seeing ads. As part of your digital marketing success, it's important to get your hands on different strategies and methods for promotion.

3. Increases Your Brand’s Reputation

A vanity number is an essential asset for your business as it relates to your business’s industry or name. This relevancy builds trust in your customers for your brand and encourages them to contact you to acquire your services or get customer support. This trustworthiness then adds up to your brand’s reputation.

4. Meets Your Company’s Goals.

Of course, getting a vanity number isn’t just about easy memorization and more effective marketing; it’s also about improving your internal and customer communications. The effective business vanity number providers offer many extra features for productive customer communications and inner collaboration. These particularly include call forwarding, simultaneous ring, and caller ID.

5. Matches With Your Domain Name

Matching domain name and contact number will make it easier for your customers to contact you. They’ll be able to visit your website and contact the support once they see your brand name in the contact number.

How to Choose Vanity Phone Number

It can be challenging to pick a vanity number for your business. But if you have the crucial information already, you’ll know exactly what to do. The quick buying guide below will help you find out how to get a vanity phone number.

1. Provider

It’s essential to register at a phone service provider to get a vanity phone number. When deciding on a phone provider, look for qualities like trustworthiness, reliability, cooperation, and friendliness. Also, ensure the company operates in your area.

2. Plans

Once you’ve picked a phone service provider, it’s time to choose one of their packages. Generally speaking, the different plans of phone providers are designed to fit different needs, like the number of users. You can get away with any package that meets your needs.

3. Dependencies

Before you register at a phone service, closely review its dependency policies. For instance, some companies require an internet connection for their services to work. Similarly, the traditional landline providers may require a copper wire connection at your office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a vanity phone number worth it?

Vanity phone numbers are highly beneficial for businesses. They’re relevant to a brand’s name and help establish brand authority and recognition. Also, vanity phone numbers are easier to remember and dial, leading to more leads for your business. Simply put, vanity numbers are an effective way to stay top of mind of your customers.

What is a local vanity number?

A local vanity phone number starts with the letters assigned to a certain geographic area. It combines the features of vanity and a local phone number. So, a vanity phone number means it’ll have recognizable patterns of numbers while being allotted to a certain region, like a city or town.

What does 800 mean in a phone number?

The phone numbers starting with the digit “800” are termed toll-free numbers. The toll-free numbers charge the owner when a long-distance call is received, instead of the caller. As the caller enjoys free calling, a toll-free number is effective for businesses who want to encourage their overseas consumers to call them.

The Bottom Line

Getting a vanity phone number is worth it for businesses looking to expand their brand recognition and authority. The vanity numbers are easy-to-remember and hold various marketing and business-related benefits too. If you’re seeking a reliable phone service that offers vanity numbers, CommunityPhone is your best bet. It’s because CommunityPhone offers a great balance between reliability, affordability, and calling features.

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