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August 27, 2020

How Do I Cancel My Frontier Service?

How Do I Cancel My Frontier Service?

Internet, TV and Landline services are always in flux. Whether it’s the sudden rise in prices or a change in the quality of service, there may be many reasons why you would want to cancel your current service and change your provider. We’ve already discussed in our previous two articles how you can change your TV service, and internet providers. But how to cancel the current one? Worry not, for we will be dealing with it in this article!

Today, we will tell you how you can cancel your Frontier Communications Corporation service. Although it is currently one of the largest internet providers in the U.S.A, it is also one of the most complained about service providers. You will find numerous Frontier internet reviews which are, let us say, not too complimentary. The customer care department has a terrible rapport with their clients, and there are consistent complaints regarding connection issues, incompetent technicians, random charges and steep termination fees (Ward, 2019). Then, there is the icing on the cake: the recurring outages. In fact, there is a website which showcases a Frontier Outage Map at all times. This map illustrates the outages in all of Frontier’s service areas (27 states), so you can always check the reason for a slow connection. You can click here Frontier Outage Map and check the status of your Frontier service right now.

It is no wonder then that you have been considering cancelling your Frontier service. However, cancelling your Frontier service is not an easy undertaking. Big tech companies deliberately make this process confusing so that they have ample opportunity to try and convince you to stay. But you need not fret, for we shall be explaining the process to you step by step!

How to Cancel My Service/ Subscription?

Whether you have internet, TV, landline, or a bundle of all three from Frontier, cancelling your service is not an impossible task. Unfortunately, this must be done over the phone. Most big tech companies want to try and convince their customers into staying so the cancelling process is done via phone call. You cannot cancel your service online or via email. However, we can walk you through the whole process so that you are as prepared as possible for the call.  

Step 1: Make sure you have your details and information ready.

  • Check to see if your contract is over or are you cancelling early? You will need to know this to determine whether the Early Cancellation Fee applies to you or not. If you purchased Frontier’s FiOS or Vantage Fiber internet, you will have signed a two-year contract for your internet. We will explain more about this later in this article.
  • Get your Account number and PIN ready, in case Frontier needs to verify your details. You will find both on the top part of your paper bill. You can also access both through your Frontiers Communication Login here My Account.
  • If you have a phone number and/or email address associated with your account, get them ready too.
  • You will also need to think about the date you want to cancel your service. You will need to state it in your call with Frontier.

Step 2: Calling Frontier’s Retention Department.

  • Now that all your necessary information is on hand; you can place the call. Simply dial 1 800 921 8101 and ask to be forwarded to the Retention Department; they will be handling your cancellation of Frontier services. You should avoid being forwarded to a Customer Service Representative.
  • If you reach a robot menu, select the option for either Downgrading, Cancelling, or Change/Transfer service. That way you will be forwarded to the Retention Department and not the Customer Care Department (Spectrum, 2020).

Step 3: How to manage your call.

  • You should have a good reason to state why you are leaving Frontier. It is their job to try and convince you to stay. Being prepared beforehand will help you shorten your call time and make it as efficient as possible.
  • Instead of arguing with the representative, remain calm throughout the call and explain that you do not require any other assistance except to end your service. You simply want to cancel. If you remain calm and confident, the call will end faster.

Step 4: Returning the equipment.

During your call, you should ask about the equipment to avoid any further fees. You can ask the representative:

  • Did you rent or buy the modem?
  • Is there any other rented equipment written in your account?
  • How and where can you return the equipment, and when do you need to do so?

(Note: There is more on this below.)

Step 5: Name and Ticket Number

  • You should get your representative/agent’s name and ticket number before you end the call. You may need this information for any follow-up calls (Ward, 2019).
  • Once you think your cancellation has gone through, you should call Frontier again to confirm. You don’t want to be surprised with a new bill or any accrued fees later (Ward, 2019).

How to Return Equipment

  1. If you forgot to discuss this during your call with Frontier, you can call 1 888 660 7578 and inform them that you have started the process for cancelling your service.
  2. Ask your agent to identify all the Frontier equipment you may have and which of the equipment will you need to return.
  3. Frontier will send you a prepaid mailing box(es) and fully addressed stickers through UPS Ground. It should arrive at your home within 5-7 days.
  4. Now simply pack all the equipment as directed and send it back to Frontier by UPS Ground.
  5. Remember: You should return all the equipment within 30 days so that you are not charged a fee for unreturned equipment (Frontier Residential, 2020).

What to Expect on My last Frontier Bill

  • Your bills will continue to be sent regularly. It can take up to 1-2 months for any outstanding charges to be cleared. So, do not be surprised if you receive a Frontier bill a month after you have cancelled your service. The account closure process takes time. You can be prepared for these charges by asking about any outstanding fees in your initial cancellation call (as mentioned above) (Frontier Communications, 2020).
  • Early Termination/Cancellation Fee: This fee applies to many Frontier customers who are cancelling their service. If your contract includes a promotion or special offer, and you are cancelling before the end of this period, you will be charged a fee. This fee can range anywhere from $200-$400. If you are unwilling to pay this fee, what you can do is switch to an Internet Service Provider with a Contract Buyout Plan. A great example here is Spectrum, which covers Early Termination Fees up to $500 (Ward, 2019).
  • Residential Broadband Processing Fee: If you are cancelling your internet service with Frontier, you will be charged a processing fee of $9.99 (Frontier Communications, 2020).
  • Other Charges and Fees: This can include charges like Video on Demand, Pay Per View, Long Distance etc.

Your final Frontier bill will look something akin to this:

(Frontier Communications, 2020).

What Can Community Phone Do for You?

Once you have started the process for cancelling your service, you will want to look for a new Internet, TV or Landline provider. For internet or TV, you can refer to our previous two articles which detail how you can find the best provider near you. For the best TV Service Provider near you, click here. And for the best Internet Provider, click here.

Now that you have cancelled your Frontier service, and your Internet and TV needs have been addressed, let’s talk about your landline! With Community Phone you can end your landline contract and cut the cord while saving your landline number. We offer two options to save your landline: Call Forwarding and Call Transferring. With Call Forwarding, your landline calls will ring on your current cell phone. With Call Transferring, your landline number will become the number on a new cell phone. Just click the following link to learn more about saving your landline number while ending your bundle: Transfer Your Landline to a Cell Phone. Finally, you can have a faster home internet, continue watching the shows you love, and keep your beloved landline number. It’s all easy!

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