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Landline Texting: How it Works in 2023

Landline texting is the process of exchanging text messages over a landline, without impacting your voice service. A message is usually exchanged by repeatedly pressing certain keys on a telephone handset. You can use a text to landline service to converse with friends and family and conduct business.

What’s a better way to communicate with your loved ones than texting when there’s some connectivity issue or a busy environment? Texting over a landline is an inexpensive and quick way to contact the phone numbers you have.

But what exactly is landline texting, and what steps should you take to do it? That we’ll find out today in this guide. Moreover, we’ve also explained how it works and listed some of its benefits. With that said, let’s dive in.

What is Landline Texting?

Landline texting refers to exchanging text messages over a landline, with no impact on your landline voice service. It’s similar to texting over cellular networks and requires having the phone number of the target user. Text to landline lets users exchange messages with a telephone system as they repeatedly press certain keys for the appearance of certain letters.

That said, people use landline texting for personal communications with their friends and family as well as for business purposes.

Landline texting also supports mass texting – sending the same message to various phone numbers. It’s effective for brands for marketing purposes as they can communicate with their users and potential clients simultaneously – without calling them one by one.

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Why Should You Text a Landline?

Landline texting is indispensable for businesses. Studies reveal that texts have a 98% open rate against 16-20% for emails. The high delivery and open rate of texts make them a fantastic marketing outreach option for businesses. Businesses can use texting to engage customers, wish them on special occasions, inform them of offers and discounts, and collect feedback.

How Can You Text With Landline – 3 Easy Steps

Texting over a landline involves the following steps:

Step 1 – Sign Up at a Text Messaging Service

Start by creating an account at a landline service that supports text messaging service. If your current landline provider (if any) doesn’t support text messaging, consider switching over to an alternative that does. Once your new landline service is set up, you’ll be able to send text messages using it.

If you want to use landline messaging for business purposes, opt for a business landline phone service for advanced messaging features like mass texting and automation. It would help manage your business communications seamlessly.

Step 2 – Enter the Target Phone Number

Once you enable text messaging on your new landline service, enter the target phone number/s on your telephone to write a message. If you’re using a telephone, likely you’ll have to press certain keys repeatedly to write a message, similar to older mobile phones.

Step 3 – Hit Send

When you’re done with writing the message, consider proofreading it and then hit send. It’ll transfer the message to the target device.

In the event you encounter a text message delayed issue, there are a number of tools and small steps they can take to resolve it successfully.

By following these steps, you can send and receive SMS and MMS messages over a landline, just like on a mobile phone.

How to Enable Landline Texting on a Landline

Since voice and text are two different functions, many traditional landline providers do not support the landline texting feature. You may have to sign up for a text messaging service that will add to your phone bill. You will also have to deal with issues related to managing another service provider.

Switch to Community Phone, a revolutionary wireless landline service provider that combines the reliability of a landline, fantastic business features like landline texting, and the freedom of wireless. Read on to learn more!

How to Set Up Landline Texting For Business With Community Phone

Community Phone is the best business phone service provider in the US. With large carriers shutting down copper wire service and forcing customers to upgrade to an expensive bundle or get internet-based phones, Community Phone is the best option if you want to continue using your business landline.

With affordable plans and 99% coverage across the US, Community Phone combines the reliability of a landline, excellent calling features unavailable with traditional service providers, and the freedom of wireless access in one.

Community Phone's landline texting feature lets you send and receive unlimited texts to any number once you sign up with Community Phone. Here's how you can set it up:

1. Call Community Phone at 855-768-2055 and speak with a business specialist.

2. Check your area for coverage.

3. Once the rep confirms coverage, choose a plan.

4. Sign up with Community Phone

5. Opt for the landline texting feature.

6. Receive login details to your Community Phone user account in your welcome email.

7. Log into your user account to send and receive unlimited texts from your landline number.

Landline Texting For Business - A Community Phone Guide

Landline texting

Follow these steps to send a message to any number from your Community Phone landline number:

1. Log into your Community Phone user portal at

Image of Community Phone landline texting

2. Click on the "Text Messages" option from the menu on your dashboard's left side.

Image of Community Phone landline texting

3. Click on the "+" symbol at the top and enter the phone number to which you want to send the message.

Image of Community Phone landline texting

4. Scroll down to see a bar that says "Type Here."

5. Type your message and Click "Send."

Image of Community Phone landline texting

6. Your message will appear in the window before you and will reach your recipient.

7. You can see your recipient's message in the same window.

How Does Community Phone Work?

Key Business Features

1. Call Forwarding

****Forward calls from your business landline to another number of your choice. Speak to a business specialist to help you choose conditional or unconditional forwarding to suit your business needs.

2. Call Routing

****Route calls to the appropriate person or department to increase customer satisfaction. Program several phones in your business to ring simultaneously or in succession to ensure you don't miss any customer calls.

3. Voicemail-to-email

****Access your voicemails as audio files, text in your email, and empower your team to respond promptly to missed calls with the voicemail-to-email feature.

Benefits of Switching to Community Phone

Here are the benefits of switching to Community Phone's landline service:

  • You don't need internet or a copper wire connection for landline communications
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • Battery-powered landline base device for communications during power outages
  • 24/7 reliable live customer support (not a bot)
  • No more technician-led installations and messy wires. Save time and money with the DIY installation of the landline base.

Advantages of Texting From Landline

Landline texting is beneficial in many ways, such as:

1. Superior Convenience

You no longer have to search for which phone number to use with landline texting. Simply select a phone number you want to message, write the message, and click Send.

2. Saves Time

Writing formal emails or calling each of your customers as a business can be time-consuming. Landline texting saves you time and energy by allowing you to communicate with various users at once.

3. Mix Conversational and Automated Messages

Both conversational and automated messages are important for saving time while ensuring effective communications. You can avoid sending repetitive texts by setting up automated messages. Sending automated messages requires specifying certain keywords and conditions. But you’ll still be able to write conversational texts when required.

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4. Text From Any Device

With landline texting, you get the choice to exchange messages from any device you prefer. As writing texts by repeatedly pressing certain keys using a telephone can be time-consuming, you can get away with a PC or smartphone for text messaging over a landline.


Landline texting is an effective way to communicate over landlines as it saves you time and provides a lot of conveniences. It’s instrumental when you don’t want to call multiple people to deliver the same information.

However, texting over landline requires using a landline provider that supports landline texting. Community Phone is a great landline provider for unlimited landline texting for homes and businesses. Click here to sign up at Community Phone today.

Landline Texting FAQs

Here we answer the most popular questions regarding landline texting.

What Happens if You Text a Landline?

The receiver device must be connected to a network that supports text-to-landline messaging to receive a message. If the target device doesn’t support this feature, your message won’t be received and will simply disappear.

But if the target device does support text-to-landline messaging, the message will appear on it and will notify the user with a ring. The receiver device will read the message aloud. That said, your landline service may notify you whether the phone number you entered is eligible for text-to-landline messaging or not.

Can you text a landline?

You can text a landline just as you exchange text messages across a mobile phone. Pick your telephone or any other device connected to your landline service, enter the desired phone number, type a message, and click Send. If the phone number you enter has text-to-landline enabled, the user will receive the message. Otherwise, it will disappear.

Can you send a text from a landline?

You can send a text from a landline, but it would require both the sender and receiver landline services to have “text-to-landline” enabled. If this feature is enabled, you can easily exchange texts across a landline.

What is a landline message?

A landline text message is any text message delivered across a landline, rather than a cellular phone service or the internet. Landline messages are a fast and effective way to communicate over a landline.

How do I receive text messages on my landline?

Receiving text messages on your landline requires text-enabling your landline phone number. Once that is done, you’ll be able to send and receive text messages over the landline. However, the other device must also be connected to text-enabled landline service.

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