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Verizon: How to Forward or Transfer a Landline Number to a Cell Phone

Call forwarding, or transferring your landline number to a cell phone, can be a convenient and cheaper way to receive calls to your home phone wherever you are.

As a customer of Verizon, there are three ways to set up call forwarding without losing your number:

  • Keep your landline phone, and forward calls from your landline to a cell phone
  • Get rid of your landline phone, and forward calls from your landline number to a cell phone
  • Transfer your landline number to a cell phone

With the first option, you’ll keep your landline and hence, the relationship with Verizon.

However, the second two options allow you to cancel your landline contract, keep your number, and save money.

Additionally, forwarding calls with Verizon can be expensive, complicated, and time-consuming.

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Keep The Landline Phone and Forward Calls To A Cell Phone

The first option will let you forward all incoming calls or selective incoming calls from your current landline number to an alternate phone (a cell phone, a work phone, etc.).

By choosing this option, you will continue to maintain your landline number and your contract with Verizon. While this may seem convenient, however, it has some drawbacks.

First, setting up call forwarding can have an additional cost, beyond the already expensive landline plan.

Depending on the type of account you have with Verizon, call forwarding features may cost an additional $12.99 to your current phone bill.

In comparison, Community Phone’s plan will give you all the same calling features for as low as $29 a month.

Community Phone allows you to cut the cord on Verizon while continuing to make and receive calls from your landline number.

How to set up call forwarding with Verizon

When setting up Option 1, you can either call Verizon Customer Service, or you can do it yourself by following the detailed instructions in this article.

Call Verizon Customer Service

In order to set up call forwarding through customer service, you will need your Account number and Account or Number Transfer PIN.

You’ll find your Account number on the top right corner of your bill (as displayed in the picture below). If you cannot find your bill, you can find this information by signing into your My Verizon account.

Your PIN will be a 4-digit number that verifies your identity when you call Verizon to talk about your account. This number would have been given to you by Verizon when you first set up your service.

If, however, you do not remember your PIN you will need to reset the PIN online in My Verizon. To reset your account PIN, go to the "Change Account PIN" page, sign in to your My Verizon account, enter a new PIN, then re-type the new account PIN in the designated box and then click submit to confirm.

How to Activate Call Forwarding With Verizon

You can activate or deactivate Verizon call forwarding on traditional home phones by inputting the following codes:

To forward All Calls Immediately:

  1. Lift your telephone’s receiver, and press *72, or rotary dial
  2. When you hear two short tones, enter the ten-digit number you want your calls forwarded to.
  3. Once the call is answered, Verizon call forwarding will be activated.

To deactivate, dial *73 or rotary dial You will hear 2 short tones that indicate you have turned off call forwarding

To forward calls when there is no answer, or the line is busy, dial *90 and follow instructions. To deactivate dial *91 and follow instructions.

Drawbacks to Verizon Call Forwarding

Now that we have detailed the how tos of Verizon’s call forwarding system, let’s discuss the common issues that arise when setting up call forwarding with Verizon.

Call Blocking Services

Many people are reluctant to forward calls, worried that their cell phones will be bombarded with the telemarketers and robocalls they get on their landline.

Verizon offers free spam and robocall protection to you when you set up call forwarding on your phone, via a free call filter service called Nomorobo.

Nomorobo lets their customers get alerts when a call is likely spam, report unsolicited numbers, and automatically block robocalls based on their preferred level of risk.

Verizon also offers Call Filter Plus which is a paid service, $2.99/month/line or $7.99/month/account (3 lines or more). This version allows you to:

  • See the caller’s name for unknown numbers
  • Create a custom block list so that calls from unwanted, specific numbers are automatically forwarded to voicemail
  • Create a custom spam list
  • View the risk-level of incoming calls
  • Use spam lookup to search the spam database to see if a number has already been identified as spam.

Steep Prices

There are financial drawbacks to buying Verizon's service. Verizon offers a basic home phone plan for $35 which includes one landline number.

However, features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Blocking, Call Forwarding, Voicemail, Conference Calling and Privacy Control may or may not be included, depending on your plan and which area you live in.

Retaining Call Forwarding

If, at any point you wish to cancel your landline service with Verizon, you will no longer retain your call forwarding feature. It is a feature offered in association with your basic home phone plan and cannot be used separately. Simply put, no landline - no call forwarding.

Switch to Community Phone to forward calls without a phone and save on phone bills. Read on to learn more!

Community Phone - The Best Alternative To Verizon

Image of Community Phone landline service

Community Phone is the cheapest landline phone service in the US that works off cell towers. Their wireless landline base provides reliable call quality in rural and low-reception areas without internet or copper connections.

Enjoy unlimited nationwide calling and outstanding features like call forwarding, voicemail, spam call blocking, call waiting, and 3-way calling at affordable prices. With world-class support, the reliability of a landline, freedom of wireless access, and no hidden charges, Community Phone is the best Verizon alternative.

Forward All Calls to an Existing Cell Phone & Cut the Cord

Verizon does not offer call forwarding without a phone. However, Community Phone provides a unique call forwarding feature without a phone, which is helpful to people who want to ditch the landline but receive calls from the number. Businesses that want to avoid investing in a landline or listing their numbers can opt for this feature to strike a work-life balance and create curated end-user experiences.

Here’s how it works:

1. Call Community Phone customer care at 866-937-2711 and speak to a landline specialist.

2. Sign up with Community Phone and choose a plan

3. Request to have the call forwarding feature without a phone

4. Community Phone will port your landline number

5. You can now receive calls from your landline on your cell phone.

6. Once call forwarding has been successfully set up, you can cancel your connection with Verizon and ditch your landline.

With this option, you can retain your phone contacts, reduce your monthly phone bill, and keep the number you have had for years.

Transfer Your Landline Number A Cell Phone

Transferring your landline to a cell phone allows you to move your current landline number to a cell phone.If you want to transfer your landline number to a new cell phone or ditch your landline and switch from Verizon, here’s how you can do it with Community Phone.

1. Talk to Community Phone landline specialists at 866-271-4268.

2. Sign up with Community Phone and choose a cell plan

3. Request to transfer your landline number to a cell phone

4. Community Phone will port your number from Verizon

5. You will receive a new SIM from Community Phone, allowing you to use your landline number on your cell.

6. Cancel the service with Verizon once you test your new number and ditch the landline

Difference Between Call Forwarding and Transfer to a Cell Phone

Forwarding calls from your landline to a cell and transferring the number to your cell may look similar, as they allow you to switch providers and ditch your landline. However, they are different.

When you sign up for call forwarding, you allow calls from your landline number to be forwarded to your existing cell phone. These calls will be in addition to the calls your cell number would receive.

When you ask for your landline number to be transferred to your cell phone number, the landline number becomes an additional number on your existing (dual-SIM phone) or new cell phone.

Verizon Landline FAQs

**1. How do you forward calls without having the phone on Verizon?


Follow these steps to forward calls without having the phone on Verizon:

  1. Dial *72 on your home phone.
  2. Wait for the dial tone.
  3. Input the number you would like to forward calls to.
  4. Press the # button or wait for a response confirming the activation of the call forwarding.
  5. End the call.

**2. How do you unforward a call on a Verizon phone?


Follow these steps to unforward calls on a Verizon phone:

  1. Dial *73 on your landline phone.
  2. Listen out for a series of beeps then wait for the call to end.
  3. Call forwarding is now deactivated.

Note: If you don't have access to your phone or *73 is not working, Call Forwarding can be switched off via “My Verizon”.

3. How to change your number on Verizon?

To change your phone number on Verizon, follow these steps:

  1. Visit and log into your “My Verizon” account.
  2. Once logged in, select Devices from the My Verizon dashboard and choose Change Mobile Number.
  3. Click on the device you wish to manage by clicking Change Number.

Please Note: Only Account Owners and Account Managers will have permission to change the phone number on the account.

4. Is it free to change your number with Verizon?

Yes, it is free to change your phone number with Verizon in the My Verizon app or online in “My Verizon”. However, If you phone customer support to change your number, there is a $15 cost.

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