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January 29, 2020

Comcast: How to Forward or Transfer a Landline Number to Cell Phone

Are you tired of missing important calls on your landline? Ever thought about getting those calls forwarded to your ever-handy cell phone?

It makes sense, and you're not alone. In this blog, we're going to explain how to forward calls from your landline number to your cell phone as a Comcast customer.

We’ll also cover how to cut the cord and transfer your landline number to a cell phone.

To set up call forwarding without losing your number, you have three options:

  • Set up Comcast Call Forwarding directly though Xfinity Comcast
  • Cut the Cord with Comcast and receive calls to your landline on your cell
  • Place your landline number on its own cell phone

Comcast can only help you with the first of these options. As we will explain, however, this first option can be expensive, complicated, and time consuming.

You can continue to make and receive calls from your landline number while cutting your monthly bill in half with Community Phone's landline transferring service.

To see if your landline number is eligible for this service, simply fill in the form below. Otherwise, keep reading to learn how to set up Comcast call forwarding or to learn more about your alternatives.

Option #1: Keep your landline and forward to another phone

The first option will let you forward all incoming calls or selective incoming calls from your current landline number to an alternate phone (a cell phone, a work phone, etc.).

By choosing this option, you will continue to maintain your landline number and hence the relationship with your current carrier, Comcast.

This may seem convenient, but it has some drawbacks.

Comcast home phone is expensive

While it is true that the call forwarding feature is included in your home phone plan, it is also true that the home phone plan itself is not the most affordable choice out there.

The basic Comcast home plan can cost almost $35.00 monthly. Additionally, you will need to pay $14 for the modem. If you wish to add internet to your Comcast service, the price will spike up to almost $60.00 each month. Add TV service, and you will be paying a whopping $129.99 a month.

Community Phone’s home plan, in comparison, will give you all the same calling features for only $12 a month, and our free internet and TV referral service will provide you with the most affordable, highest quality internet and TV options in your area.

Community Phone allows you to cut the cord on Comcast while continuing to make and receive calls from your landline number.

Limited Call Blocking

Apart from the steep prices, protection against spam calls is another problem that Comcast customers must face. While setting up call forwarding, Xfinity has limited options available to block unwanted calls.

You can block up to only 12 numbers on your home phone, and you will need to do so manually. If there are more than 12 unwanted calls, you will need to blacklist each unwanted number when it rings on your cell phone.

Community Phone, on the other hand, has developed their own internal Call Forwarding software which blocks an unlimited number of unwanted calls.

Let us now discuss how to activate the Xfinity Call Forwarding feature on your phone.

How to set up call forwarding with Comcast

To set up regular Call Forwarding on your Xfinity by Comcast landline, follow these instructions step by step:

  1. Lift the receiver from your home phone and press *72. Wait to hear the dial tone after pressing *72.
  2. Enter the number you would like your calls forwarded to.
  3. One of two things will happen: Either you will hear a confirmation that the Call Forwarding Comcast feature has been activated, or you will hear a courtesy call being placed to the number you just entered. If the latter, the Comcast Call Forwarding will activate only when the party answers. If the party does not answer, or the number is busy, repeat the first two steps immediately. You will now hear the confirmation tone indicating the activation of Comcast Call Forwarding.

At any point, if you wish to deactivate the Comcast Call Forwarding feature, simply enter *73 on your home phone and wait for the confirmation message that the feature has been deactivated.

How to set up Selective Call Forwarding with Comcast

To set up Advanced and/or Selective Call Forwarding, you must own Comcast’s Xfinity Voice home phone, which will allow you to forward calls to multiple (up to four) numbers. If you do have an Xfinity Voice home phone, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Go to and sign in using your Xfinity ID and Password.
  1. Note: if you do not yet have a Xfinity ID, you will need to sign up and create one. You will need your Account Number which you can find at the top right corner of your bill. You can then head to and input your details .
  1. Once you have created your Xfinity ID and password, sign in and click on the settings wheel tab in the top right corner.
  2. Select Settings and then select Voice Preferences.
  3. Click Call Forwarding and enter the phone number(s) you want your calls forwarded to and click the Add button. You will now have activated your Advanced or Selective Xfinity Call Forwarding.

However, Xfinity by Comcast is not your only option, and it is certainly not the best!

If you wish to have your calls forwarded to your current cell phone, or you would like your landline number to BECOME the number on a new cell phone, while simultaneously cutting your landline cord, you have two alternative methods available to you through Community Phone.

By choosing one of these options, you will get to cancel your landline subscription, keep your number, and save your money.

Option # 2: Cut the cord and forward all incoming calls to your current cell phone

Community Phone can help you forward all incoming calls from your landline to your existing cell phone.

Once call forwarding has been safely and effectively set up -- which will NOT affect the calls you are already receiving on your cell phone -- we will help you end your current landline subscription.

By choosing this option, you will have safeguarded your contacts, you will save yourself from the need of learning a new number, and you will have reduced your monthly phone bills by cutting the cord.

You can complete this process in just a few minutes by filling out our self-transfer form.

Option #3: Transfer your Comcast Landline Number to a Cell Phone

Community Phone can also transfer your existing landline number to a new cell phone and end your landline subscription. This transfer plan will cost you only $20/month, with a free flip phone included.

If you have an existing cell number and simply want to make and receive phone calls from your landline number, call forwarding is probably your best option.

The added benefit of transferring your landline number to a new cell phone exists in keeping all of your contacts and only operating with a single number. For people without an existing cell phone or cell phone number, this can be an attractive option.

And, in either case, you will save money on your phone bill while receiving Community Phone's incomparable customer service, which will be with you every step of the way.

For more information, give us a call at 1-888-582-4177 or visit our landline forwarding and transferring page here.

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