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April 11, 2022

Simultaneous Ring: How to Forward Calls to More Than One Phone

Simultaneous Ring: How to Forward Calls to More Than One Phone

Data reveals that 85% of customers whose calls are unanswered won’t call back. This is particularly alarming for small businesses that are consistently looking for new customers to scale up. That’s where the phone network features as the simultaneous ring come in.

A simultaneous ring helps businesses make sure all their incoming phone calls are answered and that too, by appropriate staff. In this article, we’ll look at what a simultaneous ring is and how to forward calls to more than one phone using this feature.

That said, let’s roll in.

What is a Simultaneous Ring?

A simultaneous ring is a specific method to forward calls to more than one phone, including telephones and mobile phones. Many telephone networks & phone systems are compatible with this feature and most phone service providers allow users to configure this feature freely, themselves.

Subscribers can configure a simultaneous ring on analogue as well as digital telephone networks. In most cases, it’s easy to customize the phone numbers that the incoming call is to be forwarded. When it comes to setting up a simultaneous ring on a phone system, it doesn’t even require users to set up a network.

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How Does Simultaneous Ring Work?

The operation of a simultaneous ring may be different across telephone networks and phone systems. Here are the details of both these options:

Simultaneous Ring as a Phone System Feature

The execution of a simultaneous ring on phone systems may vary across different providers and types of phones. Both conventional phone systems (operating on a PSTN network) and modern cloud phone systems (operating over the internet) support this feature.

When you form a simultaneous ring using a simultaneous ring app, you’re free to select how many internal extensions and external connections should ring when a call passes in.

Please note that there are two voice channels in the case of external connections. This is because the call is first received by a telephone and then forwarded to an external connection, using a different channel.

Simultaneous Ring as a Telephone Network

When you configure a simultaneous ring on a telephone network, you can set any other numbers to ring. These could be connections over a wide area or cell phone numbers. Unlike an external connection in a phone system, answering a call takes up a single voice channel, when a simultaneous ring is formed.

That said, how many phone numbers can be set to ring when a call passes may be different for each provider. The different providers also limit the range of cell phone numbers and numbers abroad that can be added.

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Benefits of Simultaneous Ring

A simultaneous ring is a must-have for all businesses, particularly the small ones. Here are the top benefits of a simultaneous ring for businesses:

Answer the Incoming Calls From Anywhere

As in call forwarding, the simultaneous ring feature lets the subscriber freely answer their incoming calls from anywhere. They no longer need to be on their office desk to answer the B2B and client calls. Instead, they can configure multiple devices like their web phone, office phone, landline, and personal mobile phone.

More Productive Phone Support Environment

Sometimes, support agents have to forward incoming client calls to their colleagues. Sometimes, it’s because of their busyness but it’s also because their colleague is a more appropriate agent for the call – think of a sales agent forwarding the call to a technical agent in case the caller is facing a technical issue.

In such cases, a simultaneous ring helps to form a productive customer support environment that can eventually improve the user experience of your business.

Never Miss a Customer/Client Call

As mentioned, a study reveals that 85% of unanswered calls won’t pass in again. Answering B2C calls or calls from your B2B catalog appropriately improves your retention rate. When a customer is satisfied with your service, they help your business acquire more customers through referrals. Therefore, a simultaneous ring is a must-have for businesses looking to scale up.

But, what’s an effective phone service that supports simultaneous ringing? Let’s explore.

Simultaneous Ring with Community Phone

Community Phone is a modern landline and wireless phone service. Unlike many of its competitors, it operates on cell phone towers and doesn't require the subscribers to use an internet connection or copper wires.

As a modern landline phone solution, CommunityPhone supports various advanced features like call waiting, unlimited calling throughout the US, international calling, call routing, and most importantly; call forwarding.

Since CommunityPhone is compatible with call forwarding, it also allows its subscribers to form a simultaneous ring and configure multiple phones to ring at once.

Here are the steps to getting started with forming a simultaneous ring using Community Phone:

Step 1: Pick a custom phone number from a database of over 30,000 phone numbers.

Step 2: Configure your custom dial menu and set up call forwarding.

Step 3: In the call forwarding settings, add multiple phone numbers to form a simultaneous ring.

It’s as easy as that.

But, what sets CommunityPhone apart from the pack? Well, here are some of its standout values:

  • Subscribers don’t need to access the internet to use CommunityPhone’s landline service.
  • The provider offers a landline base device that’s easy to set up for anyone and doesn’t require a technician.
  • The landline base device requires electricity but also offers a battery to keep you connected during power outages.
  • CommunityPhone supports unlimited nationwide calling.
  • The landline specialists at CommunityPhone are easy to contact.

Not satisfied yet? Well, CommmunityPhone also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. It also secured a 4.3 rating out of 5 based on 68 reviews on Google.

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Simultaneous Ring FAQs

How do I set up simultaneous ringing?

To set up simultaneous ringing on a network, look for the Call Forwarding settings and select Simultaneously Ring.

On the Select Number screen, click New Number and set the numbers you want to ring when a call comes in. You can also set up a Voice Mail to deliver your voice mail to the caller.

Once you’re done with the configuration, select Apply Settings.

What’s the difference between simultaneous ring and call forwarding?

In call forwarding, you can forward an incoming call to a single cell phone number or more than one number sequentially, such that a single phone rings at a time. Whereas, in simultaneous ringing, you can set multiple phones to ring at once when a call comes in.

What is the difference between a simultaneous ring and a sequential ring?

In a simultaneous ringing, multiple phones ring at once. But in sequential ringing, multiple phones ring one by one in case the first phone in the loop is busy. To be clear, all the phones configured ring at once in simultaneous ringing but a single phone rings at a time, in sequential ringing.

Can you link 2 phones together?

Simultaneous ringing is the perfect way to link 2 phones together such that both of them ring when a call passes in. Whether you want to link two conventional phones or modern cloud phones, simultaneous ringing is a good way to go. But your service provider and the phone systems should support it.

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