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April 4, 2022

What is a Landline? [Definition, Benefits & Best Landline Service]

What is a Landline? [Definition, Benefits & Best Landline Service]

Even though modern technology has gifted us with mobile phones, landlines are still relevant to how we communicate today. The time of wrapping a phone cord around our fingers or yelling down the hall It’s for you! might be behind us, but the cost-efficient reliability of landline phones is not.

What is a Landline?

Traditionally, a landline is a telephone connection that works on analog technology such as copper wires, or fiber optic cables to complete calls. Essentially, your voice travels along a physical line to connect with the other caller.

As technology has evolved, new types of landline phone services have been introduced, such as voice over internet protocol (VoIP) that works through an internet connection, and wireless landline service that connects to cell towers in your area.

While landline connections were often more reliable, they lacked the flexibility wireless phones offered. As a result, we’ve seen a massive shift away from landline phones due to the growing use of cell phones. Although, it is not entirely necessary.

Cut the cord? Yes. Give up your landline? Well, Community Phone has a better idea.

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What is a Landline Number?

A landline phone number is similar to a regular number. Original landline numbers used to rely on copper wires to connect calls. In recent times, landlines numbers have been updated to be digital-based; meaning you can get a VoIP number that allows you to make calls over the internet.

Both options are still available, but technology has advanced further to enable wireless landlines like Community Phone. With wireless landlines, you have the option to use your current phone number or choose a new one. By working off cell towers and making calls over radio waves, they tend to get better and more secure signals.

So, How Do Landline Phones Work?

It’s pretty simple! The two main parts of your phone are the microphone and the speaker.

When you speak into your microphone, the sound of your voice converts into electrical signals that travel along phone lines, the internet connection, or through cellular service to the other caller. Once it reaches them, their phone transmits your electrical signal into sound, so they hear your voice through their speaker. When they talk back, the process repeats!

Benefits of Landlines

  1. No Dropped Calls - Most wireless phones depend upon an internet connection to complete calls. But what happens when the internet is down or the signal is weak? Landlines are connected to a base that establishes a secure connection and doesn’t depend on the internet, greatly decreasing the chances of dropping a call.
  2. Great Sound Quality - Due to the line-based exchange of landlines, users often report that the sound quality is much clearer. This makes landlines great for long-distance calls since radio waves struggle with long-range transmissions.
  3. Work in Power Outages - In a power outage, a corded landline phone continues receiving power from the phone company. Similarly, with wireless landlines like Community Phone, you'll still have an open line of communication as it operates off of cell towers. The only type that will not work in a power outage is a VoIP phone, as it requires an internet connection.
  4. Security - Since landline numbers are associated with an exact address, 911 responders can find your location faster. Time is essential in these instances, so having a landline handy could be the thin line between just in time and too late.
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Types of Landline Phones


Analog lines are the oldest kind of telephone service. Think back to our explanation of how landlines work: recall that wire carrying your voice. Now, picture it as a few coiled copper wires. When you speak into the microphone, your voice becomes energy. Another part inside your phone called a diaphragm, converts the sound energy of your voice into the electrical energy that vibrates along the copper wires.

This type of landline service is phasing out. Companies are starting to force analog users into contract bundles with hidden fees and complicated cancellation policies. Plus, being tied to your house isn’t ideal. Thankfully, Community Phone has a landline solution that we'll get to in just a bit!


While analog lines rely on physical wires to transfer your information, digital phones do so over the internet. These digital lines are also called VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), internet phones, and broadband phones. Instead of copper wires, these phones connect to the same broadband network as computers and Wi-Fi routers.

With digital landlines, your service only functions when there’s a strong, secure, high-speed internet connection. As a result, you run the risk of dropping calls when an internet connection isn’t strong enough, and anyone who can hack into your server can listen to your calls.


Wireless landline phones function entirely without wires because calls are made through a cellular network. Perhaps the most notable benefit of wireless calling is that you’re free to move around and aren’t tied to a specific location.

On top of that, the versatility of cellular networks has made them the best option for telecommunication. Instead of relying on a direct connection to a network, the network is all around you, constantly accessible. The functionality of your wireless phone doesn’t depend on an internet connection. Instead, a network connection can give you internet access. And since you’re not connected to a massive network, your data and information are more secure on your personal wireless device.

So what do you do if you want the familiar reliability of a landline with all the benefits of a wireless service? You set up a Community Phone!

Best Landline Phone Service - Community Phone

Community Phone provides reliable wireless landline service, so you get the best of both worlds! We are proud to offer unlimited nationwide calling for a fair price without locking you into a contract. With options for home and business, our clear quality and reliable network will leave you to sit back, relax, and chat.

We set out to create a straightforward, user-friendly landline service to help you stay connected without hassle. Some of it's benefits include:

Easy Set-Up

Your Community Phone can work with an existing or new number. We’ll give you a landline base, which is a device that links your landline phone to the cell towers in your area for optimized connection. Just plug the base into the wall and plug your phone into the base!


Once you’ve set up your phone with the landline base, that powerful far-reaching connection is something you can take with you anywhere, meaning you can leave the house with your landline!

Stay Connected

Community phone doesn't let your internet connection get in the way of quality time with your loved ones. This is why it is considered one of the best landline phone services for seniors.

With voicemail, call routing, caller ID, simultaneous ringing, and call waiting, you never have to miss a call and can keep track of the people trying to reach you.

Peace of Mind

Community Phone provides a backup battery to give you that same level of security analog phones offered during power outages. We'll keep you connected when it matters most!


Have a problem? Get in touch with a real person: call or email our customer support and we'll offer prompt, knowledgeable assistance.

We eliminated contracts, don't require bundling, and don't charge you unnecessary fees just because you want to leave. Community Phone works for you, not against you.

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Still on the fence about what a landline is or if a landline phone is right for you? Try us out! With our 30-day money-back guarantee, you don't have to commit until you're truly ready.

At Community Phone, we believe that home is where your landline is because a landline phone is the most dependable way for you to keep in touch with the people that matter most. Make dropped calls and misheard messages a thing of the past. Let Community Phone help you connect today.

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