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How To Cancel Your Sprint Service

How To Cancel Your Sprint Service

Sprint is one of the largest carriers in the U.S., with various wireless plans. Yet, their network is not great, and customers are weary of lousy support services. It is time to change carriers and look for better replacement services.

Sprint cancellation, however, may not happen swiftly and pose complications. Here’s a short guide on how to cancel your Sprint Phone service.

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How to Cancel Sprint Service

You can cancel Sprint services in three ways:

1. Canceling Sprint Wireless via Online Chat

Unlike many other service providers, Sprint allows you to cancel services via online chat.

  • You can visit the Sprint website to cancel your Sprint service online. Then, click the Chat with us button.
  • In the chat box, type 'cancel my account.'
  • A representative joins you swiftly—state why you want to close the Sprint account. Maybe it's an opportunity to get things such as lowering your bill or getting free services. The representative will try to make your stay.
  • But, if you have decided to leave Sprint, give the representative by phone number and the six-digit pin.

Important Note: Sprint is available 24/7 and allows you to cancel your services with them online.****

2. Canceling Sprint Wireless via Phone Call

The second method to cancel the Sprint connection is to call the customer services line. Here are simple steps you need to take:

  • Dial *2 or (888) 211-4727 for regular plans. Suppose you have a business plan; dial (800) 927-2199.
  • Ask to speak to a representative. The representative will ask you the reason for cancelation. State the reason for cancellation.
  • Now, you're required to pay outstanding dues.
  • You need to verify your account information when you request to cancel your account.

Important Note: Ensure you first port your number to another service of your choice before you end the contract with Sprint. Otherwise, you will have no service with you till you port your number.

  • Get your Account number and PIN from the Sprint representative and ask them to transfer it to the new carrier. Sprint provides this service.
  • As the number is ported, confirm the cancellation.

3. Canceling Sprint Wireless in Person

It is possible to cancel your Sprint connection by visiting the Sprint store. Talk to their store representative and provide your ID and other details like Account Number and PIN to cancel the subscription. Seeing them is a convenient way to balance your Sprint connection.

Keep Your Sprint Phone Number with Community Phone

Community Phone is a superior alternative to Sprint connections and lets you keep your phone number when transferring carriers. You can connect to international clients or family. You can choose between cell phone, landline and business phone plans. Customers get services for 4G and 5G LTE connections.

Image of Community Phone: The best landline service provider in the U.S

Number Porting Process

  1. While canceling the Sprint connection, you can request a Sprint representative to port your existing number to the new connection service, Community Phone.
  2. Also, inform Community Phone if you want to keep using the current number.
  3. The representative initiates the porting process for you. You can also ask Community Phone to handle the porting process.
  4. In addition, you need to give an official or signed letter stating that you want to port your phone number. You will also need verification information such as account number, PIN, and service address
  5. Now, you will get an account with Community Phone. Keep your phone devices ready for the switchover.
  6. The porting process takes a while to complete. To confirm if the porting is complete, ask a friend to call your phone number and check if it rings on the new network line.
  7. Now cancel the old provider's plan.

Learn more here: How To Port a Phone Number

Community Phone vs. Sprint Services

  • Sprint Phone is a valuable for SMEs, home working, and enterprise clients. However, it has internet use limitations, where devices need a high upload bandwidth to work well.
  • It is also a limitation in location tracking. Community Phone helps you get tracked during 911 emergencies.
  • There can be latency and jitter issues with Sprint Wireless Services due to packet loss and corruption.

On the other hand, Community Phone provide all benefits of wireless landline service and more:

  • Works during Power Outages
  • Low Dropped Calls
  • HD Quality Voice
  • Secure Connections
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Community Phone Calling Features

  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling
  • You Can Make International Calls to 229 countries.
  • Call Forwarding and Waiting
  • Caller ID and Blocking
  • Call Barring and Screening
  • Automated Voice Messaging

Benefits of Community Phone Services

Community Phone is a popular cell phone and business phone service for thousands of US customers. Here’s why:

  • Get Custom Phone Numbers for Business Campaigns
  • 30-Second Quick Setup
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 12-Hour Battery Backup
  • Hardware Warranty

Here are a few perks of joining our community of satisfied landline users

  • It has a fast network available on the Super LTE. It is integrated with MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output), giving speeds of 250 Mbps on your 4 G network with higher reliability.
  • Get 20% savings with an Annual Cell Phone Plan.
  • Also, save $200 with an Annual Prepaid Landline plan.
  • It can also give your 5G Network access on a 5G capable device.

If you have or are about to cancel Sprint Phone Services, you’d need a service you can trust. Community Phone is the ideal alternative to Sprint. Talk to a landline specialist for any further queries at 855-962-1891


Can you leave Sprint early?

Customers with a 1- or 2-year service agreement with Sprint can cancel their contract early, But Sprint will charge a prorated early termination fee (ETF), with a $20 per month charge for the number of months still left on your contract. The maximum cost is $350, and the minimum is $100 per device.

How much time does it take for Sprint to deactivate a phone?

On deactivating the plan on a device, it will get disconnected between 24 and 72 hours. It may also get disconnected on the same business day.

Can Sprint refuse to port my number?

If you request service from a new company, your old company cannot refuse to port your number. However, you may have to clear the outstanding balance or termination fee for compelling the cancellation of services of the first company.

Final Thoughts

You need better service than Sprint for seamless business functioning. Community Phone is a highly reliable carrier service with 4G and 5G LTE connections for landline and cell phone connectivity.

It offers highly affordable packages with unlimited talk and text in all its plans. Moreover, your Community Phone has a quick 30-second set-up. It is the ideal replacement for Sprint Phone Services.

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