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August 26, 2022

Best Landline Alternative to CenturyLink

Best Landline Alternative to CenturyLink

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Wondering how to get rid of your CenturyLink landline phone? You don’t have to do much; go to their application and tap the "Disconnect Service" button on the My Home screen.

Community Phones are the best landline alternative to Community Phones. You don’t have to register a new number with Community Phone; you can keep using the same number.

Businesses use landlines for quick, fast, and reliable communication within and outside the organization. But things get frustrating when you pick up a call and only get to listen to a disrupted voice. Or you might be listening to your grandma’s health advice on the weekend, and suddenly, your line gets disconnected.

This is exactly what most CenturyLink users are experiencing right now! Change carriers today and enjoy reliable landline services.

If you’re interested in knowing the best landline alternative to CenturyLink, this blog will walk you through one of the country’s best landline service providers; Community Phone - a simple, reliable, and just the phone service you need!

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The 5 Most Reported Issues with CenturyLink

There are several reasons your landline might face trouble making calls to others. It can be from the user’s side due to a broken wire or a damaged phone. But most of the time, the issues aren’t caused by the hardware, it’s the backend that’s faulty, and companies don’t usually address such downfalls.

So, why is CenturyLink so bad? Do people want to have another alternative? Well, the answer is a big yes! And here are some of the highly reported issues by CenturyLink users.

1. Phone Outage

Weather is the primary reason why users experience phone outages, but that’s not the only reason behind an outage. Human errors and network changes can cause phone outages in an area. A poor distortion of signals can also cause due to a broken line.

2. Robocalls

Users get so many robocalls. Some are part of any company’s marketing campaign, and some of them are running a scam over landline phones through Robocalls. Getting so many Robocalls can also decide whether to stay with the same service provider or shift to a more reliable and secure landline system.

Read More here: What is a Robocall?

3. Damaged Line

A damaged line is a normal thing, but what isn’t normal is the delay in making the service live again. Businesses rely on communication, and if a company fails to deliver an uninterrupted network service of landline, it’s better to shift to a better alternative.

4. Trouble Hearing Caller

Having trouble hearing other callers is frustrating, which can be fixed by rethinking your choice of going to another landline service provider.

5. Can’t Make Long Distance and Toll Calls

If users of any landline service aren’t able to make long-distance and toll calls, then what’s the point of having a landline in the first place? Many CenturyLink landline users have reported that essential calling functions stop working when needed the most. Make international calls from a landline with cost-effective plans.

Learn More here: What is a Long Distance Call?

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Community Phone: Best Alternative to CenturyLink Landline

Community Phone

Community Phone is by far the best alternative to CenturyLink landline. It is backed by latest cellular technology that works like a charm. Moreover, the calling features are more reliable for business and household use.

Community Phone is one of the emerging landline phone service providers that doesn’t require internet to function. Most of the major landline service providers don’t work during the bad weather or interrupted internet, but Community Phone is an exception! It doesn’t require internet and its wide area network allows you to make nationwide calls.

What Community Phone Offers?

Here is a list of some of the most amazing features of Community Phone that differentiate it from the rest.

  1. Unlimited nationwide calling.
  2. Highly responsive customer support.
  3. No internet is required to operate.
  4. Works during power outages.

To Whom it Serves?

Community Phone is not only for businesses. It also provides extensive services to the residential sector as well. For startups and small businesses, Community Phone has some unique offerings. It allows them to choose a customized package of their own choice so that they only pay for what they use.

The price plans and packages are designed so smartly that customers from both sectors, commercial and residential, can choose the one that best fits their needs.

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How Does it Work?

Community Phone operates on a very advanced technological framework. A landline base powers our landline service. A landline base is a device to connect your landline phone to the towers in your area.

Plug the device into an outlet and your phone into the base, and start enjoying unlimited nationwide calls.

Some Amazing Benefits:

  1. Easy to install. You need prior knowledge to set it up.
  2. You can transfer your existing number while shifting to Community Phone.
  3. Personalized price plans for business consumers.

I need more details about the best CenturyLink landline alternative. Our team will share everything you need to jump ships. Just give us a call.

Cellular Landline Service vs. VoIP


Cellular Landline Service

VoIP Landline


Highly reliable connection with excellent audio quality.

The audio quality depends on the internet's strength.


Not dependent on the internet or power. You only need to invest in initial hardware

Dependent on the internet and power

Package and Plans.

Generally, a lot cheaper than VoIP.

Typically comes with monthly and usage fees.


More secure than traditional and VoIP Landlines

Prone to packet sniffing 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a landline without internet?

Getting a landline connection without the internet is possible. A landline connection that works even when the internet is out is available. These connections don’t rely on the strength of the internet. They usually work on a unique technology that helps users stay connected with the world even during down days.

Is CenturyLink doing away with landline service?

Yes, CenturyLink has decided to shut down its consumer landline services. Jeff Storey, CEO at CenturyLink, has shared the news that the company will be focused on wholesale businesses and become a profitable corporate-targeted enterprise.

Are there any actual landlines anymore?

Landlines operating even during the internet or power outage are in the market. Community Phone is one of the leading examples of such landline service providers. Their unique business model help businesses keep operating even during bad weather.


Landline users were experiencing such bizarre disruptions. In such a scenario, CenturyLink announced, “CenturyLink going out of business,” which means they won’t be working in the consumer landline business. People using CenturyLink landline phones are now shifting towards CenturyLink competitors.

If you’re looking for CenturyLink competitors, look no further. Community Phone has got your back with its wide range of acceptability, and its unique technology helps it to make more loyal customers.

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