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August 5, 2022

How to Troubleshoot Landline Phone Problems

How to Troubleshoot Landline Phone Problems

We’ve all been there: having our landline phone misbehave right when we need it the most. Whether you’re unable to make outgoing calls, not hearing the dial tone, or facing a charging issue, your landline phone might be problematic. So, what’s a way to troubleshoot your landline phone problems in 2022? That we’ll find out in this guide.

For instance, this article will walk you through how to troubleshoot different landline issues by following simple steps. You’ll also learn how to reset a landline phone if needed. Moreover, we’ll suggest a landline service in the end that eliminates all the common issues you’d face with a general landline provider. Let’s get started.

Troubleshooting Landline Phone Problems

Here we’ll explore the step-by-step solutions to the commonest landline phone problems.

1. No Dial Tone

No dial tone on landline is frustrating! If your landline phone doesn’t give a dial tone sound when placing a call, there must be an issue with your copper connection. Generally speaking, it happens due to the degradation of the copper wires connecting your telephone and the phone network.

To check if the issue is with your copper wires, ensure your telephone is securely connected to the wall jack. If you’re using a wireless telephone, make sure its battery is functional and its base unit is connected to an outlet.

Once it’s confirmed your copper wires are misbehaving, consider replacing them. But note that telecommunication companies are ceasing their copper landlines due to FCC’s permission. So, we recommend opting for a newer type of landline, like the cellular one.

2. Landline Not Working But Internet Works

If your internet and modem are working fine but the landline is dead, it indicates a problem with your modem or an internal network error. First, reboot the modem and see if it helps. If it doesn’t, make sure there’s no landline outage in your area. But if there’s no outage, consider contacting your landline provider and asking them to fix the issue.

3. Charging Issue

Your landline phone will not work if it doesn’t charge properly. In that case, try cleaning the battery contacts with a dry cloth and see if it charges now. If that doesn’t help, disconnect your AC adapter from the outlet and reconnect. Or, try another power outlet to ensure there isn’t a problem with the outlet. Lastly, replace your handset’s batteries to see if the existing batteries are dead.

4. Phone Says No Line

If your telephone doesn’t detect an active phone line, it’ll display the No Line error. The quickest fix is to ensure your phone base and phone jack are connected. If they’re not, it indicates a problematic telephone cable. In that case, replace your phone cable with a new one to fix the issue. But if that doesn’t help, check if your copper wire connection is working fine. If not, you may need to replace your copper wire cables too.

5. No Link to Base

If your handset cannot connect to the base, disconnect the base’s AC adapter from the outlet and reconnect it after a minute. But if it doesn’t work, re-register your handset on the base or try another power outlet.

6. Cannot Make Outgoing Calls

If you’re unable to make outgoing calls from your telephone, it may not be connected to the wall jack. In that case, replace your telephone line cable with a new one to eliminate the issue. But if your existing telephone line is fine, check with your telephone provider to ensure there’s no outage in your area. You can also try unplugging all your phone equipment and replugging them after a minute to overcome this problem.

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Replace Your Faulty Landline With Community Phone

Community Phone

Some landline services are continuously annoying: as soon as you finally fix an issue, many others are ready. If you’re frustrated by your faulty landline, switching to a more professional and effective landline phone service like Community Phone will be worth it.

Community Phone’s landline service runs off cell phone towers through wireless signals to eliminate the need for copper wires or the internet. This means neither storms will disturb your copper landline nor power outages will kill your internet connection. Community Phone is one of the best landline phone service in the market.

Main Features

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  • Block Spam Calls on Landline

Suitable for Both Homes and Businesses

Community Phone offers landline services for households as well as for businesses. Our business landline service packs additional calling features like caller ID, simultaneous ring, and call waiting. Whereas, our home landline plans are designed for average users and are much more affordable.

How it Works

Our landline is based on cell phone towers for maximum reliability. Each customer at CommunityPhone gets a landline base device that automatically connects to a nearby phone tower to enable landline communications. Do landline works without power? Community Phone does! This device also packs a 12-hour battery backup to run through power outages.


  • No need for internet or copper connection
  • Works during power outages
  • Supports all landline phones
  • Affordable monthly subscriptions
  • Round-the-clock support for your problems
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Make Stable Landline International Calls from US

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How To Reset A Landline Phone

You can fix many of your landline phone problems just by resetting your phone. Follow the steps below to do that:

Step 1: Disconnect the Main Base Unit From the Power Supply

Start by disconnecting your landline phone’s base device from the power outlet. This will terminate your telephone’s connection to the telephone line until the base unit is powered back up.

Step 2: Remove the Batteries

As most phone systems carry batteries nowadays, we recommend removing them for an effective landline phone reset. Simply turn your base unit over, open its lid, and disconnect the batteries. If you’re using a handset, remove its batteries as well.

Step 3: Wait for 1 Hour

Once you’ve cut the power of your landline phone system thoroughly, let it sit for over 1 hour before doing anything. This automatically resets your landline phone.

Step 4: Re-Insert the Batteries Into the Handsets

After 1 hour, your landline phone should have been reset. Now, it’s time to reconnect batteries to your base unit and handsets.

Step 5: Power Up the Base Unit

Next, connect your base device to a power outlet for powering it up. Once your phone boots up, reconfigure it from the start and that’s it – the landline phone issues you may have been facing might be fixed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to report a faulty line?

If your telephone line is misbehaving, simply contact your landline provider’s support service to report the issue. You can find their contact number on your phone bill. Your landline service provider will register the complaint and get the line fixed.

What happens if you short-circuit a phone line?

If you accidentally short-circuit your phone line, it will not be functional anymore. Despite this, the short circuit is not dangerous since the current flowing through a phone line is relatively low, usually around 20 milliamps. You may not even sense such a low electric current.

Can an electrician fix a landline phone?

Generally speaking, electricians are qualified for fixing a landline phone. But hiring a telephone technician is generally a better solution. Either way, ensure you find a competent and experienced person for professional service.

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The Bottom Line

Most of your landline phone problems can be fixed at home, by only resetting your phone or disconnecting and reconnecting all its parts. But the issue could be from your provider’s end too, like a service downtime.

If you feel your telephone line is faulty and annoys you now and then, you might want to replace it with a more professional landline service like CommunityPhone.

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