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Is Spectrum VoIP A Good Choice for Your Business?

Spectrum VoIP provides businesses with a voice-over-internet telephone service. This technology uses the internet instead of traditional copper wires to send your calls by converting your voice into a digital signal. Spectrum VoIP could be a good option for businesses hoping to save money on their phone bill while maintaining a robust business phone system.

In this blog, we'll walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of Spectrum's service, and compare it to other options on the market.

What's Good about Spectrum VoIP

The great advantage of Spectrum VoIP's services is that they make their set-up process easy. Spectrum is clearly dedicated to bringing your businesses phone lines onto the cloud, and do so at a flat rate. They also make it easy for small businesses to scale with their service: you get your first two lines for free, and pay an additional $10/month for each additional line.

Disadvantages of Spectrum VoIP

Yet there are a number of significant drawbacks to the service, and there are other services which do everything Spectrum does at a better or lower price while providing you with more functionality and flexibility. The drawbacks include:

  1. Difficult set-up: Spectrum, like most other VoIP providers, leaves you the onerous and time-consuming process of setting up and managing your phone system: for instance, you have to record greetings, upload them to the cloud, and retrain your employees to use their interface.  Community Phone's service handles all of this for you with technology you already know how to use -- all you and your employees will need to do is call out.
  2. No Mobility: Spectrum's service does not allow your employees to make and receive calls from your business number when they are not at the office, a significant disadvantage during the pandemic.
  3. Difficult to Use: You manage your Spectrum service through a web interface. It poses a significant learning curve, especially for the less tech-savvy, and is cumbersome even for experienced users.
  4. Scaling: $10 per each new line might make scaling simple, but it also makes it expensive. Community Phone allows you to scale while keeping the price down.
  5. Expensive reliance on Internet: Spectrum VoIP's basic plan is reliant on an internet connection: that means you need to have a consistent, high-quality, and thus expensive internet connection for the service, and will miss calls if your internet goes down. Community Phone's service requires no internet connection.
  6. Limitations in Customer Care: For Spectrum VoIP, phone support is your main form of support. There is no live chat or a public-facing trouble ticket interface ( Staff, 2020).

A Better Option

At Community Phone, you get all the benefits of Spectrum VoIP -- easy set-up, easy scaling -- at equal or lower prices, without reliance on an internet connection, and with full mobility. By not using a web-based interface, there is no learning curve with our phone system: your employees will be able to dial out from your business number on their phones from anywhere, just like they would place any call. And our system manages which calls to the business number go to which phones at which time -- so you don't need to go through the difficult process of programming this on a web interface like Spectrum's. With 100% US-Based customer support, Community Phone is also available to take your questions over phone, email, or live-chat.

If you want to know more about our service, call our Business Division at (617)-466-6705, visit our business page, or check below to see what we could do for your business.

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