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How To Call Canada From The US [Complete Guide]

Using a landline or a mobile phone to call Canada from the United States either for personal or business-related communications is relatively easy as compared to other countries.

This article will provide a complete guide on how to call Canada from the US.

Calls between these countries are considered international calls because the US and Canada are two independent countries. The strong ties between the US and Canada make the international calling procedure easier.

The cost of a call to Canada may vary depending on the service provider you are using, as every service provider has its own calling rates and plans.

Some charge for every single call you make to Canada, while others provide monthly or yearly plans for calling with varying rates. Alternately, you may add Canadian calling to your account for an extra monthly fee, which entitles you to an unlimited number of calls.

How to Call Canada from the U.S

If someone has business clients or family and friends in Canada and wants to be in touch with them from the US for business or personal communications then he needs to adhere to a set of fundamental measures while calling Canada from the US, whether it is for business or personal purposes.

You must take the following steps when dialing Canadian prospects or contacts from the United States:

Step 1: Enter "1" for the Canadian country code.

Step 2: Next, dial the three-digit area code for the destination area.

Step 3: After the three-digit area code, enter the seven-digit Canadian landline or mobile number.

Let's imagine you wish to make a landline call to Prince Edward Island (one of eastern Canada's maritime provinces), from the US. You must do the following actions to contact Canadian landlines:

  • First, is the country code for Canada which is “1”.
  • Then, the Prince Edward Island area code which is “902”.
  • Enter the seven-digit landline number, "123-XXXX."

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Considerations Before Calling Canada From the U.S.

When someone is considering calling Canada from the United States, he should keep the following things in mind before calling:

1. Country Code

Canada is designated by country code 1. The prefix code "1" should be used when making outgoing calls to Canada.

2. Exit Code

Canada is also part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). This implies that calling Canada from the US operates similarly to calling states inside the U.S. and that there is no exit code needed to reach contacts who are residing in Canada.

3. Time Zone and Area Code

As Canada has several different time zones, one should check the time zones before making any calls.

Different provinces in Canada have different area codes. So it is more important to discover the area code before making any calls.****

4. Cost

It is important to figure out how much it will cost you to call Canada from the United States. Carriers overcharge for international calls. Find your carrier below and see what they are charging. We have compiled the international calling rates of the prominent service providers. Hand around to know in detail.

Canada Area Codes by Province

Canada Area Codes by Province

International Calling Cost by Service Provider:

More network providers are coming up with different plans to cement their position in the market. Since some areas are frequently underdeveloped and lack basic amenities like data or Wi-Fi connections, this is where different cell carrier plans play their role.

There are several cellular network providers in the US, each with a different calling or texting plan fee. The most prominent are mentioned and discussed below.

1. Community Phone

The cost of an international business call might vary depending on your landline provider and the destination country or area you are dialing However, the charges are often under 5 cents or less per minute.

For example, calling Canada ranges from $0.03 to $0.54 per minute.

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2. Verizon

Verizon landline phone services provide cost-effective solutions for international calling. Verizon in their Global calling plan offers unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada for free and subsidized calling rates to more than 220 countries for just $5/mo.

And in the Global calling plus plan Verizon offers Unlimited calls from the US to landline phones in over 60 countries and mobiles in over 30 countries for $15/mo.

3. Spectrum

Spectrum Mobile plan includes up to 2,000 minutes per line per month of calls from the US to Canada. After you've used up that much credit, calls to Canada can be charged at a rate of $0.02 per minute. But, there are several alternatives to Spectrum that provide exceptional voice quality in international calls.

4. AT&T

Every AT&T Unlimited plan comes with free unlimited call, text, and data inside and between the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

If you have an AT&T domestic postpaid wireless plan, you may call unlimited from the United States to more than 85 countries, including China, Germany, and India.

For all other international calls to 140 plus countries, AT&T charges $15 per month, per line.

5. CenturyLink

CenturyLink international calling plans are a nightmare. CenturyLink charges $1 for every international voice call with its basic call plan.

You must activate CenturyLink's internet package of $50 to receive free domestic unlimited calling minutes.

6. Xfinity

You get 300 minutes at the rate of $9.95 per month with the XFINITY voice unlimited plan to call almost 150 countries.

You'll be charged the same rate as a long-distance call when you call Canada or any of the United States.

The cost of every call to Canada with Xfinity is $0.05 per minute.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does texting to Canada cost extra on Verizon?

There is no international text message receiving costs from Canadian service providers. There is no fee to text a Canadian number, and the recipient will get it if their phone is roaming regardless of wherever they are in the world.

If someone has a Verizon plan, he is automatically provided with Unlimited international texts from the US without additional charge.

If a person does not have a Verizon premium plan, he will be charged for sending or receiving international text messages at a rate of $0.25 per message or $0.20 per message, respectively.

How much does AT&T charge for international calls?

AT&T has different basic and premium plans for their customers, Basic rates are the non-discounted prices for international calls made from landlines by clients who have not subscribed to a monthly international calling plan.

Consumers who sometimes make international calls may find that basic rate calling (which doesn't involve signing up for a calling plan) is a simple and affordable solution. However, there can be a significant price difference between the basic rates and those for other international calling plans.


Calling to Canada from the U.S is relatively easy and simple as compared to other countries. Whether you have business clients in Canada or relatives to talk to on a routine basis, you need a high-definition audio quality service provider. Community Phones provides one of the best landline phone services in the market.

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