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The Best Church Office Phone System

The Best Church Office Phone System

As a church leader, you must stay in touch with your community and the other church staff. Having a reliable phone system is vital for a fully functional church. It’s also essential for open communication with the government, community coordination, and day-to-day projects.

Switch to Community Phone, the best church phone system provider in the U.S. Stay in touch with your community through features like 3-way calling, call routing, simultaneous ring, a custom dial menu, and unlimited nationwide calling. Follow along for an in-depth look into Community Phone’s full-spectrum church phone system and how it can benefit your facility.

Features a Church Phone System Should Have

Church leaders often have obligations off-site, making it challenging to stay connected to the church. A church phone system should have a call routing feature to transfer calls from the main office to another direct landline or a personal cell phone. It should also have features to route calls efficiently, provide options never to miss a call, and have voicemail options.

Community Phone: The Best Church Phone System

Image of Community Phone: The best business phone service provider

Staying connected within and outside the community is vital for every church. Depending on your church’s location, VoIP phones can be inconsistent in providing reliable service due to internet blind spots within the facility and the inability to offer you adequate speeds.

Community Phone connects your church’s landline phones directly to cell towers in your area, allowing you to use your phone service across your facility. The company boasts clear voice quality and strong coverage across 99% of the United States.

Here are some exclusive Church Phone Systems from Community Phone:

Custom Dial Menu: Courteous Greeting and Redirect

Community Phone’s custom dial menu allows church leaders to add specified messages and can be changed to reflect specific services or holidays. The dial menu also helps redirect callers to specific lines, employees, or menus, which can be helpful for reducing the number of repeat calls throughout the day. A custom greeting for your church phone adds a personal touch that church-goers and community members will appreciate if they cannot speak to a live employee.

Call Forwarding: Never Too Far From Your Community

Contacting clergy members can be difficult, especially if their phone system doesn’t offer a call forwarding feature. Community Phone’s call forwarding essentially allows callers to stay connected to their church leaders, regardless of where they work. The feature effectively transfers calls throughout the building and to specific employees or areas within the church. Church leaders can even have calls forwarded to them if they are out of the office, preventing them from missing important calls.

Call Routing: Get the Right Person Every Time

Church employees understand the variety of calls they receive each day. The problem is while every clergy member has unique skills and abilities, they may not have the answers to every question they receive. Community Phone’s Live Call Transfer allows callers to be directed to their respective departments, to help avoid confusion and increase productivity. The transfer system is customizable, allowing you to direct calls by specific times of day, caller ID information, and language.

Live Call Transfer: No More Frustrating Holds!

Being placed on hold can be off-putting while calling into a church. With Community Phone’s Live Call Transfer feature, you can transfer calls to your preprogrammed extensions without placing the caller on hold.

You receive an unlimited number of extensions to allow you to add every clergy member and church leader. Setting up this feature for each department and personnel ensures that your callers are transferred to the correct person every time. Employees may also use the church phone system for internal communication.

Simultaneous Ring: Assistance at Lightning Speed

Single-ring phone systems can be challenging for callers to receive assistance consistently. Most churches have multiple staff members and departments and often have more than one line of service. Community Phone’s simultaneous ring allows multiple numbers to ring for a call simultaneously. That way, whoever is available to take the call can answer it without only directing the call to one specific person or department.

Call Waiting and Ring a Second Number: Never Miss Another Call

The call waiting feature of this phone system allows church employees to answer a call, even if they are currently on one. They can assist and direct the second call by simply placing their current call on hold and switching over to another line.

If they cannot leave their current call to assist the next, the ring a second number feature will automatically direct the call to a new extension or number. The feature ensures that each caller receives quick and easy communication when calling the church.

Backup to Keep Your Communication Running During Power Outages

Power outages are unavoidable, and can be a common occurrence for many churches. You don’t have to lose contact with your community and lose out on important calls, even during power outages. In an emergency or during maintenance, the 12-hour backup battery in the Community Phone’s landline base allows you to continue making outbound and inbound calls. The feature allows you to maintain internal communication amongst employees, contact church leaders and clergy that have left the facility, and answer outside callers.

VoIP Vs. Landline for Churches

Call quality and reliability are two aspects to consider when reviewing the best church phone systems. Community Phone’s landline system allows for a clear, reliable, and consistent quality of calls. Landline phones provide churches with nonstop service and high-quality audio and can save you time without dealing with connectivity issues. A church functions best with a landline phone rather than a VoIP system.

The geographical location and internet service determine a VoIP phone’s call quality. The phone connection can fluctuate, making it difficult to have reliable service, which isn’t beneficial for a church. If your church has internet blind spots, latency, or jitter issues or exists within a location with poor internet service, features like call forwarding will still work on your landline, unlike on a VoIP system.

Benefits of Choosing Community Phone

Unlimited Calling - use your service to call anyone in the United States without restriction on minutes.

Number Choice - You can transfer over a previous number or choose between three other phone number options; local, toll-free, and Vanity.

Spam Call Blocker - this feature allows you to block spam callers, cutting down on the numbers of calls you receive per day.

Reliable Power - built with a backup power source, you don’t have to worry about losing phone service during an outage.

Easy Set Up - Community Phone’s service can be set up in as little as 30 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best phone system for Churches?

Community Phone is the best phone system for every church! They provide a landline system with clear audio and reliable call service. Their phone system is also designed for business use and contains many features from which any church can benefit. These features range from call waiting, forwarding, simultaneous ringing, and many more.

Can I get a toll-free number for my church with unlimited calling minutes?

Yes! You can get a toll-free number paired with unlimited calling if you opt for Community Phone’s Premium business plan. For more information and a custom quote for your Church, contact their landline specialists at (866)-937-3142.

Are landlines the best choice for church phone systems?

Landlines are the preferred phone system for churches. Community Phone, a reliable landline service, provides the best landline option for churches and businesses alike. Their phone system requires no internet connection, comes equipped with a backup battery, and contains many customizable features, such as their voice-mail and simultaneous ring.

Conclusion - The Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for a phone system for your church, consider trying Community Phone. Whether you need new church numbers, new phone features, or want to transition out of using a VoIP system, Community Phone’s landline system allows you to enhance your communication with both your community and within the church. Avoid the wait, utilize their quick installation, and improve your church’s phone service in no time.

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