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How To Cancel CenturyLink Home Phone Service

Some may be wondering why they should consider terminating their agreement with CenturyLink in the first place. Unfortunately, CenturyLink's service has been deteriorating. With over 4.5 million subscribers as of 2019, they simply don't have the customer support you need to handle these figures.

There are many complaints of the service degrading. Hardware problems and bad wiring are becoming common, leading people to want to cancel their service, especially their home phone service.

CenturyLink provides home phone service in a bundled format, so it would require canceling the entire contract. Are you looking to switch provider instead and keep your landline?

Community Phone provides excellent home phone service without tying your phone to the internet or copper connections. Its landline base works off cellular networks, providing solid coverage across 99% of the US, including rural and low-reception areas.

Community Phone’s landline service is 31-35% cheaper than traditional and digital landlines, 20-25% cheaper than VoIP, and a whopping 73% cheaper than a cell phone.

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Is CenturyLink Easy to Cancel?

The short answer is both no and yes. While the cancellation is easy, getting to that stage is difficult. First, you must call customer service to cancel the Home Phone Service, which takes time. The CenturyLink Retention Department intends to keep you as a client. That means they will offer multiple options and discounts.

At the same time, they'll remind you of the early termination penalties and fees, showing how it might not be cost-effective for you to cancel. It can be a long negotiation when you're just trying to close the account.

The early termination fees can vary based on the length of the contract initially and the remaining amount of time. They rarely waive the hefty penalties, so budget accordingly. On average, you can expect to spend between $200 to $300 for the termination fee.

When you cancel CenturyLink service, it isn’t immediate. It can take up to two billing cycles to cancel everything. Only then will the account have total closure. This process may not start until you return the hardware.

How To Cancel The CenturyLink Home Phone Service

Here are five easy steps to cancel CenturyLink phone services:

1. Call 800-244-1111 for CenturyLink Customer Service

There is no way to cancel online, especially for the home phone service. You need to call 800-244-1111 to get their customer service. Pay attention to the prompts as you want to make sure you get to the correct department. Otherwise, you will need to call again and start the process.

2. State Reasons for Disconnecting Services

When you get to the correct department, have your account information ready. You will need to state why you want to disconnect your services. The reasons can be anything from moving out of the coverage area or simply dissatisfaction with the product and service. It doesn't matter, but they will still ask.

3. Verify Account Information

Then you will verify all your account information, from the account number, the name on the account, and the phone number related to the account. The information will ensure the representative will cancel the correct account. If you're adamant about canceling, push the first person you speak with.

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4. Get the Closing Statement

Get the closing statement that will be your final bill estimation. Pay the balance, and you will receive the final closing bill if there's no issue. You will receive a refund within six weeks if you've sent too much payment.

5. Return CenturyLink Equipment

Once confirmed, you need to pack up and return the CenturyLink Equipment. They will provide you with the shipping information. Otherwise, you will be liable for the hardware.

What’s Next: Community Phone Landline Service

Community Phone Landline Service

Now that CenturyLink is behind you, it's time to have a proper phone service that goes beyond standard technologies. Community Phone is by far the best alternative to Centurylink. Here’s why:

Community Phone is a revolutionary wireless landline service that doesn't require an internet or copper wire connection to operate. Its landline base connects to local cell towers, providing a simple and dependable service. In addition, they won't bind you to a contract or charge you unexpected hidden costs.

With coverage in 99% of the United States, you can be confident that your home or business will stay connected no matter where you are. Whether you need basic phone service or something more robust, Community Phone has a plan that will fit your needs.

Primary Features

  • Call Forwarding and Call Waiting
  • Blocks 99% of Spams Calls
  • Business Voicemail Greetings
  • Call Screening and Barring
  • Make International Calls to 200+ Countries

Benefits of Choosing Us

  • You can keep your existing number by porting your phone number to Community Phone.
  • The pricing is competitive and means you can save from the first month. Feel free to contact us and get yourself set up.
  • You can port over your old number or get a new number.
  • This service also comes with nationwide calling, which has no limit that integrates into the plan.
  • 12-Hour battery backup for blackouts.
  • There is no need to have wiring installed on copper, coaxial, or fiber optics, and no need to worry about an overly complex setup or usage.

Switch from Community Phones to CenturyLink today! Talk to our landline specialist at (866)-933-2760 to discuss your requirements. Get Started within a few seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cancel CenturyLink service online?

There are some types of services from CenturyLink that can have cancelation online. Unfortunately, these are few and far between. First, you must head to the login screen on your account online and sign in, then go to the My Home screen. You should see a green 'disconnect service' button if possible. Otherwise, you will need to call them directly.

Why is my CenturyLink bill so high?

CenturyLink services are more expensive than the majority of providers. Yet if you see a bill that seems higher than usual, check the details. There could be one-time charges for that cycle, such as a setup fee for a new service. There may also be a charge if you use additional services outside the scope of your bundle.

Wrapping Up

Get yourself with Community Phone today to experience the way landlines and phones should be. You don't have to be suffering from poor service and support. All you need is your property near a cell phone tower and an outlet to plug in. Then you'll be all set to take those customer calls when required.

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