What’s Important

Medications, Appointments, Birthdays. Receive gentle, reliable calls to remind you.

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Reminder Calls

Set up reminders in your Caregiver Portal. We call your loved one to remind them. As often as you need.

Forgetting Can Be Dangerous.

Community Phone
We deliver reminder calls on a dedicated phone line that works without internet or power, with service on the nation's largest, most reliable networks.
Simple Landline
Reminder Calls ring on a dedicated landline phone. Straightforward and reliable. No more losing your cell phone or running out of battery.
Reminders Run
Configure Reminders in your online portal - change them whenever you'd like. We have you covered - for every new prescription or appointment.
Call our landline specialists: 866-969-4886

Exploring Functionality

How It Works

The Community Phone landline base connects your handset to the cellular network in your area.
This provides you with a more reliable connection than a traditional copper wire landlines and VoIP alternatives that rely on your internet connection.
You can use your existing handset or purchase a new one from us.
It’s that simple!

Call our landline specialists: 866-969-4886