Blog/10 Best Vtech Cordless Phones [Features, Pricing & Reviews]

10 Best Vtech Cordless Phones [Features, Pricing & Reviews]

10 Best Vtech Cordless Phones [Features, Pricing & Reviews]

Let’s be honest: Vtech makes some of the best cordless phones available, combining top-end functionality with affordability. However, as Vtech cordless phones come in a wide variety, finding the right one for yourself can be challenging.

In this guide, we’ll review and compare Vtech's best cordless phones of 2022 and explore their key features to help you find out which one’s a fit.

As we explore the best Vtech phones, our recommended landline provider, Community Phone, is worth mentioning to maximize your Vtech phone’s usability.

Community Phone’s home phone service provides a reliable calling experience for your cordless Vtech phone. On top of that, Community Phone’s service is available round-the-clock and even works during power outages, thanks to its battery-packed landline base device.

That said, let’s dive in.

10 Best Vtech Cordless Phones

Here we’ll review the top Vtech wireless phones one by one.

1. VTech IS8151

VTech IS8151

Our Verdict

The VTech IS8151 cordless phone combines a super long range with fantastic calling features. It offers an intelligent call blocker to ensure unwanted calls don’t disturb you.

Pair it up with Community Phone’s spam call blocker to ensure optimal prevention of robocalls and spam calls. Also, its digital answering system supports up to 22 minutes of call recording so that you can keep track of meaningful conversations. Overall, we believe it’s the best wireless phone by VTech that you can buy.


  • Expandable to 12 handsets
  • Call screening
  • Saves over 1000 names and contact numbers
  • Over 2000 feet of range

Benefits of Choosing VTech IS8151

  • You can have the flexibility to answer your calls from any room. All the handsets can connect to a single landline base device from Community Phone.
  • Know who’s calling before picking up a call.
  • Ensure the contacts of all your loved ones are a click away.
  • Use the handset over 2000 feet away from the phone system.


  • $159.95

2. VTech DS6151

VTech DS6151

Our Verdict

The VTech DS6151 cordless phone is a single handset for household needs. You can expand it to 12 handsets. The digital answering system enables remote message retrieval. It is a decent solution if you seek a one-handset cordless phone system.


  • Expandable to 12 handsets
  • Decent call quality
  • DECT 6.0 digital technology
  • Easy to use

Benefits of Choosing VTech DS6151

  • Answer calls from anywhere across your home or office building.
  • Enjoy crystal-clear communications without missing out on any important words. The built-in antennas of Community Phone’s base device can further amplify the signal strength.
  • Ensure your calls are private and safe from hackers.
  • Contact your loved ones quickly and easily, whether you’re a senior citizen or young. Note that Community Phone is optimized for seniors to ensure they have a user-friendly experience with it.


  • $81.96

3. VTech SN5147

VTech SN5147

Our Verdict

Here we’ve got an effective cordless phone system packing an extra-loud visual ringer. The VTech SN5147 wireless phone temporarily increases the sound frequencies to make speech easier to understand. Moreover, it also offers a photo dial so you can call your loved ones instantly. We believe this cordless phone set is a good option for users who prefer phones with the photo dial feature.


  • Supports photo dial
  • Amplifier for boosting sound frequencies
  • Smart call blocking

Benefits of Choosing VTech SN5147

  • Quickly contact your loved ones by simply pressing the button with their photo.
  • Enjoy crystal-clear communications backed by amplified sound.
  • Ensure unwanted calls are blocked and don’t disturb you. This feature takes your comfort to the next level when combined with Community Phone’s call blocker, which Nomoboro backs.


  • $89.95

4. VTech IS8151-5

VTech IS8151-5

Our Verdict

The VTech IS8151-5 cordless phone set includes five handsets by default to provide top-tier flexibility in making and attending calls. On top of everything, all handsets provide an ample 2300 ft range. Plus, you can expand this phone system to 12 handsets. This VTech phone system might interest you the most if a super long range is your utmost concern.


  • Expandable to 12 handsets
  • 2300 ft range
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity

Benefits of Choosing VTech IS8151-5

  • Answer incoming calls from any room.
  • Enjoy seamless conversations up to 2300 feet away from the base device.
  • Quickly transfer a call to your cell phone with Bluetooth connectivity as needed.


  • $134.99

5. VTech DS6671-3

VTech DS6671-3

Our Verdict

The VTech DS6671-3 cordless phone sets offer advanced Bluetooth connectivity and a digital answering system to improve your calling experience. It includes two handsets. But you can expand it to 12 devices. These phone sets may be suitable if a versatile phone system is your utmost concern.


  • Full duplex handset speakerphone
  • Quiet Mode
  • Offers Caller ID/Call Waiting

Benefits of Choosing VTech DS6671-3

  • Enjoy effective two-way audio transmission for seamless communications.
  • Mute incoming calls and messages as needed via quick mode.
  • Know who’s calling before you pick up a call, so you’re mentally prepared for it.


  • $81.58

6. VTech CS6829

VTech CS6829

Our Verdict

The VTech CS6829 is a sleek and straightforward cordless phone set offering a single wireless handset. It uses the DECT 6.0 technology for secure yet reliable communications. Also, landlines are safer than VoIP phones as they use a protected network that’s not accessible to hackers. As a landline provider, Community Phone ensures its users enjoy secure and private conversations. Moreover, the VTech CS6829 also offers an answering machine, a speakerphone, and an LCD.


  • Illuminated keypad
  • Over 14 minutes of digital recording time
  • The last ten numbers redial

Benefits of Choosing VTech CS6829

  • Dial numbers and type messages conveniently in the dark without needing an additional light source.
  • Record your essential calls, so you have them as you need them.
  • Quickly redial one from the ten last redial numbers on your handset’s screen.


  • $31.44

7. VTech DS6472-6

VTech DS6472-6

Our Verdict

The VTech DS6472-6 wireless phone set comes in a colorful design, with handsets packing blue, black, and red colors. Moreover, it allows redialing any from the last ten phone numbers. The features like push-to-talk and caller ID announcements are also significant additions.


  • Caller ID announce
  • Multiple colors
  • Decent Bluetooth connectivity

Benefits of Choosing VTech DS6472-6

  • Have your handset or phone system announce the caller ID of incoming calls out loud so you know whether to respond to or ignore the call.
  • The various colors of handsets help with allotting certain handsets to specific rooms; plus, you get to pick your favorite one.
  • Connect your handset to your smartphone at any given time to handle your landline communications from your phone.


  • $169.95

8. VTech CS6649-2

VTech CS6649-2

Our Verdict

Here we’ve got another decent cordless phone set by VTech. The VTech CS6649-2 phone set includes one corded handset alongside two cordless handsets to provide a good balance between flexibility and reliability. Moreover, you can expand it to 5 handsets.


  • Super long battery life
  • Expandable to 5 handsets
  • Saves over 50 names and phone numbers

Benefits of Choosing VTech CS6649-2

  • Ensure lack of battery power doesn’t come in the way of your communications. Combined with Community Phone’s landline base that offers 12-hour battery backup, this phone system keeps your conversations going even during power outages.
  • Spread handsets in multiple rooms as you wish.
  • Make sure you can contact your loved ones in no time, with their phone numbers saved in your phone system.


  • $103.99

9. VTech CS6949

VTech CS6949

Our Verdict

The VTech CS6949 cordless phone includes only one handset by default but offers a digital answering system. This advanced digitized system lets you record calls with support for up to 22 minutes of recording. Moreover, it also packs a corded phone to ensure you can make calls during an outage. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for users who only need a single cordless handset included with a phone system.


  • 22 minutes of recording time
  • Great battery life
  • Supports 3-way conference

Benefits of Choosing VTech CS6949

  • Record meaningful conversations so you can track them later on.
  • Make sure nothing disturbs your calls, including a lack of battery backup.
  • Have three people connected to the same call for quick and easy communications? Community Phone can help you take the 3-way calling experience to the next level by providing full support for this feature while ensuring decent call quality.


  • $59.88

10. VTech CS6529

VTech CS6529

Our Verdict

Last but not least, the VTech CS6529 cordless phone set combines affordability with durability and high-end functionality. This set includes four handsets by default, allowing you to communicate freely from any room in your house or any office in your department. All the handsets support caller ID and let you track incoming calls conveniently. If you’re seeking an advanced cordless phone set without spending much money, the VTech CS6529 set is your best bet.


  • Keypad illumination
  • Includes four handsets by default
  • Saves 50 names and numbers

Benefits of Choosing VTech CS6529

  • Type and dial conveniently, even in dark environments
  • Expand your phone system by placing four included handsets in different rooms for easy access to calls
  • Have all your significant contact numbers accessible for one-click calling


  • $87.95

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Community Phone – A Trusted Landline Service

Community Phone Landline Service

As a wireless landline provider, Community Phone doesn’t require a high-speed (and expensive) internet connection or an extensive copper network. Instead, its landline runs off cell towers to make the setup easier for you while ensuring top-tier call quality, portability, and reliability. Having your landline based on phone towers means you can enjoy round-the-clock service availability, even during extreme weather conditions.

On top of that, thanks to Community Phone's battery-powered landline base device, you can continue communicating with your loved ones when the power runs out.

Main Features

  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • Call waiting, Caller ID, and Simultaneous Ring
  • The choice to keep the existing number or get a new number: local, toll-free, and vanity
  • Compatible With VTech’s Cordless Landline Phones

Easy and Quick Set Up

Here’s how you can set up a landline at Community Phone in two quick steps:

  • Connect the provided base device to a power source
  • Plug your phone system into the phone jack on the base device

How It works

All users at Community Phone get a landline base device that takes a little over 30 seconds for an automated setup. Once the setup is complete, it scans for cellular networks nearby and connects to the nearest one. That’s it; as you connect to a cellular network, you can start communicating over the Community Phone landline.

Choice of 5000+ Homeowners and Businesses

Community Phone provides coverage across 99% of the US with its innovative and cost-effective landline solution. They serve thousands of households and businesses with their landline home and business plans, respectively.

Learn More here: What is a Landline?

Benefits of Choosing Community Phone

  • Community Phone’s landline base device offers a 12-hour battery backup to ensure your landline remains functional during power outages.
  • Reachable and friendly customer support.
  • Various advanced calling features include call waiting, simultaneous ring, and call forwarding.

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Conclusion – The Bottom Line

This article reviewed and compared the best Vtech wireless phones on the market. We made sure to dive deep into their unique features and how they can benefit you to help you find a suitable solution for yourself. We believe it’s easier for you to decide between the various Vtech cordless phones available.

If you’re wondering which landline provider to choose to power your cordless phone, Community Phone is your best bet. At Community Phone, we combine affordability with reliability, top-tier voice quality, and innovation. Click here to try Community Phone today!

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