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Reliable landline service that blocks 99% of spam calls

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Keep your landline. End the spam calls.

We’ve partnered with Nomorobo, the leader in landline spam call blocking, to provide landline service that eliminates spam calls forever.

Enjoy unlimited nationwide calling on your landline phone, and automatically block over 5.5 million spam callers, for just $39/month. No internet required.

Community Phone with Nomorobo will be launching soon. Enter your email below to join the waitlist, and we’ll let you know as soon as spam call blocking is launched.

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Ready for a better kind of landline service?

All existing Community Phone landline customers will get access to Nomorobo spam call blocking when it’s launched. Read on to see if Community Phone landline service is right for you.

Great service. Great
pricing. Easy set up.
Fast, easy even for
a low tech person
800+ people people joined Community Phone in the last 30 days
No internet required
Don’t let the strength of your internet connection decide whether you can connect with your loved ones.
Unlimited nationwide calling
Stay in touch with loved ones anywhere in the United States with unlimited minutes.
Customer support you can actually reach
Helpful, knowledgeable customer support you can reach via chat, email, or phone.
30-second setup
You can set it up yourself — no technician required. All you need is a power outlet.
Get a new, local number
Or, keep your existing number by transferring it from your current provider.
Works during power outages
Backup battery keeps you connected when the power goes out.
Just $39 per month

Everything you need from your Landline phone service

Unlimited nationwide calling
Keep your existing number
Voicemail and call waiting
Get a new, local number
Connects with any landline phone
Lifetime hardware warranty
Check your address for coverage
Or call our landline specialists at
$99 deposit for the landline base

How it works

Community Phone offers unlimited local and long-distance calling by connecting your landline phone to cell phone towers in your area.

Setup in two easy steps
Landline Base
Plug our landline base into a power outlet
Landline Phone
Plug a phone into the jack on our landline base
Local cell towers
Your base connects your landline phone to local cell towers. Installation is that easy!
Check your address for coverage
Or call our landline specialists at

“I was trying to get my mother set up in an apartment by herself. She doesn't use internet so I just needed a basic phone set up for her, and this landline service provided exactly what I wanted at an affordable price.”

Patrick, Boston

Why traditional and internet service providers are not reliable

Traditional landline service providers
Are phasing out their landline service across the country
Require you to “bundle” your home phone with expensive internet and cable service
Don’t provide helpful, accessible support
Internet phone (VoIP) service providers
Require you to have fast, reliable internet
Don’t work during a power outage
Lack the privacy and security of traditional phone service

Covers 99% of the United States

We have partnered with the largest nationwide carriers to provide strong coverage even in the most rural areas
Built-in antennas on the landline base to strengthen signal in areas with poor reception
Crystal clear sound quality
Backup battery to keep you connected during power outages
Check your address for coverage
Or call our landline specialists at

30-day risk-free guarantee. Lifetime peace of mind.

Give our landline service a try. If you're not convinced it's the right solution for you, just send it back and get a full refund on your entire order. No commitment. No questions asked.

Check your address for coverage
Or call our landline specialists at

Ditch your contract with traditional providers

Traditional landline service providers are raising rates and cutting their landline service in cities across the country. Community Phone offers flexible, reliable landline service without restrictive contracts.

“My parents loved it. My parents were not comfortable using cell phones, and I wanted to give them a landline, but they didn't have an internet connection. And then I came across Community Phone's landline service. It was very easy for my parents to set it up without any hassle of the internet or copper cables. My parents are absolutely enjoying the quality landline calls that they used to have.”

Amy D'Angelo

Transferring your number?

Check your eligibility here:

James Graham
Founder & CEO

We fight to keep the landline alive

I started Community Phone to build a different kind of landline phone service company.

We don’t nickel and dime you with hidden fees. We make it easy for you to actually reach a real person when you have a problem.

We don’t tie you up in long contracts, or discontinue your service when it’s no longer “profitable” to serve you with copper wire service. And we don’t require you to have fast, reliable internet, just to make a call.

I built Community Phone to make it easy, safe, and reliable to stay connected with your family and friends.

If that sounds like what you’re looking for from your landline phone company, then you're at the right place. We’d love to have you as part of our Community.

All your questions answered

Is this a copper wire landline?

No. Community Phone is not a copper wire landline. In fact, we pride ourselves on providing reliable landline service based on cellular signal that is available in 99% of the USA, even in those parts of the country where traditional landline providers are cutting copper cables. Most of the large, nationwide copper cable landline providers are discontinuing service in 2021 across the entire USA in those communities that they consider to be "unprofitable." Community Phone is a great solution if you live in one of the affected areas.

Does this service use the existing phone jacks in my home or office?

No. The landline base plugs into a power outlet, and your phone plugs into a jack on the base. No existing phone jacks are required.

Does the landline base require an internet connection? Is Community Phone a VoIP service provider?

No. Community Phone is not a VoIP provider and it does not sell internet-based voice service. Our landline base uses cellular signals to connect to towers near your home or business to provide reliable local and nationwide calling service. Our system does not require an internet connection, and is a great choice for customers who are not connected to the internet.

Will you send a technician to install my landline base?

Our landline service doesn't require any installation and there are never any technicians involved. Your new landline base is easy to set up yourself.

All you need to do when you take it out of the box is raise the antennas to an upright position, insert the backup battery, plug your base into a power outlet, and plug your phone into the back of the base. That's it! You're ready to make your first call. If you need any help, our customer service representatives will be happy to offer assistance. We're always only a phone call away.

Do you offer a senior discount?

We do! To learn if you qualify for our senior discount, please call our sales representatives at 866-969-4886.

How can I see what my final bill will be including taxes?

Taxes are automatically calculated based on your billing address. To see what your final bill will be including taxes, go to our checkout, select the plan you'd like to purchase and enter your billing address. Our system will automatically display the taxes and fees mandated by your state as well as your total monthly or yearly bill.

How long will shipping take?

Shipping is free anywhere in the United States and takes between 3 to 6 business days.

We also offer expedited shipping for an additional fee. If you select this shipping option, your base will arrive ready to use in 1 to 3 business days depending on how close you live to one of our fulfillment centers.

Can I choose my own number if I’m getting a new one?

Yes. When you check out, you’ll have the option to choose a number based on an area code. If you can’t find a number you like, call our sales representatives at 866-969-4886 and they will help you find one that fits your needs.

What types of phones can I use with the landline base?

Except for fax machines and caption phones, any corded or cordless phone compatible with a traditional copper wire landline is compatible with Community Phone's landline base. You may use your existing handset, or you may purchase one from us when you order your landline base.

Can I use the base with multiple phones in different rooms?

Yes. You can purchase a phone “base” with extension phones. The phone base will be plugged into our landline base, and the extension phones can be placed anywhere in your home.

What if the service address is different from my shipping or billing address?

If you plan to use your Community Phone base in a location other than your shipping or billing address, please let our sales representatives know so they can help you make sure we have coverage in that area. Unlike a traditional landline, your Community Phone base is not tied to a particular location and you can move it from one location to another provided you have electrical power and cellular coverage.

Does the landline base work with my caption phone?

Our landline base is not currently compatible with any caption phones from Captel, CaptionCall, ClearCaptions, or any other brand. These phones usually require a copper cable landline or VoIP service. Before becoming a Community Phone member, please check with your caption phone provider to learn what its requirements are.

Does the landline base work with my alarm system?

Our landline base is not compatible with landline-based home security systems, but it is important to note that modern alarm systems do not require a landline to function. If your home already relies on a phone-powered alarm system you will need to contact your home security provider to ask about your landline requirements or upgrade your alarm system before becoming a Community Phone member.

Does the landline base work with my medical alert system?

Our landline base is not compatible with medical alert systems that require a landline to function. If you are looking for a landline phone to power a medical alert system like LifeAlert, MobileHelp, LifeFone, or a similar provider, we recommend you first verify what the technical requirements for such a system are. In most cases they will require a traditional copper cable landline.

If you are already a Community Phone member and you are looking to get a medical alert system, look for one that connects to cellular towers. These systems work almost the same way as landline-based solutions, except for the fact that they rely on a wireless connection.

Does the landline base work with a fax machine?

Our landline base is not compatible with any fax machine. All fax machines require an analog connection and only work with copper cable landlines. However, many of our customers enjoy using quality online fax services like eFax, WiseFax, and others.

Will I be able to place international calls with Community Phone?
​​Should I cancel my current service when I sign up with Community Phone?

If you are bringing a number over to us, do not cancel your current service until you've been fully onboarded with Community Phone. When we move your number to Community Phone, it will automatically cancel your service with your old provider.

Can I use Community Phone’s landline service if I am on probation or under house arrest?

No. Community Phone's landline system does not comply with federal and state requirements for location monitoring. If your situation requires a landline, the phone must be plugged into the wall, and it may not have caller ID or other features that can interfere with how the monitor connects. Please speak with your parole officer or other legal advisor about your location monitoring requirements before purchasing our service.

Is there a fee for calling 411 directory assistance?

Yes, you are responsible for the cost of calling 411 directory assistance. You will be charged $2.39 per minute for calls to 411. To avoid those fees, there is a free version of 411, which you can reach at 1-800-373-3411.

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