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5 Best Headsets for Any Type of Landline Phone

5 Best Headsets for Any Type of Landline Phone

Headsets are a great accessory that offer many benefits for both professional and personal use. Whether you're attending a work call or catching up with friends, one of the main advantages of headsets is that they free up your hands, allowing you to type or multitask as you talk.

In addition, a well-designed headset can help improve call quality, simplify volume control, and facilitate placing and receiving calls. If you currently use a landline phone for most of your calls, there are many headsets on the market that you can connect to start taking advantage of hands-free calling.

In this guide, we've compiled a list of 5 of the best headsets for landline phones based to help you find the one that best suits your needs.

Why You Should Consider Switching to a Cell Phone

While there are several headsets available for landline phones, it may be worth considering switching to a cell phone before making a new purchase. For starters, there are simply more headsets that are compatible with cell phones, so you'll have more to choose from.

In general, cell-phone compatible headsets also offer more features than landline headsets. For example, some offer features such as voice recognition and AI-enhanced call management options.

Another benefit of using a cell phone for your calls is that you'll be able to take it — and your headset — with you wherever you go. If your headset only works with your landline phone and computer, however, you'll be more limited in terms of where you can use it.

That said, if you're set on getting a headset for landline use, check out the best options below.

Best Headsets for Landline Phones

Best Wireless Bluetooth Headset for Landline Phone:

Price: $249

Product: Leitner OfficeAlly LH270 Wireless Telephone Headset

Leitner's OfficeAlly LH270 is compatible with both landlines and computers, allowing you to make and receive calls from your office or home phone as well as software phone services. You can even start conference calls with both landlines and softphones.

The headset is adjustable for added comfort, and its microphone is designed to cancel out unwanted noise, amplifying the clarity of your own voice without causing distracting distortion of any kind.

Best Corded Headset for Landline phone

Price: $19.99

Product: Panasonic KX-TCA430 Headset

The KX-TCA430 headset from Panasonic provides a whole slew of solid, functional features for those who need a reliable headset with a cord that can connect directly to a typical phone jack.

This headset model comes with a 2.5mm auxiliary plug that can easily fit in most landline phone headset jacks. For those looking to use this headset with other kinds of devices, such as Android phones or tablets, a separately sold 3.5mm adapter is available.

A convenient set of controls located on this device's cord allows for in-call volume to be adjusted on the fly and audio to be muted automatically. This headset is also quite lightweight and designed to fit comfortably without distracting you from your work.

Best Headset for Office Phone

Price: $55

Product: IPD IPH-160 Headset

The IPD IPH-160 corded landline phone headset is made for professional use by call center personnel. Designed to handle high call volumes, this headset comes outfitted with all of the features that experienced users depend on to handle incoming calls quickly and effectively.

The IPH-160 touts a durable design featuring an adjustable boom arm for the microphone, allowing it to be worn on either the right or left side of your head. An ergonomic headband keeps this headset comfortably in place for extended periods of time.

Thanks to a variety of cable options, interested users can order a version that works with their specific phone brand. This includes an Avaya-compatible U10P cable, a 2.5mm jack, USB for softphones, and more.

Best Headset for Home Phone

Price: $28.99

Product: Wantek Phone Headset

Wantek's affordable phone headset has all of the features that home phone users might be looking for. Thanks to a 2.5mm plug, this headset works with a wide variety of home phone brands, including AT&T, VTech, Cisco, and more.

Its noise-cancelling microphone ensures high audio quality, and an acoustic shock circuit means that you will not be disturbed by unexpected loud noises mid-call.

This headset is fairly lightweight and equipped with a soft, leatherette ear cushion to facilitate continuous use. Power users can also benefit from a built-in personal mic mute button and easily accessible volume control.

Best Headset for Corded Phone

Price: $31.99

Product: Mairdi Telephone Headset

Mairdi's phone headset is designed to be used with a variety of different phone systems and can even work with modern iPhones and laptops thanks to its 3.5mm connector. The included RJ9 connector works with Mitel phone systems, Alcatel phones, Polycom systems, and more.

This headset boasts HD audio sound quality and an integrated anti-acoustic shock feature for safe listening at all times. A soft ear cushion makes it great for all-day wear and a fully rotating boom arm allows users to wear this headset on either side of their head with ease. Finally, the cord is made with Kevlar to help it stand up to daily use and abuse.

Ultimately, the best headset will come down to a mix of the specific features you need, as well as personal preference. If you're in the market for a new headset that will be compatible with your landline phone, these 5 options are a great place to kickstart your research.

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