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July 30, 2022

How to Buy a Specific Phone Number

How to Buy a Specific Phone Number

Are you looking to buy a specific phone number that your customers can easily remember? A unique phone number can generate more leads and is easy for customers to remember, in comparison to a regular phone number.

The easiest way to purchase a specific phone number is to get in touch with Community Phone. At Community Phone, we provide all types of numbers which include local, toll-free, and vanity phone numbers. Contact us at (833) 470-1278 to learn more.

How To Get A Specific Phone Number

Let’s see how to get a specific phone number from competitive service providers.

1. Create a Phone Number Strategy

The most important thing to consider is whether you are getting a certain number for personal or professional purposes. Names, numbers, and logos significantly influence the recognition of goodwill of enterprises. Customers often recall you by your logo or a unique identification number. Businesses require a particular number for their recognition since it is crucial from a marketing perspective to utilize an easy-to-remember phone number.

2. Select a Phone Carrier

The next step is to look for a network supplier who can provide unique numbers for your phones if you have opted to set up a customized phone number for your company communications. Additionally, check out whether activation methods are less expensive and if less documentation is required.

Here is a detailed comparison of explaining why Community Phone is better than VoIP service providers.

VoIP Service Providers vs Community Phone

VoIP Service Providers

Community Phone

It depends on the strength of broadband.

It provides premium support without dependence on any broadband.

It does not work during power outages.

It provides a backup of almost 12 hours in case of emergencies.

Packet loss during phone calls

It does not require packet data during phone calls.

3. Request a Phone Number

Once you've narrowed your options, check to see if the service providers are still offering those numbers by using their websites or customer care hotlines.

You will be relieved to know that Community Phone has various options for numbers to offer to its new customers as well as old users. We provide toll-free, local, and custom phone numbers for your business.

You can check or request a specific phone number by calling our customer relations officer at (855) 962 1891

4. Activate It

The customer care representative will check whether the user's desired numbers are available. If they are, they will reserve or assign that number to you in exchange for a minimum amount of fees. You can use the number for either personal or business purposes when it has been activated.

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Choosing a Phone Number with a Community Phone

Community Phone

Choosing a Phone Number that best suits your business requirements is the key. You can choose a specific phone number either for personal or business use with Community Phone. If you need help finding a new business phone number you can contact us at (833) 470-1278.

At Community Phone, we provide the following types of numbers:

1. Toll-Free Numbers

Phone numbers with various three-digit codes are toll-free numbers. These numbers' primary method of communication is through landline, which incurs no fees for the caller. The phone number often starts with one of the toll-free numbers, which are 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833.

These toll-free business numbers are typically utilized for customer service and commercial queries. The businesses charge both incoming and outgoing calls to and from these lines.

2. Local Phone Numbers

A local number has an area code unique to a specific location, city, or state. A local number will let you promote your business within the community as many prospective clients favor supporting local businesses. Local phone numbers have a country, area, and seven-digit number.

For example, a local landline number for New York can be +1-718-3457897.

3. Vanity Phone Numbers

Vanity phone numbers feature digits that spell out a word or phrase associated with the service or good the business provides. Because vanity numbers are significantly more straightforward for consumers and clients to remember, companies have used them for many years. Most individuals can quickly name a few instances of well-known vanity phone numbers.

Vanity phone numbers like 1800-FLOWERS, 1800-GoFedEx, and 1800-MATTRESS are a few examples of common ones. People in the market who see and hear these kinds of figures interpret them as making a message. They are often used in marketing campaigns, so anyone who has seen or heard them repeatedly will eventually start to take them for granted.

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Purchase Specific Phone Numbers From Community Phone

Community phone offers you the number of your choice, either for personal use or business. We provide the latest era of landline and cellular service that doesn't require an internet connection or access to copper wires.

You can be assured that you're experiencing high-quality service wherever you go since national carriers support this landline phone's wireless service. Furthermore, you may be sure that your company will remain linked wherever you go because there is coverage in 99% of the US. Community Phone provides a package that will meet your needs, whether you require simple phone service or something more comprehensive.

Bonus Features With Your New Phone Number

  • Advanced features like Caller ID Number, Call Forwarding, and Texting from Landline.
  • Simultaneous Ring to make sure your call gets answered
  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling
  • Supports Voicemail to Email

Suitable for both Homes and Businesses

Community Phone offers both personal and business call options. You can enjoy high-quality calls for residential landline service or connecting client calls to businesses for business-related queries. Community Phones are excellent for both personal and commercial calls. To balance work and home life, you can have multiple phone numbers on one phone. Get two phone numbers on one phone with us and enjoy unlimited benefits.

How It Works

Community Phone employs cell tower signals rather than the internet to guarantee that you always have access to landlines. The Community Phone base's integrated antennae provide a regular landline service, which captures signals.

Thanks to these sturdy antennas, you will get landline service across 99% of the US. Numerous calling services are provided by Community Phones, such as unlimited calling plans, long-distance plans, and international calling plans.

Community Phone


  • Easy-to-install system
  • Built-in antennas
  • It covers 99% of the US, including rural areas.
  • 12-hour battery backup to fight power outages
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How To Buy A Certain Phone Number from Someone

It is not viable to purchase a phone number from an existing user if you want directory numbers. A regulating organization may only offer this kind of phone number.

The carriers and landline phone companies, sometimes referred to as service providers, are the ones that provide subscribers with their unique directory numbers.

When you cancel a service, the phone number returns to the company that renewed it. After keeping it for a while, they add it back to their list for later distribution to another subscriber.

Additionally, you may check the availability of a specific phone number by checking on phone number lookup or by phoning the customer service relations officer directly.

Knowing your needs and budget is essential before selecting a phone provider because the types of phone services available, the cost, and the alternatives for business phone numbers may vary substantially. You can easily buy specific phone numbers from service providers, such as Community Phones with a local phone number; however, more numbers incur additional fees.

Unless you purchase it through a third-party standalone number source, your business phone system will frequently be your only choice for receiving a phone number. You should choose which business phone system to utilize based on the size of your organization, the volume of incoming and outgoing calls, and the types of business phone numbers you desire.

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Tips For Picking Your Phone Number

1. Create a lasting impression

As we have already discussed, how helpful is having a particular phone number for your companies? A certain number similar to your brand can help you make a lasting impact and boost your company's image.

2. Create your vanity number

You are advised to construct your unique number concerning your company's activities when service providers provide you with the option because it may also be used as a marketing tool.

3. Do not overpay

Today's increasing competition among service providers means that many of them, including community phones, allow you to reserve specific numbers for a small fee.

Check phone number availability

It is advisable to verify if the number of your choice is available because there is a chance that it may be in use. “Carriers must put residential numbers back into use within 90 days,” Mark Wigfield, a Federal Communications Commission spokesman, told the Los Angeles Times. Get your hands on your specific number before someone else does

You can check the phone number availability either by contacting us on our website or by calling our representative at (855) 962-1891

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The Bottom Line

Engaging with consumers, whether for questions or customer fascination with business operations, is essential for a company to survive in today's global community. Your chances of success are significantly increased by having a specific phone number for your company since clients can connect with you quickly.

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