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Our customers love us.

But don't take our word for it. Here are just a few testimonials from some of the many thousands of customers that we're honored to serve at Community Phone.

James B
Anthony Anderson, Florida
"It's nice to know that Community Phone's landline service has our back with a quality system and not to mention great support. We would recommend it for anyone who needs a reliable home phone"
Sid T.
"The experience was exceptional in every way. The quality of the phone service, professional attention, and thorough communication throughout the set up process the best. I also like the fact that the phone connects in about 3 seconds after dialing. Compared to other major providers, this service is just what a landline home user needs."
Lisa Welliams
Kari R.
New York
“I think this was the easiest phone service I've ever set up. I kept thinking there had to be a catch, I never saw one. The person who set up my special phone with captioned calling for those who have hearing loss was excited to see Community Phone Service. She said they've recommended it many times.”
Make Roderick
James R.
“My Dad LOVES this phone service!  He had the same phone number with numerous providers for the last FIFTY-FIVE YEARS!  Over the last 3 years, he'd get the same annoying spam calls numerous times each day and it got to be too much.  And his last provider of TV, Phone, & Internet became HORRIBLE!  So now he has this Plug&Play phone number which is TERRIFIC, and he could not be happier! Thank you for a great service from ordering, thru delivery & setup!”
James B
Jacquelyn Jones, Texas
“This new phone system you all have going on is the best. This is my first time ordering and I love the no muss or fuss dealing with internet or cable.  I will be ordering another phone soon.”
Michele J.
New Mexico
“The process was so easy. The question I had was answered via email very quickly. I can now reach my Mom at home. She will answer a landline but never seems to know where her cell phone is at. She and my Dad were very excited about getting a landline back into their home. I also like that it isn't tied to the internet but uses cell towers.  The cost per month is good as well. Thank you!”
Lisa Welliams
Susan F.
"The entire experience was informative, and easy. The Box arrived quickly with great instructions. When it was activated I got the email and it worked immediately! It is now with my elderly Uncle and Aunt - who couldn't operate a cell phone, but can now use the 'princess phone' attached to their Community Phone base. So far this has been a real life saver.  Keep up the great work!"
Make Roderick
Patricia C.
“Very easy to set up from beginning to end. Just called in, they answered any questions, and processed everything. Everything happened just as they said and reached out afterwards for any questions or concerns. Easy and so far great service.”
James B
Paul Grebo,
New Jersey
“It was very smooth. I got this phone for my 90 year old mother, who is visiting. We only had cell phones and she cannot figure those out. This is a perfect solution for a visitor who needs a landline number to reference.”
Monica G.
"Excellent communication and service from the start. Called a couple of times prior to ordering and had my questions answered. Add to the fact I was on hold for a very short time. Order placed. Arrived quickly, with complete easy to read and follow directions. Landline phone was up and running in just a few minutes! Very satisfied. Friends are going to place order too!"
Lisa Welliams
David N.
“I got this phone today. We got it for my mom. Her husband passed away a few weeks ago from Covid. She struggled with a cell phone. It literally took less than 15 minutes. Now my mom is using her handset that she has had for years. I now need to teach her voicemail. Today a problem was solved.”
Make Roderick
Bob K.
“After AT&T announced they were ending residential phone service in my area, I was anxious making this change and keeping my old number. When I found your website, your friendly description sounded exactly what I wanted. It's so rare these days to find a company that does what they proposed. For a non-technical person, the instructions you provided were very easy to understand. So thrilled you were there to provide my new phone service.”
James B
Ruby Steward, Arizona
"Very  good. I did not have the lingering 'what if' that usually occurs when I purchase online. And have already recommended your  services to a few of my neighbors."

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