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How to Get A Second Phone Number For Your Business

How to Get A Second Phone Number For Your Business

Whether you run a small business, a side project, or a large-scale corporation, you need a phone number to communicate with customers, employees, and clients. However, giving them your cell number can disturb your work-life balance and be the license for them to call you for non-emergencies disrupting your schedule.

Adding a second phone number for work could be a great idea to have a work-life balance and streamline issue priorities. Read on to know how you can get a business number from Community Phone, be available for your customers, employees, and clients, and strike a work-life balance.

How to Get a Second Phone Number for Your Business

All local and independent businesses depend on a second phone number to work professionally. If you're looking for something that offers unlimited nationwide calling and texts without needing the internet, Community Phone is the best choice.

Here are a few steps to get a second phone number for your business:

1. Call the Community Phone customer care at 866-327-1229

2. Talk to the customer care rep about your business requirements

3. Signup with Community Phone and choose your preferred number

4. Once the signup is complete, you can start using your second phone number for business

Who is Community Phone?

Community Phone is the best wireless landline provider in the U.S., fighting to keep the landline alive.

With large carriers shutting down copper wire services across the country, landline users have been forced to upgrade to a bundled, expensive digital landline service or get an internet-based service. Internet phones depend on high-speed internet for reliability, and customers have reported call drops, latency, and phone lines going down during network, internet, or power outages.

Community Phone is a future-proof technology that works off cell towers, eliminating the necessity of copper wires or the internet to power your phones. With solid coverage in rural and low-reception areas, affordable plans, no contracts or hidden charges, and reliable customer care, Community Phone is your business's landline service.

Image of Community Phone landline service

Key Features of Community Phone

Here are some Community Phone features you can tailor to suit your business needs.

1. Call Routing

Missing customer calls - existing and potential can be detrimental to your business, irrespective of whether you are a startup or an established business.

You can use Community Phone's call-routing feature to have several numbers like your landline, business number on the cell, and another trusted colleague's numbers ring simultaneously to ensure someone answers the customer's call.

Or, you can have your colleague's number ring if you are busy or cannot attend a customer or client call. The possibilities to ensure you never miss customer calls are endless!

2. Call Forwarding

Consumer behavior keeps evolving with time and technological advancements. If you are a startup or a business whose customers expect access to you 24/7, you can opt for Community Phone call forwarding.

Community Phone will forward your customer calls to your second business phone number, ensuring you are always available for your customer. You can choose to answer customer calls or let them go to voicemail by programming their custom-dial menu.

3. Custom Dial Menu

Create a great impression among your customers by programming a custom greeting through the custom dial menu. You can also share important information like business hours, announcements, offers, and discounts through the dial menu.

Route calls to the right person or voicemail to ensure you do not miss responding to any customer call.

4. Voicemail-to-email

The voicemail-to-email feature allows you to access voicemails as audio files or transcripts in your email without logging into your voicemail box.

5. Live Call Transfer

Transfer calls to different people or departments by pushing a button without placing the caller on hold. This novel feature helps your business reduce customer frustration because of hold time.

Conference the rep who can help the customer with the 3-way calling option if the customer is irate, does not want to repeat themselves, or revert to your phone's hold option to place the caller on hold and do a warm transfer.

Benefits of Community Phone Number

1. No internet or copper wire required

The Community Phone landline base connects to cell towers in your area, eliminating the need for internet or copper connections. Stay in touch with your customers, clients, and employees without call drop, latency, or phone lines going down during outages.

2. Unlimited nationwide calls

Stay in touch with customers, clients, and vendors with unlimited minutes from Community Phone. Create marketing strategies, collect feedback, and expand your business reach without fearing a massive bill.

3. Unlimited text messages

With Community Phone, you can also engage in customer communication using text messages. Send unlimited personalized greetings, birthday wishes, or regular offer reminders directly to your customers from your business number, making contact easy and convenient.

Your customers can place orders or inquire about services anytime.

4. Exceptional Customer Support

24/7 reliable customer support sets Community Phone apart. The reps promptly answer your phone call, email, or live chat to answer your questions or address your concerns.

5. Works during power outages

Maintain seamless communication even during power outages and blackouts with the Community Phone landline with a backup battery lasting up to 12 hours.

6. Easy Setup

With all the features and benefits, it's natural to wonder if there's some high technology involved in installing the Community Phone landline.

The Community Phone landline base can be set up in 30 seconds and is a DIY, saving you time and money on installation. So, you can do it yourself without professional assistance. Plugin the device into a power outlet and connect the phone to the jack of the landline base. That's it!


Should I get a second phone number for my business?

Having a second phone number for your business will separate your personal and work life. Talk to Community Phone customer care at 866-937-3108 to get a second business number and various calling features to meet your specific business needs.

Should I get an 800 number for my business?

A toll-free number is ideal for business. An 800 area code phone number makes it easy for non-local customers or potential clients to call your business, as they do not get charged for the call. The 800-number proves your legitimacy and helps customers build trust in your brand.


Getting a second phone number to be available for your customers constantly when you are on the move is a great idea. This option beats conventional call forwarding as you have great control over your phone conversations and can strike a work-life balance.

Talk to Community Phone to get a second local, toll-free, or vanity number for your business and expand your reach while balancing work and personal life.

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