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How To Turn Off Call Forwarding on Landline

How To Turn Off Call Forwarding on Landline

When you have call forwarding activated on your landline, all calls to the number are forwarded to a different preassigned number. One can set it up to divert and transfer calls when the landline is otherwise busy, or if no one is present to answer it.

Usually, it is a hassle-free process to turn it on or off. The process usually utilizes codes and such that are dependent on the handset in question.

Worried that there is too much research? Well, Community Phone has cut the work for you by doing all the research. Read on to find out how to turn off call forwarding on landlines!

How To Turn Off Call Forwarding on Landline

Different landline providers use different codes to turn off call forwarding. Here is the information on different codes for different service providers:

1. Community Phone

1. Pick up the receiver and listen for a dial tone

2. Dial ##21#

3. Three beeps indicate that call forwarding has been turned off.

Turning Off Call Forwarding Without a Phone

Community Phone provides call forwards without a phone if you have ditched your landline but want to receive calls from that number. If you are a business that wants to answer customer calls without listing your cell number, or do not want to invest in the landline base this option is perfect for you.

Turn off call forwarding with Community Phone

If you have enabled the call forward option without a phone and want to turn it off, contact Community Phone support at 866-317-9308, and the customer care team will be happy to assist you.

What is Community Phone?

Image of Community Phone landline service

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Why Should I Switch to Community Phone?

Telecom providers are shutting down copper connections nationwide, per the recent FCC guidelines. Large carriers want to retire copper lines and increase their profits by bundling landline service with expensive internet and other services you don’t need.

Telcos will ignore their customers' copper line repair and maintenance requests, letting them deteriorate and forcing customers into an “upgrade.” Internet-based phones are not a viable alternative, as they need an expensive high-speed internet connection and have problems like call drops, poor voice quality, and jitter.

Community Phone is a reliable wireless landline phone service provider in the US, fighting to keep the landline alive. Their unique landline base combines the reliability of a landline and the freedom of wireless access. With VoIP-like calling features, Community Phone ensures customers get the best telephonic experience.

Benefits of Switching to Community Phone

Here are some other benefits of switching to Community Phone:

1. Unlimited nationwide calling: Stay in touch with loved ones or business associates with unlimited minutes without fearing a massive phone bill.

2. No internet or copper connection required: The Community Phone landline base connects your phone to cell towers in your area, eliminating the need for an internet or copper connection.

3. No hidden charges: Community Phone customers pay for what they signed up for. Enjoy reliable phone service without hidden charges.

4. 24/7 reliable customer service: Contact Community Phone support via phone, email, or chat and speak with a live rep to address your questions or concerns.

5. Quick Setup: Save time and money on technicians and expensive installations with Community Phone’s DIY landline base. You can connect the base in under 30 seconds and make and receive calls.

Turning Off Call Forwarding on Landline - Other Providers

2. AT&T

According to the official AT&T website, here are the steps to stop call forwarding on your AT&T landline:

1. Off-hook your home phone connected to the AT&T Wireless Home Phone device.

2. When you hear the dial tone, press #21#.

3. Wait for a confirmation tone. It can take up to 3 seconds.

4. Hang up afterward, and the deactivation is set.

3. Spectrum

To remove call forwarding from your landline with a Spectrum connection, here are the steps:

1. Dial *73 on your landline phone and press call.

2. Wait for the confirmation tone and complete message.

3. End the call after that.

4. Verizon

To stop calls from forwarding with a Verizon network, follow these steps:

1. Dial 73 for touch-tone phones and 1173 on rotary or pulse phones.

2. Wait for two beeps to confirm deactivation.

5. Xfinity

With Xfinity, here are the steps to make sure that calls are not forwarded from your landline anymore:

1. Wait for the dial tone on your landline phone.

2. Press *73 on hearing it.

3. Wait for the confirmation message and end the call.

How To Unforward Calls on Landline

Although the call forwarding facility can be useful most times, you might just want to stop it. To unforward calls on the landline, here are two ways:

1. Reverse from Headset

If you have access to your headset, you can then dial the appropriate number and cancel call forwarding on your landline. Most service providers require a particular number to be dialed in order to deactivate call forwarding.

2. Call Customer Service

If you cannot figure out the exact way to stop call forwarding from your landline, call the customer service for your provider. For contacts, you call and look through their websites and official business cards if you have been provided any.

Importance of Call Forwarding Features

Although call forwarding is largely optional, there are certain advantages to it. Here are a few advantages of forwarding calls on your landline.

1. Call Forwarding Always

Let’s face it, most of us are out and about, so having a mobile phone is an effective way to answer your landline calls. So, to avoid missing any call, you can simply activate call forwarding on your landline and set it to a more convenient phone number.

For activation, dial *72 and for deactivation, dial *73

2. Call Forwarding Busy

In case your landline, whether at your home or workplace, receives many calls, it is always safe to activate call forwarding so that you do not miss out on anything important. This way, even if your landline says it is busy on another call, there is always scope to receive the incoming call without missing it.

For activation, dial *72, and for deactivation, dial *73

3. Call Forwarding No Answer

Even if you have multiple phones, who says you cannot be available on them all? Well, with the call forwarding option, you can be assured of not missing out. This is also very useful if you have an empty house mostly with no one to receive a landline call.

For activation, dial *72, and for deactivation, dial *73.


Call forwarding is a great facility that comes with landline sets. However, if you do not want to have it anymore, there are ways to deactivate it. As stated above, you only have to know the right steps to set up a smooth landline service.

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