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The Best Answering Service for Property Management

Property management companies use answering services to ensure no leads are lost and no current tenants are ignored. Answering services allow existing personnel to show available properties, work on lease preparation, and focus on requested repairs.

When prospective renters call, they typically shop for the best place to rent. When an existing renter calls, they want information or assistance quickly. A residential property management answering service is the best way to ensure that no call gets ignored and no prospective renter gets lost in the shuffle.

How can property management answering services help your business?

Never miss an opportunity to impress your customers, engage with them, or bring in revenue with Community Phone's automated answering service. With a variety of business calling features - call routing, forwarding, live call transfer, voicemail-to-email, Community Phone is what your property management firm needs!

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Community Phone: The Best Answering Service for Property Managers

Business owners need reliable and focused phone systems to help maintain their current clientele and scale their business.

Community Phone's automated answering service can help property management firms answer calls, route calls to the correct extension or agent, answer frequently asked questions, or route them to voicemails during off-peak or business hours. By customizing this feature, you can also have a custom greeting for your office and share important information like business hours, success stories, etc.

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Engage with existing clients or potentials, even when you are busy with another client, by routing their calls to your professional voicemail. You can access these voicemails as an audio file in your email or as a transcript that lets you respond to them based on the situation or at your convenience.

Call Forwarding

Letting calls from potential or existing tenants go to voicemail can cause them to turn elsewhere. You can be on top of things even when you are away from the office by setting up business calls to be routed to your cell phone.

Call forwarding from Community Phone can help you engage with your customers wherever you are, enabling you to incite trust, leading to referrals and more revenue. This flexibility can also help you make decisions instantaneously and respond to calls on priority.

Call Routing

Automatic Call Distribution: If multiple personnel are available to take calls, automatic distribution allocates calls in queue to those on duty.


Simultaneous ring: Multiple phones can be programmed to ring simultaneously, allowing anyone available to answer the call instead of letting it go to voicemail.

Ring a second number: Ring a subsequent line if the first line is busy to ensure you never miss an opportunity to generate more revenue or impress your customers.

Live Call Transfer

At the push of a button, anyone within the company can transfer a call to someone better equipped. This way, tenants and prospective tenants can reach whom they need to speak to without waiting on hold or awaiting a callback.

Spam Call Blocking

With the Community Phone robocall blocker, free up your phone lines and personnel to attend to your clients and potentials by blocking spam calls.

Backup Battery: Keep Your Communication Running During Power Outages

Community Phone's revolutionary landline base comes with a reliable 12-hour backup battery to keep your business on its feet during a power outage. Connect the base to a power outlet and a phone, and you are all set to make and receive calls once all the lights on the base turn green.

Benefits of Choosing Community Phone

Here are some reasons why you should switch your business landline to Community Phone:

a) With Community Phone, you can be fully operational in minutes; with a simple DIY set-up.

b) Get a free local number or port your existing business number with our hassle-free process.

c) Add a vanity and toll-free number for further client reach to generate leads and test the efficacy of your marketing campaigns.

d) Don't let the weather or outages halt your business. Stay on track with our professional call forwarding and routing to engage with your clients and get them the required assistance.

e) Community Phone offers unlimited nationwide calling and 24/7 reliable customer service you can easily reach when needed.

How to Port Your Number to Community Phone?

Porting your existing phone may seem complicated, but it can be pretty straightforward.

1. You can contact your existing provider and let them know you want to port your number to Community Phone.

2. They will ask a series of simple questions, and the process is complete on their end.

3. There may be a transfer fee in some cases; for example, a Google Voice phone number port has a transfer fee of $3.00.

4. Once this step is complete, give Community Phone a call, and their support will take it from there by confirming your credentials.

5. Once Community Phone completes the porting, you can cancel your connection with the old provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a business need an answering service?

A business needs an answering service never to miss a call or lose a prospective tenant. With the Community Phone automated answering service, you can send voicemails to email for efficient handling, forward calls when you are away, and route calls to the proper personnel or departments.

What businesses use an answering service?

All businesses use answering services, from law offices and dental clinics to hotels and churches.

How much does a virtual receptionist cost?

A virtual assistant can cost upwards of $350/mo with minimum contract lengths. These services come with many cons - long wait and hold times to speak to an agent and agents focused on multiple businesses at once. Customers frequently meet support personnel who cannot fully provide the answers they are looking for. Trusting a 3rd party with your business reputation can be counterproductive to all the goodwill you have built.

Program your automated answering service with the information you want to share with clients and prospects with Community Phone's custom dial menu, as no one knows your business better than you.

Conclusion - The Bottom Line

Community Phone is the most efficient and resourceful of all answering services for property management. If you want to take your business to the next level, a programmable, automated residential property management answering service is the next step.

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