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The Top Phone System for Non-Profit Organizations

The Top Phone System for Non-Profit Organizations

If you are one of America’s 1.8 million non-profits, you have your job cut out for you in developing thriving communities and supporting them. As the embodiment of noble causes, non-profits significantly foster civic engagement and strengthen community fabric.

How can the best phone systems for non-profit organizations help you? Non-profits deal with challenges related to fundraising, recruitment of members, managing communication with volunteers, and decision-making on a daily basis.

Communication disruption and the unavailability of personnel to answer queries or help with decision-making can affect your nonprofit’s credibility among donors.

Switch to Community Phone, one of the top phone systems for nonprofit organizations in the U.S. Community Phone offers the 24/7 reliability of landline access, the impressive features of a VoIP phone, and the freedom of wireless connectivity through their revolutionary landline service.

Engage your donors, share your success stories, and stay in touch with members and volunteers through Community Phone’s customizable features like call routing and forwarding, auto attendant menus, live call transfers, and more!

How To Choose Phone Systems for Non-Profit organizations?

Spending on a high-tech system that can provide flashy features to accommodate your non-profit's ever-changing and growing needs can defeat the very purpose of your organization’s mission.

Non-profit organizations will need more than a conventional landline to stay in touch with donors, recruit more members, manage volunteers, and run fundraising events.

Call drops, spotty coverage on calls, latency, and high costs for poor service can destroy your organization’s credibility among donors, members, and volunteers and create obstacles to fulfilling your mission.

Finding the right system to strike a balance between reducing manual work for your volunteers and costing you an arm and a leg could help you manage the most significant challenge non-profits face: budget.

Read on to learn more about how Community Phone is the most reliable and budget-friendly solution for your nonprofit.

Community Phone: The Top Phone System for Non-profit organizations

Image of Community Phone: The best business landline service provider

Community Phone is the best non-profit phone service, providing various customizable features to cater to your organization's needs. Save hundreds of dollars with their wireless landline base that connects to cell towers in your area, eliminating the need for expensive installations, copper wires, fiber optics, and internet.

With strong coverage in rural areas, clear voice quality in areas with poor reception, and cost-effective plans, Community Phone is what your nonprofit needs. Read on to learn more!

Exclusive Features for a Nonprofit

Here are some Community Phone features which can serve as non-profit organization solutions:

Custom Dial Menu

Experts believe that non-profits should communicate with their donors and members about things other than fundraising. Sharing success stories, sending thank you notes, and telling them how you spent the money is a great way to forge a long-term relationship with them.

Use Community Phone’s custom dial menu to record thank you notes and upload them to your dashboard. Community Phone will send them over to your contact list. Or, use the menu to create your unique greeting that shares your success stories with potential donors when they call in.

Call Routing and Forwarding

Cut costs and generate revenue by connecting your donors to fundraising leaders and social media gurus to your champions with the call routing feature. Build a great first impression among potential donors by having a robust auto attendant that can route calls to the person best suited to answer their questions and showcase your organization's selfless contribution to the community.

Program your business calls to be forwarded to you to stay in touch with your donors, members, or volunteers when you are out on fieldwork.

Live Call Transfer

Several studies on consumer behavior report that about 70% of people hate being on hold or getting transferred to the incorrect department or person. As consumer patience wanes, your reputation and the goodwill you have earned suffer.

Show your donors you value their contribution and time by minimizing hold time and transferring the call to the right person from among the infinite number of extensions you can program into your phone with the live call transfer feature.

Simultaneous Ring and Ring a Second Number

Every potential donor, member, or volunteer is the foundation for your nonprofit’s success. Missing even one call from a potential could augment your organization's challenges. Never miss another call from a prospect with Community Phone’s premium features: simultaneous ring and ring a second number.

Program several phones in your organization to ring concurrently for an available person to answer the call. Or, program the call to roll over to a second number if the first one is busy. Every call is an opportunity, and you will never want to miss one.

Choice of Numbers

Your phone number can tell potential a lot about your organization. Get your organization a toll-free number from Community Phone to build that trust and confidence among potential donors and members.

A vanity number like 1-800-FLOWERS could help people remember your organization and add value by bringing in more referrals or volunteers.

Show your solidarity and foster civic engagement in the community you serve by getting your organization a local number.

Efficient Auto Attendant

Potential donors or members may get frustrated when no one in your organization answers their calls or they have to wait in line for answers to frequently asked questions. Customize Community Phone’s auto attendant to streamline incoming calls, set business hours, route the calls to voicemail during non-business hours, and answer frequently asked questions.

The voicemail-to-email feature enables you to check your voicemails in an email, allowing you to respond to them or forward the message to the concerned person.

How Does Community Phone Work?

No more call drops, latency, or poor call quality issues, as Community Phone’s wireless landline base connects to cell towers in your area to give you strong coverage. The base amplifies signal strength with built-in antennas to provide excellent call quality and clarity even in poor reception areas. The company’s partnership with carriers nationwide ensures robust connectivity even in rural areas.

You can call Community Phone’s landline Specialists at 866-512-6261, and they will be happy to give you a custom quote for your business based on your needs and the features your choose. Once you sign up, your Community Phone account manager will be happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Benefits of Switching to Community Phone

Save money, run efficient fundraising campaigns, and stay in touch with your benefactors and the community with business phone service from Community Phone. Here are some reasons why you should switch:

No internet needed: The Community Phone wireless landline service does not need internet or copper cables to operate. Save money on installation and maintenance, and enhance your reputation with clear voice quality and reliable connectivity.

Unlimited long-distance calling: Stay in touch with patrons, donors, members, and your community through unlimited minutes without worrying about running massive phone bills.

Cost-effective plans: You don’t have to buy high-speed internet or bundle your landline with other expensive, unnecessary services to keep your phones running. Community Phone’s account manager will be happy to understand your organization’s requirements and suggest the best, cost-effective plan that helps you save money.

Quick and Easy Setup: You do not need a technician to install your Community Phone. Anyone in your organization can get your phone ready by connecting the base to a power outlet and your phone to make and receive calls. Save time and money with the 30-second DIY landline base installation.

Keep Your Current Number: If you want to switch from your current phone company, be a part of the growing Community Phone community, but want to retain your number, they can take care of you. Talk to Community Phone’s landline specialists to know how you can port your number from the current provider.

Continue with your support to the community during the porting process, as there will be no disruption to your service.

Works during Power Outages: Don’t let power outages and blackouts stop you from giving your best to the community. The landline base has a 12-hour backup battery to keep your phone running during a power outage.

The Bottom Line

Non-profits deal with several challenges while trying to care for their community and working for the greater good. The best phone system for non-profit organizations: Community Phone can help you save money, raise funds effectively through multiple successful outreach campaigns, and generate goodwill in your community.

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