Blog/Office Phone Number: 3 Benefits & How To Get One

Office Phone Number: 3 Benefits & How To Get One

Office Phone Number: 3 Benefits & How To Get One

Great phone conversations with existing or potential customers lead to an excellent business reputation. However, striking a work-life balance can be challenging if you are a startup and want your customers to have 24/7 access to you while you grow your business. An office phone number can be a great way to balance work and personal life and enhance your business reputation.

This article provides information on the benefits of having an office number and how to get one.

How to Get an Office Phone Number From Community Phone?

Getting a second number for your business needs some thought. With large carriers shutting down copper wire service across the country, Community Phone wireless is the best option to get an office phone number.

Here's how you can get a business number from Community Phone:

1. Call Community Phone Customer Care

You can call the Community Phone customer care at 866-881-9327 and talk to a business specialist about getting another number.

2. Check the Availability of the Required Number

The rep will check if your preferred number is available from the pool and help you with the signup process. If your preferred number is unavailable, the rep will help you get a number as close to the one you imagined and help you signup.

3. Customize Business Features

Community Phone has several features like a dial menu, call routing, simultaneous ring, spam call blocking, and more to help business engage their customers and enhance their reputation.

Discuss what features you need with the business specialist and freeze on what you need based on your business needs.

4. Start Your Free Trial

After signup and activating your number, you can start your 14-day free trial to experience the wonderful features and world-class support Community Phone offers.

Benefits of Getting a Community Phone Office-phone Number

1. Work-Life Balance

Getting a second phone number can help you separate your work and personal phone. When you share the second phone number with your clients and customers, you can be available and set official business hours, balancing work and personal life. You can let the voicemail take over after business hours. Responding to urgent messages is also easy with the voicemail-to-email feature. Read on to learn more!

2. Professionalism

A second office number with a custom dial menu that routes call, shares business hours, and connects the call to you can make your business appear larger its size. This flexibility can be a boon if you are a startup operating with limited people or an established business that wants to be in touch with high-profile customers 24/7.

3. Can Share the Number Publicly

You can share your second office phone number in the public domain with clients, and customers, ensuring calls reach your business number, enabling you to balance work and personal life.

Who is Community Phone?

Image of Community Phone Business landline service

Community Phone is the best wireless landline service in the US and is fighting to keep the landline alive. Their wireless landline base connects to cell towers instead of copper wires or the internet to give you a dial tone.

Stay in touch with customers, and clients with unlimited minutes, superior voice quality, and 99% coverage across the US from Community Phone. With no contracts or hidden charges, affordable plans, and world-class support to help you scale your business, Community Phone is what you need to build your brand.

How Does the Wireless Landline Work?

The Community Phone wireless landline base connects your business phone to cell towers in your area to give you connectivity. The built-in antennas amplify the signal strength in low-reception areas to ensure superior voice quality. The 12-hour backup battery keeps your phone working even during a power outage.

Here’s how you can install the landline base in under 30 seconds:

1. Connect the landline base to a power outlet.

2. Hook a phone to the Phone 1/Phone 2 port in the base.

3. Toggle the ON/OFF switch to the ON position

4. Power on the landline base, wait for all the lights to turn green, and you are all set!

Community Phone Business Features

Call Forwarding

The call forwarding feature allows you to divert all incoming calls that come from your landline or business phone to another phone of your choice.

Call Waiting

Answer another call while engaged on the first one, or route it to voicemail with the call waiting feature, which will alert you of a waiting call through 2 beeps.

Call Routing

Route calls to the correct person or department to ensure a great experience for your customer when they call for assistance.

You can live-transfer the call without placing the caller on hold, have multiple phones ring simultaneously, or ring a second number when the first one doesn't answer to ensure you don't miss any customer calls.


Access your voicemails as audio files and transcripts in your email, allowing your employees to respond to missed calls.

Spam Call Blocking

In business, every second is important, and Community Phone's spam call blocker helps you maximize that by automatically blocking 99% of unwanted calls.

Benefits of using Community Phone Business landline

No Internet Connection Required

Community Phone connects your business phone to a cell tower via its landline base, thus eliminating the need for copper wires and the internet.

Unlimited Nationwide Phone Calls

Make unlimited calls to your customers, acquaintances, or loved ones across the US without fearing a massive phone bill.

Unlimited Text Messages

Send Unlimited text messages to your loved ones and clients. Wish them on special occasions or check in with them with new offers with the landline texting feature.

Works During a Power Outage

Community Phone provides a 12-hour battery backup that will come in handy during a power outage. Even if the power goes out, your business phones will continue working.

Free 14-day Trial

Community Phone offers a 14-day free trial, so you can test the service before you commit to a paid plan.


Separating your personal and work phone is vital to strike a work-life balance.

Community Phone offers an affordable business solution with easy installation and impeccable customer service. With features to wow your customers, the reliability of a landline, and the freedom of wireless access, Community Phone is the best business landline service for you.

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