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The Best Nursing Home Phone System

The Best Nursing Home Phone System

America’s Health Ranking Senior Report puts the total senior population in the U.S at approximately 54 million. With the aging population projected to increase to 80 million by 2040, skilled nursing care and nursing homes are becoming indispensable.

If you are one of the 15,600 nursing homes in the U.S, you need an efficient phone system to communicate with doctors, health care providers, suppliers, staff, and residents' families. Amidst budget challenges, slim profits, and a steady decline in pay-in residents, your nursing home needs a cost-effective solution to cater to your specific communication needs.

With conventional landline providers retiring copper wire service across the country, bundling digital phones with expensive, unnecessary services, and VoIP phones being unreliable, finding the best phone system for your nursing home may seem like a monumental challenge.

Switch to Community Phone, the best nursing home phone system that is cost-effective, reliable, has various features to cater to your specific needs and boasts of being the best landline service for seniors in the U.S.

Talk to Community Phone’s landline specialists to learn more, or read on!

Why do Nursing Homes Need a Good Phone System?

Nursing homes need reliable phone systems to help health care providers, doctors, and staff collaborate effectively to deliver the exceptional care that residents need. Immobile residents or those under special care will need ways to stay in touch with their loved ones with minimal assistance without the hassle of broken or dropped calls and poor voice quality.

However, getting a reliable and exceptional phone system for your nursing home should not break your budget. Here are some options nursing homes can consider:

  • Wireless landline service
  • Digital Phone service
  • VoIP-based phone

Wireless Landline Service Vs. Digital Phone Vs. VoIP-based Phones

Options for a nursing home are available aplenty on the market, but decision-makers must understand the pros and cons of each of the possibilities. This section will enable you to choose the best nursing home phone system to suit your needs.

Wireless Landline Service

Wireless landlines connect your phones to the cell towers in your area, eliminating the need for internet, copper wire, or fiber-optic cables.

Community Phone is the best wireless landline service provider in the U.S, working hard to keep the landline alive and boasting thousands of new subscriptions every month. The company promises superior voice quality and call clarity in low reception areas with strong coverage across 99% of the U.S., including rural areas.

The landline base comes with a lifetime hardware warranty, and Community Phone’s 24/7 reliable customer support has won the hearts of many seniors across the country. The 12-hour backup battery on the landline base ensures your phones keep running even during a blackout.

Anyone in your facility can install the landline base in 30 seconds, which saves your nursing home time and money in installation, labor, and expensive maintenance that accompanies conventional landlines. Here's how the landline base works!

Digital Phone Service

Landline providers across the country are shutting down copper wire service and forcing their customers to go digital. They are bundling digital landline service with expensive internet and other services you don’t need, calling it an “upgrade.”

When nursing homes across the country are dealing with budget crunches and a decline in pay-in resident numbers, expensive bundled landline options will increase the overhead costs of your nursing home. Not being able to balance essential communication and operational costs of your nursing home may have disastrous consequences for your business.

Internet-based Phone Service

Internet-based VoIP phones may appear cheap when you first sign up with them. But, as many customers recount, the call quality and reliability of the phone service depend on your internet strength. So, you would quickly scale from the cheapest subscription you signed up for to the costliest without realizing how you got there.

Crackled calls, latency, jitter, and phones going down during a blackout will add to your bill woes, increasing overhead costs, causing resident dissatisfaction, and ruining your reputation.

Verdict: Community Phone’s wireless landline phones are the best bet for your nursing home as they are affordable, come with several calling features, and enable seamless and effective communication with doctors, nurses, staff, and residents’ families.

Community Phone: The Best Nursing Home Phone System

Community Phone is the best nursing home phone system in the US. At Community Phone, we offer a modern landline and wireless phone service that is simple, dependable, affordable and requires no internet. It allows you to make unlimited nationwide calls and has strong coverage in 99% of cities in the United States.

Image of Community Phone: the best phone service for Nursing Homes

Here are some reasons why Community Phone is the best nursing home phone system in the U.S:

Custom Dial Menu: Courteous Greeting And Redirect

The custom dial menu can help you setup professional greetings, share success stories and essential information with your callers, and create the best first impression of your nursing home.

You can program the auto attendant in this feature to route customer calls efficiently, answer frequently answered questions, and enhance your reputation among residents’ families.

Call Forwarding

Stay connected to your staff and nurses, and collaborate with them during emergencies when you are away from your nursing home with Community Phone’s call forwarding option. Forward calls from your nursing home’s phone to your cell phone to help you make decisions swiftly and be there for your residents when it matters most.

Live Call Transfer

Help immobile seniors stay connected with their loved ones by transferring calls to their extension, by pushing a button associated with the infinite number of extensions you can program in your transfer list.

Route a prospect to the person in your staff most adept at helping them and answering their questions, ushering in revenue, without the irritating hold music and repetitive marketing messages.

Call Waiting and Ring a Second Number: Never Miss Another Call

Never miss another call from a prospective customer or a resident’s family with the call waiting feature. Two beeps on the line will indicate a call waiting. You can place the caller on hold while you finish the first call, offer a callback, or route them to voicemail to follow up later.

With the Community Phone ring a second number feature, you can program phones in your nursing home to ring subsequently, if the first line is busy, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to impress or generate revenue.

Call Recording

Stay on top of resident care with Community Phone’s call recording feature. Retrieving call recordings enables you to jot down essential instructions from doctors and health care providers without confusion.

You can train your staff and improve customer experience by retrieving staff calls and structuring training sessions around their areas of improvement.

Number Porting

You can port your number from your current provider to Community Phone when you switch providers. Here are some simple steps through which you can get the best service while still retaining your current number:

  1. Inform your current provider that you would like to port your number to Community Phone.
  2. Sign-up with Community Phone
  3. Provide information like - billing address, account number, PIN, and a letter of consent to Community Phone’s business specialists.
  4. Porting will take 3-5 business days without disruption to your service.
  5. Once the number is active with Community Phone, you can cancel your service with your old provider or request Community Phone assistance.

Backup Battery: Keep Your Communication Running During Power Outage

VoIP phones die out on you when the internet goes down, or there is a power outage, leaving you stranded in an emergency.

The Community Phone landline base comes with a 12-hour backup battery that keeps your phone running even during a blackout, keeping you connected if you have an emergency.

Unlimited Nationwide Calling

Help your residents stay in touch with their loved ones with Community Phone’s unlimited nationwide calling without the fear of a massive phone bill.

Empower your staff to reach out to doctors, experts, and health care providers across the country to provide the best care to your residents, leading to a stellar brand reputation and more revenue for your nursing home.

Number Choice

Get a local number to show solidarity with your local community, build trust, and create a feeling of belonging.

A toll-free number can help your nursing home generate goodwill among people as they will not incur charges when they call you for queries.

A vanity number like 1-800-Eldercare can help customers remember your nursing home and increase revenue through referrals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best phone system for Nursing Homes?

Community Phone is the best phone for nursing homes as it helps you communicate, collaborate, generate leads, increase resident satisfaction, and increase revenue for your business.

2. Can seniors at Nursing Homes get a free phone?

Yes, seniors at nursing homes may be eligible for a free phone. Though only one wireless or wireline account per household is eligible for Lifeline Assistance, separate families living at the same address, including residents of homeless shelters and nursing homes, may be eligible. Residents with temporary addresses may qualify as well.


Nursing homes have budget challenges and revenue generation, with the 1% decrease in pay-in residents steadily increasing. To solve communication issues and stay on top of communication with doctors, nurses, staff, and residents’ families, you need a robust, affordable nursing home telephone system.

Utilize the many features of Community Phone, the best care home phone system, to communicate, collaborate, generate leads, and increase revenue for your nursing home.

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