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The 5 Best Life Alert Alternatives for 2023

The 5 Best Life Alert Alternatives for 2023

Are you looking for Life Alert alternatives? Life Alert has been the go-to emergency response system since 1987. However, there are other life alert alternatives available on the market today, each with different features and advanced capabilities.

In this article, we'll look at some of the best Life Alert alternative options for 2023. We'll cover how they work, what features they offer, and how much they cost so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

So if you're considering Life Alert as an option but want to explore other possibilities first, read on!

The Best Life Alert Alternatives

1. Community Phone’s Caregiver Plan

Community Phone's Caregiver Plan

Community Phone's Caregiver Plan is the number one alternative to Life Alert, offering seniors the same peace of mind with additional features and better value. The Caregiver Plan offers users landline phone service, 911 emergency protection with just the press of a button and other helpful features like reminder calls, health check-ins and spam-call blocking. Below is a detailed breakdown of what’s included:

1. Landline Phone Service

Community Phone offers safe, reliable landline phone service that doesn't require internet. It is the most reliable way to stay in touch with loved ones in the United States. It offers unlimited nationwide calling, a 30 second set-up and even works during power outages.

New customers have the option to get a new local number or keep their existing number. Community Phone is proud to have helpful customer service representatives who specialize in assisting seniors, whether it's politely addressing their inquiries or providing health check-in calls.

Health Check In Calls

2. Reminder Calls

Community Phone’s reminder and care call feature reminds seniors about essential details and events, such medications and appointments. It is an excellent feature for people who are forgetful or just want a gentle nudge about important things. Seniors can set up repeat reminders (e.g., daily) or one-time (e.g., on a specific date) in their Caregiver Portal.

Family members can also use this feature to regularly send loving messages to loved ones (e.g., calling your mother every day to say “Sally loves you!”).

Reminder Calls

3. 911 Emergency Protection

With this system, users get access to immediate 911 calls at the press of a button. In an emergency, users can wear a button on their wrist and press it to contact emergency services and notify carers.

4. Spam Call Blocking

Community Phone provides seniors with built-in spam call blocking that can stop unlawful and unwanted calls from reaching their landlines. This feature can help keep everyone safe from harm while preventing annoying interruptions throughout the day.

911 Emergency Protection


The Community Phone Caregiver Plans starts at $98/year, which includes landline phone service, reminder calls, 911 emergency protection and spam-call-blocking.

The Verdict

Community Phone's Caregiver Plan is an excellent life-alert alternative for those seeking reliable and affordable emergency care without sacrificing safety or quality service. Its range of features combined with its online portal makes it the perfect choice for anyone looking for an alternative to Life Alert – giving them confidence that help will be available when needed.

With its cost-effective services, intuitive interface, and advanced spam-call-blocking technology, this plan is easily the best choice for keeping your loved ones safe and in the know.

2. GreatCall Lively Mobile Plus

GreatCall Lively Mobile Plus

The GreatCall Lively Mobile Plus system connects users to a 24/7 Emergency Response Center via a two-way voice system that they can wear around their neck or wrist. It also offers GPS tracking so emergency personnel can quickly locate you.

Additionally, it features fall detection technology, virtual doctor visits through its Lively Link app, medication reminders, and health advice from real nurses and doctors over the phone.

The device features an easy-to-use SOS button that users can use to summon help in an emergency. When pressed, the device will automatically send a text message or call to up to five designated contacts. It also sends its location so that help can reach the user quickly.


The price of the Lively Mobile Plus is a one-time fee of $49.99 for the medical alert device, plus an additional $24.99/month subscription for the service.

3. MobileHelp Smart

MobileHelp Smart

The MobileHelp Smart is a Watch features automatic fall detection and access to 24/7 professional help via phone or two-way audio communication device. It operates off of local cell towers in your area.

It includes medication reminders and activity tracking options such as logging daily walks or jogs, allowing users to stay active while staying safe during an emergency.

With various products tailored to different needs, MobileHelp Smart provides a range of solutions designed to provide users with increased safety and security.


The price of the MobileHelp Smart is a one-time fee of $349.95 for the smart watch, plus an additional $24.95/month subscription for the service.

4. Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical is a comprehensive medical alert system that offers an array of features to keep seniors safe and secure in their homes.

It includes a two-way voice communicator, a fall detection pendant, an emergency call button, remote access capability, and optional add-on services such as medication reminders and activity tracking.

This package includes free shipping on all orders and optional upgrades such as additional monitoring devices or accessories like wall mount kits for easy setup.


The price of the Bay Alarm Medical device starts with a one-time fee of $30.00 for the device, plus an additional $24.95/month subscription for the service.

5. Medical Guardian’s Classic Guardian

Medical Guardian’s Classic Guardian

The Classic Guardian device gives users access to 24/7 professional medical help when needed and connects to your landline telephone.

The system also has an optional auto fall detection feature that will sound an alarm if the user takes a tumble or experiences an unexpected event during an emergency.

Finally, it offers multiple accessories, such as panic buttons, that can be placed in various parts of your home for easy access when needed in case there are no family members present at the time of an incident.


The Classic Guardian plan starts at $29.95/month. However, there are additional monthly fees for the various devices available:

  • The Fall Detection Pendant is an additional $10/month
  • The Wireless Wall Button is an additional $2.99/month
  • The Voice-Activated Wall is an additional Button $5.00/month

What To Look For In A Life Alert System

When considering different life alert alternatives for 2023, it is essential to understand what features and characteristics make up a life alert system. In addition to providing an emergency medical response, these systems should also be easy to use and come with additional features that can help improve the overall quality of life. Here are some things to look out for when choosing a life alert alternative:

1. Reliability

A reliable life alert system can provide timely emergency response services. Look for systems that offer a 24/7 monitoring service so that help is always available. Additionally, consider looking for options with backup power sources in case of power outages or other emergencies.

2. Battery Life

Long battery life is essential for any life alert system. It ensures you won’t run out of power during an emergency or anytime you need help. It’s also important to choose systems with rechargeable batteries so you can replace them if needed.

3. Signal Range

The range of the signal from your device will determine how far away you can expect help to arrive from in the event of an emergency. Look for devices with long-range capabilities to get assistance no matter the location.

4. Usability

Choose a system with user-friendly controls and intuitive design elements so that anyone in the home can efficiently operate it in an emergency. Additionally, pick systems with customizable settings and remote access capabilities to suit multiple users with different needs or preferences.

5. Additional Features

Many modern life alert alternatives come equipped with fall detection, GPS tracking, two-way communication, check-in services and more that can enhance the user’s experience and provide extra peace of mind in an emergency. Consider which features are most important to you before deciding on a particular system.

When evaluating different life-alert alternatives available on the market, keep these factors in mind. They will help you select a system best suited to your needs and budget constraints. With careful consideration and research into the various features available, you will be able to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle this year!

The Benefits Of A Life Alert System

1. 24/7 monitoring and emergency response

Life alert systems provide a much-needed safety net for seniors and their families. With 24/7 monitoring and emergency response capabilities, life alert systems ensure that trained professionals are always available to respond in an accident or medical emergency.

This peace of mind is invaluable, as it allows seniors to maintain their independence while living at home comfortably, knowing that assistance is never far away.

2. Peace of mind for seniors and their families

Access to this service can also benefit seniors' family members and loved ones. Knowing their elderly family member has someone there for them when they need it most can bring tremendous comfort and peace of mind.

Plus, having a life alert system helps family members save money since they won't need to pay for expensive assisted living facilities or other services if something unexpected happens.

3. Fast response times in case of a medical emergency

With fast response times, life alert systems provide the help needed when needed. In addition to assisting with emergencies, life alert systems offer access to trained professionals who can support you during difficult times.

Seniors have peace of mind knowing that should they experience a medical emergency or fall victim to an accident; help is just a call away.

4. Access to trained professionals

Life alert systems are becoming increasingly popular among seniors and their families, who want to ensure they have access to help whenever needed.

With reliable monitoring services, fast response times, and access to trained professionals, life alert systems offer an invaluable resource for those looking for an extra layer of protection in case of any medical or safety-related emergencies in the future.


What is the best Life Alert alternative?

Community Phone's Caregiver Plan is the best Life Alert alternative, offering seniors the same peace of mind with additional features. The Caregiver Plan offers users landline phone service, 911 emergency protection, and other helpful features like reminder calls, daily check-in calls, and spam-call blocking.

Does medicare pay for Life Alert alternatives?

No, medical alert systems like Life Alert are not covered by Medicare, but you might be eligible for a discount or coverage if your doctor prescribes the device as being medically essential.

Is there anything better than Life Alert?

Yes, Community Phone offer a better, more robust service than Life Alert, through their Caregiver Plan. The Caregiver Plan offers users landline phone service, 911 emergency protection, and other helpful features like reminder calls and spam-call blocking.

Is there something like Life Alert that calls family?

Yes, Community Phone’s reminder call feature reminds seniors about essential details and events, such medications and appointments.

It is an excellent feature for people who are forgetful or just want a gentle nudge about important things. Seniors can set up repeat reminders (e.g., daily) or one-time (e.g., on a specific date) in their Caregiver Portal.

Are there cheaper alternatives to Life Alert?

Yes, Community Phone’s Caregiver Plan is a cheaper alternative to Life Alert. With plans starting at $98/year, Community Phone keep your family members safe and in the know.


Choosing the right life alert alternative for you or your loved one can be difficult. With so many options available, it’s essential to research each of them thoroughly and ensure they meet all of your needs.

We hope this article has helped provide insight into some of the best alternatives to Life Alert in 2023. Whether you need something simple like an emergency button or a comprehensive medical monitoring system, there is certainly an option out there for everyone.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about these services - our team would love to help!

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