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Care Calls: A Lifeline for Seniors Living Alone

As we age, it can become increasingly challenging to remain independent and care for ourselves. It is especially true for seniors living alone who may not have family or friends nearby.

Fortunately, care calls provide a lifeline of support for these individuals by offering regular check-ins and a friendly voice on the other end of the line.

Community Phone's Caregiver Plan is an invaluable resource for seniors living alone, providing regular care calls that offer a lifeline of support.

These care calls allow seniors to remain independent while receiving their needed assistance. Through these care calls, Community Phone helps bring peace of mind to those who may not have family or friends nearby.

What Are Care Calls?

Care calls are phone conversations between seniors and care providers that allow them to stay connected with their community while maintaining their autonomy. During these conversations, care providers offer assistance in medication reminders, social activities, safety checks, health care advice, and more.

By providing emotional and practical support through care calls, seniors living alone can feel more secure knowing they have someone looking out for them, even when loved ones aren’t close by.

Community Phone’s Caregiver Plan: An Invaluable Resource For Seniors

Community Phone's Caregiver Plan

Community Phone's Caregiver Plan is an excellent option for seniors who want to stay connected and receive regular care calls without relying on a Life Alert service. The plan offers a range of features to help seniors maintain their independence while providing peace of mind to their caregivers. Below is a detailed breakdown of what’s included:

1. Landline Phone Service

Community Phone offers a safe, reliable landline phone service for seniors that doesn't require internet. It offers unlimited nationwide calling, a 30-second set-up, and even works during power outages. It is the most reliable way to stay in touch with loved ones in the United States.

New customers can get a new local number or keep their existing one. Community Phone is proud to have helpful customer service representatives who specialize in assisting seniors, whether politely addressing their inquiries or providing health check-in calls.

Health Check In Calls

2. Reminder & Care Calls

Community Phone’s reminder call feature reminds seniors about essential details and events, such as medications and appointments. It is an excellent feature for people who are forgetful or just want a gentle nudge about essential things. Seniors can set up repeat reminders (e.g., daily) or one-time (e.g., on a specific date) in their Caregiver Portal.

Family members can also use this feature to regularly send loving messages to loved ones (e.g., calling your mother every day to say “Sally loves you!”).

Reminder Calls

3. 911 Emergency Protection

With this system, users get access to immediate 911 calls at the press of a button. In an emergency, users can wear a button on their wrist and press it to contact emergency services and notify carers.

4. Spam Call Blocking

Community Phone provides seniors with built-in spam call blocking that can stop unlawful and unwanted calls from reaching their landlines. This feature can help keep everyone safe from harm while preventing annoying interruptions throughout the day.

911 Emergency Protection


The Community Phone Caregiver Plan starts at $98/year, which includes landline phone service, reminder and care calls, 911 emergency protection, and spam-call-blocking.

The Verdict

The Community Phone Caregiver Plan is an affordable and reliable option for seniors who want to stay connected and secure. Whether you're a senior looking for independence or a caregiver seeking peace of mind, the Caregiver Plan is an excellent choice for reliable and affordable care calls.

The Benefits of Care Calls

Seniors can benefit greatly from care calls, providing essential support and guidance in medication reminders, social activities, safety checks, and more. Here are five benefits of care calls for seniors living alone:

1. Social Connection

Care calls offer seniors living alone an opportunity to stay socially connected with the outside world. It can be precious for those who may not have family or friends nearby to provide this social interaction. Care providers offer a friendly voice on the other end of the line, providing conversation and companionship that can help prevent feelings of loneliness and isolation.

2. Safety Checks

Another benefit of care calls is that care providers can provide safety checks that can help ensure their clients are safe and well cared for. Regular check-ins allow care providers to address issues or concerns before they become serious proactively. For example, they ensure medications are taken regularly, identify potential health risks, check in on mobility aid equipment, and so on.

3. Emotional Support

In addition to practical care needs, care calls provide an invaluable emotional support service for seniors living alone. These conversations allow care providers to offer emotional support by being there as a friendly voice to talk with, discuss worries or concerns, reminisce about old memories, or listen when needed.

4. Healthcare Advice

Care calls also provide care providers with the chance to offer healthcare advice and guidance when needed. They could include reminders about regular medical check-ups and screenings, assistance understanding medical advice from healthcare professionals, recommendations for lifestyle changes (e.g., diet and exercise), information about important vaccines or treatments, etc.

5. Medication Reminders

For many seniors living alone, it can be challenging to keep track of medication schedules or dosages without having someone else around who knows their routine. Care calls enable care providers to remind them when it’s time to take their medication and ensure they’re taking it correctly according to their doctor’s instructions.

Choosing The Right Care Call Service Provider

When it comes to caring calls for seniors living alone, it is essential to choose a care call service provider that can provide the quality care and support they need. To find the best provider, there are several factors you should consider:

1. Experience

The care provided by care call service providers should always be of the highest standard. When choosing a care call provider for an elderly care recipient, look for someone with experience in senior care and knowledgeable about the specific needs of seniors. They should understand aging-related health issues, medications, mental health conditions, and other medical issues common among seniors.

2. Availability

Care calls usually occur on a regular schedule agreed upon by both parties. It is essential to make sure that your care call provider has enough availability to meet your senior’s care needs. Carers recommend asking how quickly they can respond if emergencies arise outside their regular schedule.

3. Cost

The cost of care calls varies depending on the service type and frequency. Make sure you know all fees associated with their services before deciding so you know what costs you may incur upfront or down the road if additional care is needed. You should also inquire about any discounts or special offers from potential providers.

4. Compatibility

It is essential that seniors feel comfortable with their care call provider as these conversations are often intimate and personal. Consider whether they would be compatible - do they have similar interests? Are they likely to get along well?

5. Technology

When selecting a care call provider, ensure they are familiar with modern technology such as smartphones, tablets, life alert alternatives, and computers to connect easily via video chat or voice calls if needed.

They should also be able to use various apps and programs designed specifically for providing senior home care services remotely - such as medication reminders, safety check-ins, and more.


What is a care call?

A care call is a phone call designed to provide support and care for seniors living alone. It acts as a “lifeline” for elderly individuals who may feel lonely or isolated. Care calls are often scheduled regularly, allowing those receiving care to connect with someone they can trust and talk to.

Is there a phone service to check on elderly?

Yes, there is a phone service to check on elderly individuals. Community Phone's Caregiver Plan is the ideal care solution for elderly individuals living by themselves. Our care calls connect those in need, offering care, support, and comfort each day. Through these valuable care calls, we can ensure that seniors who live alone have someone to check up on them.

Is there a daily check in for seniors living alone?

Yes, there is a daily check in for seniors living alone. Our care calls provide a lifeline to our most vulnerable community members, offering daily care and comfort. Community Phone's Caregiver Plan is the perfect solution for seniors living alone and needing check-ins.


In conclusion, care calls can be a lifesaver for seniors living alone. With Community Phone's Caregiver Plan, families can ensure their loved ones receive the care and support they need while maintaining their independence.

Investing in care call services like those provided by Community Phone will give you, and your senior loved one peace of mind knowing that help is only a phone call away! The plan provides daily check-in phone calls from trained professionals who care about your family’s well-being and safety.

By taking advantage of this service, you can ensure that your elderly parent or relative is never left feeling lonely or neglected when living independently.

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