Blog/How To Get A US Phone Number {Step By Step Guide}

How To Get A US Phone Number {Step By Step Guide}

How To Get A US Phone Number {Step By Step Guide}

With tons of virtual US phone number services available today, getting a US phone number is as easy as ABC. Gone are the days when you'd need to contact phone providers and go through a strenuous process to get your US contact number. If you are wondering how to get a US number, read on!

Getting a US phone number from Community Phone, the best wireless landline service provider in the US is effortless and takes only a few minutes. In this step-by-step guide, we will talk about getting a USA phone number from start to finish.

Why Do You Need a US Phone Number?

Here are some reasons why you would need a phone number from the United States:

a) If your business serves (or will be serving) US customers but isn't based there

b) If you have registered as an LLC in Texas or any other US state, but your company is based outside the US, it's best to get a US number to connect with your US customers.

When you get a local, toll-free, or vanity number from Community Phone, you can get your US number in minutes and use unlimited minutes from them to call your acquaintances, customers, and loved ones.

Benefits of Having a US Phone Number

1. Legitimacy

US customers are likelier to answer calls from other US numbers only. Make your business appear legitimate with a US number, helping your customers build trust in your brand.

2. No Extra Charges

You can reach out to customers without incurring international calling fees with your US phone number. Your customers will not incur additional charges when contacting your company for questions or fixing problems.

3. Tailored Customer Service

If your customers are concentrated in specific cities, you can obtain a local phone number carrying the city's area code, making it easier for them to reach out to you. The local number can also help you grow your business, as several studies report that people wouldn't mind spending more to help a local business.

How to Get a US Number? Step-by-Step Guide

1. Call Community Phone Customer Care

To get started, call customer care at 866-937-3108. You can call Community Phone's fantastic customer support for questions, guidance, and support. The customer support team operates 24/7 and will provide all the help you need during and after the signup phase.

The customer care rep will check your area for coverage and help you with the signup process, which should only take minutes.

2. Check the Availability of Your Required Number

The next step is to check the availability of your required number. If you have a target city and need numbers specific to such an area, indicate them in your request. Customer care will check and present you with a list of the available numbers.

3. Select Your Desired Plan

Community Phone offers business and residential plans to fit different customers' needs and budgets. Business owners can choose between various plans available - basic, Premium, or customized- per their specific needs. Your Community Phone account manager will be happy to assist you in picking the right features for your business.

4. Start Your Free-trial

Once you are done with the sign-up, your account manager will help you get started with the 14-day risk-free trial. The 24/7 reliable customer care and your account manager will work with you to answer any questions or concerns you may have to ensure you enjoy being a part of the Community Phone family.

Who Is Community Phone?

Community Phone is the best wireless landline service in the US. Their landline service does not require the internet or copper connection as it works off of cell towers in your area. The company has affordable plans for businesses and households and does not bind you in contracts.

With unlimited nationwide calling, great calling features, and 24/7 reliable customer care, Community Phone offers the reliability of a landline phone, features like an internet-based phone, and the freedom of wireless access in one.

Image of Community Phone business landline service

How Does It Work?

Community Phone powers your phone with its revolutionary wireless landline base. The landline base connects your business phone to cell towers in your area, eliminating the need for an internet or copper connection.

Save money and time on expensive installations with the DIY installation of the landline base. Here is how you can connect the landline base in under 30 seconds.

1. Connect your landline base to a power outlet

2. Plug your phone into the jack that says Phone1/Phone 2 on the landline base.

3. Toggle the ON/OFF switch at the back of the base to the ON position.

4. Power on the landline base.

5. The base will attempt to connect to cell towers in your area

6. Once all the lights on the base turn green, you can make or receive calls.

Why Choose Community Phone For Your US Phone Number?

Here are some great calling features from Community Phone that you can tailor to suit the unique needs of businesses and households.

1. Spam Call Blocking

Protect your loved ones and employees from unwanted calls and scams with the Community Phone's spam call-blocking service. This powerful service blocks 99% of robocalls and spam calls, preventing unnecessary traffic and enabling your customers to connect with you uninterruptedly.

2. Call Routing

When several customers reach out to your customer support phone number simultaneously, Community Phone places these calls in a queue and routes them to the following available individual or group so that the waiting time is significantly reduced.

You can program several phone numbers to ring all at once to ensure someone is available to answer the phone. You can also have the call roll over to the second number and then the third if either of the numbers is busy or doesn't answer with the Community Phone call-routing feature.

3. Call Forwarding

Easily forward incoming calls to a different number and increase your availability for your customer. With the call forwarding feature, you no longer have to worry about missing your customers' calls or being scared of listing your number in the public domain, as you can send the call to your available number using the call forwarding feature.

This feature is excellent for people or startups who manage all customer interactions, are on the move constantly, and do not want to invest in a landline base.

4. Custom Dial Menu

Create a great first impression, minimize wait time, and route their calls to the appropriate person or department with the Community Phone custom-dial menu. You can program the automated answering service of the menu to route calls, answer FAQs, share business information, or route to voicemail.

5. Voicemail-to-email

Get voicemail delivered to your email inbox as a .wav file and text and access the email from any mobile device or computer without needing to call your voicemail.

6. Number Choice

If you are wondering how to get a US number to help you scale and measure your marketing campaigns, Community Phone's number choices give you the answer.

Get a local number to gather support from local buyers, and build trust. Map your toll-free number to your marketing campaigns to access the data and tweak your marketing campaigns. Get a vanity number like 1-844-CAR WASH to help customers remember your business quickly to bring in more referrals and revenue.

Benefits of Choosing Community Phone

1. No internet required: Bid farewell to internet-dependent phones as Community Phone allows you to contact your business acquaintances or loved ones without needing an internet connection or a traditional landline.

2. Unlimited nationwide phone calls: Reach out to customers, family, and friends in the US with unlimited minutes. Expand your business by connecting with as many prospects as possible and build solid relationships with family and friends with Community Phone's unlimited nationwide calling feature.

3. Unlimited text messages: Enjoy unlimited personalized messaging to clients and loved ones in the US with Community Phone. Take business or personal communication to a higher level with two-way messaging, which allows you to send and receive SMS from your user portal.

This landline texting feature makes it easier for customers to interact with your business and boosts trust and satisfaction.

4. Quick setup: Connect the Community Phone landline base in under 30 seconds and save money and time on installations. You don't need a technician to connect your landline base. Connect it to a power outlet and plug your phone into the base and you are all set.

5. 24/7 reliable customer support: Always talk to an actual representative when you call the 24/7 customer care of Community Phone. A rep, not a bot, will answer your questions or address your concerns until you are satisfied with the resolution, helping you build trust and a bond with the company.


1. How to get a US phone number?

Here are the steps to get a US phone number from Community Phone, the best wireless landline service provider in the US.

1. Call the Community Phone customer care at 866-937-3108

2. The rep will check for coverage in your area

3. Signup with Community Phone

4. Choose the plan for your household or business

5. Choose the number you want - local, toll-free, or vanity

6. Once the signup process is complete, Congratulations! You have your US phone number.

2. How to get a free US number?

You can get a free US number from Google Voice or WhatsApp. But these services are heavy internet-based and come with the typical internet phone woes - jitter, latency, call drops, or being down during outages. So, they may not be excellent choices for businesses or households.

Community Phone, the best wireless landline service provider in the US, is an excellent alternative for VoIP services. Talk to their customer care at 866-937-3108 to get more information on their affordable plans, fantastic customer service, no contracts or hidden charges, and a FREE 14-day trial.

Conclusion - The Bottom Line

Signing up with any provider can get you a US number, but not the quality of service you want for your loved ones or business. While large carriers are retiring traditional landline service, internet-based phones have inconvenienced several people with call drops, jitter, latency, and outages.

Switch to Community Phone, the best wireless landline service provider in the US, fighting to keep the landline alive. With excellent calling features, remarkable customer service, affordable plans, and no contracts or hidden charges, Community Phone is your landline service!

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