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How to Cancel A Voicemail Before It’s Too Late

How to Cancel A Voicemail Before It’s Too Late

Have you ever left a voicemail on an office or cell phone that you wish you could delete? If your answer is yes to the above question, just read on for a quick and easy solution.

This article will show you how to cancel a voicemail in a few simple steps with no step skipped.

How to Cancel a Voicemail Message

Note: You can cancel/delete a voicemail if you are on the same call. It is impossible to erase a sent voicemail if you disconnect the call.

Step 1: Access the Recipient’s Menu

1. Stay on the line without disconnecting the call.

2. Access the recipient's voicemail menu by pressing the * or # key.

This option will work on most landlines and mobile phones unless the recipient has altered the options.

Step 2: Listen to the Menu

Each carrier will have a different process, so ensure you pay attention. If you cannot access the options through the menu, you can try these steps for common carriers:

Step 3: Look for the 'Delete' or 'Record' option

Pay close attention to the voicemail menu and be on the look out for an option to erase or re-record. Take necessary precautions before sending the voicemail.

How to Cancel a Voicemail on a Community Phone Landline

Follow these steps to cancel a voicemail and record a new one on your Community Phone landline:

1. After you have recorded a voicemail, the system will give you options to

  • Save the message
  • Delete the message, or
  • More options

2. Press 7 to delete the voicemail message.

3. Record a fresh message and Press 9 to save it.

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Get Community Phone for Better Call Management

Image of Community Phone landline service

Community Phone is the best wireless landline service for households and businesses in the US. The company’s landline base connects your phone to cell towers in your area, ensuring coverage across 99% of the US and eliminating the need for internet or copper connections.

Get superior voice quality in rural and low-reception areas, unlimited nationwide calling, world-class support, and the ability to stay connected during power outages at affordable prices. With features like voicemail-to-email, custom dial menu, call routing, landline texting, and many more, Community Phone is the best landline service.

How Does It Work?

The Community Phone landline base works off cell tower signals, ensuring you don’t need an internet or copper connection to get a dial tone. The built-in antennae amplify mobile signals to guarantee superior voice quality in low-reception areas.

The landline base’s unique design ensures quick installation and does not need a technician. Hook the base to a power outlet and connect a phone. Turn on the switch on the base and power it on. The base will try to connect your phone to cell towers, and you can make calls once all the lights on the base turn green.

Community Phone Features

1. Voicemail

a) Business Voicemail Greetings

Minimize hold or wait time for customers by allowing them to leave a voicemail. Create professional business voicemail greetings to build a professional image for your business. Ensure your voicemail greeting has information on estimated response time to set clear expectations in the customer’s mind.

b) Voicemail-to-email

****Respond to missed calls promptly, build customer loyalty, and foster goodwill with the Community Phone voicemail-to-email feature. This voicemail forward option forwards your voice messages as audio files and text (transcripts) to the email associated with your Community Phone user account. Creating a common mailbox can enable your employees to respond to missed calls promptly based on priority.

c) Voicemail to text

****Voicemail to text, also known as voicemail texting, is a function in Community Phone that transcribes the audio message of a voicemail to text. So if you don’t want to listen to the audio message all the time, it’s easier to transcribe to text and read it anytime you like.

d) Voicemail Capacity and Limitations

****Community Phone has a voicemail storage capacity of 30 minutes with a message duration of 3 minutes. We offer competitive storage limits to our users.

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2. Custom Dial Menu

Automate incoming call handling with Community Phone’s custom dial menu that has a multilevel answering service. You can program the menu to route customer calls to the appropriate person or department, share important information, answer FAQs, and route to voicemail during peak or off-business hours.

3. Call Routing

Ensure world-class service for your customers through Community Phone’s efficient call routing every time they call your business. You can program several phones in your business to ring simultaneously to ensure an available representative answers the call. Or, program a second number to ring in succession if the first number is busy or does not answer to ensure your business is available for your customer always.

Benefits of Switching to Community Phone

Here are some benefits of switching to Community Phone:

Unlimited nationwide calling: Stay in touch with your loved ones or business associates across the US with unlimited minutes.

No internet required: The wireless landline base connects your phone to cell towers ensuring you don’t need internet for a dial tone on your phone.

24/7 reliable support: Experience world-class support with a live rep when you contact Community Phone customer care via phone, email, or live chat.

Works during power outages: With its 12-hour backup battery, the landline base ensures your phones continue working during power outages or blackouts.

Quick setup: You can install the landline base in 30 seconds without help from a technician or messy copper wires.

How to Delete Sent Voicemail on Your Android or iPhone

It is common these days to find yourself recording a voicemail that you may regret making a short while later.

Almost all of us are often guilty of such situations. Sometimes, we imagine how to delete the sent voicemail or even start to re-record another one.

In this part of the article, we will share with you the various steps to follow to delete your sent voicemail on both android and iOS phones.

Steps to Delete Voicemail on Android Phone

Caveat: This step is permanent and can’t be reversed once completed. So be aware before you proceed.

1. Launch the voicemail app on your android phone.

2. Press Voicemail at the bottom

3. Select a voicemail, then click the three-dotted menu.

4. Press Delete

5. To delete more than one voicemail, press and hold the first voicemail message, then More items.

6. Select “Delete” then check the “I understand” box > “Delete.”

Steps to Delete Voicemail on iPhone

These steps will guide you to delete voicemail messages from your Apple iPhone

  1. From the Home screen, select the Phone app.

If an app isn't found on your Home screen, swipe left to access the App Library.

  1. Tap the Voicemail icon.
  2. Click the desired message, then tap the Trashcan icon.

For devices running iOS 12.4 or lower, tap Delete.

  1. Press Deleted Messages.
  2. Select Clear All (upper-right).
  3. From the prompt, tap Clear All to confirm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cancel a voicemail?

No, you cannot cancel a voicemail that you have already sent.

The fact is that after you leave a voicemail and hang up, it will not be possible to cancel it.

In this case, you will need to access the recipient’s phone and have the voicemail pin to access the menu, delete it, or re-record it afresh.

Can you hear the voicemails you sent?

No, you cannot listen to the voicemail you sent. Whiles still connected, you can have a chance to listen, edit or possibly delete the message. But you won't be able to hear or do anything to it after sending it.

How to know if you left a voicemail?

That will require some extra effort. You can call your voicemail service to check your messages and view a list of your voicemails in your Phone app. Open the Phone app. At the bottom, tap Dialpad. Touch and hold 1.

What to press after leaving a voicemail?

No need to press anything. Although some people are in the habit of pressing the pound key after all. You don’t have to key anything to enable your recorded message to go. Start recording after you hear the beep sound, and after the recording, that is it.


So long as we keep using the voicemail facility on our phones, chances are that one day we may come face to face with the need to know how to cancel a voicemail we leave erroneously. Sometimes we may be in a hurry, or it may be due to lack of concentration, or as a result of multitasking or just any other reason, we may just record and send a wrong message. This article has provided all the details you need to know to be able to cancel a voicemail. Follow the simple steps, and if anything, you can leave your comment below, and we will do well to get back as soon as possible.

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