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How to Call Ireland from the US

How to Call Ireland from the US

Do you need to learn how to call Ireland from the U.S. to keep in touch with friends and colleagues worldwide? Calling Ireland from the U.S. is easier than you might think. In this Community Phone guide, you can find four easy steps for calling Ireland from the U.S.

Whether you're calling Ireland for business or personal reasons, Community Phone can provide you with the connection you need.

With low rates for international calls and 99% coverage throughout the United States, it's no surprise that Community Phone is the premier landline telephone service in the U.S. No matter where you're calling, Community Phone provides the reliable service you need.

Here's a detailed explanation of how to call Ireland from the U.S.

How To Call Ireland from The US?

With Community Phone, calling Ireland from the U.S. is simple and convenient! Here are four simple steps to placing your call overseas.

1. Enter the U.S Exit code or IDD.

The first step should be to dial the U.S. exit code: 011. Dialing 011 tells your operator that you will be placing a call to a different country.

2. Dial Country Code

Dial Ireland's country code: 353. This code will ensure that your call makes its way to Ireland.

3. Dial Area Code

You can dial the area code of the city you want to reach. Area codes in Ireland are one to two digits in length.

4. Input the Phone Number

After you've dialed the area code, it is time to proceed with the phone number you are calling. In Ireland, phone numbers are typically 7 digits long.

After you complete these steps, your number will look like this: 011-353-xx-xxxxxxx

Ireland Code For Popular Cities

Image of Ireland City Codes

Example - How To Dial Dublin From the U.S.

Here's a step-by-step example of how to dial Dublin from the U.S.:

1. Dial the U.S. exit code 011.

2. Dial Ireland entry code 353.

3. Dial 1 (Dublin area code).

4. Dial the 7-digit phone number: (011-353-1-xxxxxxx)

5 Things to Consider Before Calling Ireland From the USA

When you are placing an international call to any country, there are 5 things you will need to consider.

1. Country Exit Code

A country exit code, also known as an international access code, is a sequence of numbers that allows you to place an international call. You will need to use an exit code when dialing any country outside of the one that houses your phone number. The country exit code for the U.S is 011.

2. Country Code

When you type in a country's dial-in code, you will automatically reach their phone network. After dialing the country code, you can easily dial your party's phone number to establish contact internationally.

3. City/Area Code

The city or area code of the person you are trying to contact is also essential to dial Ireland from the U.S. This code directs you to the city or town where your party's phone number is based.

4. Time Zone

Whenever you are placing a call internationally, it is essential to consider the time zone of the person you are calling. If you call when they are asleep, they might miss your call entirely. Ireland's time zone is Irish Standard Time (GMT+1). Make sure to check what time it is before calling!

5. International Calling Rates

There will be an international calling rate depending on what service provider you are using to call Ireland. You will have to pay these fees per minute on your international call. The average cost of dialing Ireland from the U.S. is $1.49 to $1.69 per minute. However, when you choose Community Phone, you can expect to pay less than 29 cents per minute.

Basic Rates of International Call To Ireland (by Service Provider)

Regardless of what country you are calling, international calls are associated with fees. The charges for international calls can often vary depending on your service provider and where you are calling. Here are call rates you can expect when you call Ireland from the U.S. using some of the most popular service providers.

1. Community Phone

Community Phone stands out for its low prices, especially regarding the cost of placing international calls. The rates for calling Ireland from the U.S. using Community Phone range from $0.03 to $0.29 per minute.

2. Verizon

To make a basic call to Ireland from the U.S. using Verizon, you can expect to pay $1.99 per minute.

Verizon also offers a Global Calling Plus plan, allowing you to call Ireland from the U.S. for $15 per month. However, there is an additional fee of 19 cents per minute when calling a mobile phone in Ireland.

3. Spectrum

If you have Spectrum as your phone service provider, you can expect to pay anywhere from $0.09 to $0.28 per minute to call Ireland from the U.S., depending on calls to a landline or a cell phone.

4. AT&T

AT&T is another service provider that offers international calling plans for a flat rate of $ 15 per month. However, when calling Ireland from the U.S., you will have to pay additional charges of up to $0.07 per minute.

Without their international calling plan, you can expect to pay $0.12 to $0.16 per minute to call Ireland from the U.S.

5. CenturyLink

The base rate for international calls to Ireland through CenturyLink is $0.76 per minute. Keep in mind that there is also a 1 dollar fee per international call through CenturyLink.


Xfinity also offers an unlimited international plan to its customers. When you purchase the Xfinity Voice Unlimited plan for an additional $9.95 per month, you will gain access to up to 300 minutes of landline calls from the U.S. to Ireland.

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How do you dial +353?

To dial Ireland's country code (+353), you must press 3,5,3 on your phone. It is safe to omit the + when dialing a country code on a mobile or landline phone.

How do I dial an Irish phone number?

To dial an Irish phone number, you will need to include the country code for Ireland (+353) and the area code of your party, followed by their 7-digit phone number.

What is the two-letter country code for Ireland?

The two-letter country code for Ireland is I.E.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to Community Phone; you no longer have to wonder how to call Ireland from the U.S. Whether you are calling Ireland from the U.S. for personal or professional reasons, this service provider has you covered. When you choose Community Phone for your landline needs, you can rest easy knowing that your calls will be high-quality and budget-friendly.

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