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How To Cancel Your Cox Service

Cox customers have been dissatisfied with the company's poor customer service, poor service, expensive plans, and extreme customer apathy as they have a monopoly in some areas.

If you are a dissatisfied Cox customer looking for a reliable and affordable landline alternative, read on. This article provides information on how you can cancel Cox's service and switch to the best Cox alternative.

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How To Cancel Cox Service?

Cox's cancellation process is very straightforward. Follow these steps to cancel your Cox service.

  1. You can contact Cox customer service or visit a Cox store to start the account transfer process.
  2. However, please remember that Cox has some limitations and can't transfer things like service agreements and voicemail messages.
  3. You can contact the Cox Billing and Account Service department at +1-800-234-3993 between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  4. If you want to reach them via their website.
  5. If you inform Cox about your cancellation before they generate your bill, they will pro-rate your bill when disconnecting the service. The company will bill you for the partial month of services utilized before the disconnection.
  6. Contact their customer service for further assistance to cancel their service or port your existing number to another provider.

Why Should You Cancel Cox Services?

Here are some reasons customers want to cancel Cox's service and need a reliable alternative.

1. Geographical Limitations

Cox's internet-based landline service is available only in 19 states. With internet services being non-existent or patchy in rural and suburban areas, you may have patchy landline service or no service from Cox.

2. Unhelpful Customer Support

Customers have been vocal about how unhelpful Cox's customer service is. There are long wait times to reach support personnel, and they transfer customers repeatedly without assisting them. Repeating information too often and getting different information from different reps is a common complaint.

3. Fraudulent Charges

Several customers claim that they were charged fraudulently or additionally due to erroneous billing. Some customers claim that they have yet to receive a satisfactory resolution from Cox 6-9 months after highlighting additional or fraudulent charges.

4. Unreliable Connectivity

Customers have expressed extreme dissatisfaction with Cox's unreliable connectivity. Call quality and clarity on Cox's fiber service phones depend on your internet speed and consistency.

Since consistent internet connectivity and speeds are subject to time of the day, network congestion, and your device, you may have call drops and poor voice quality on your Cox home phone.

5. Phones will Go Down During a Power Outage.

Your Cox phone service will go down during a power or network outage or scheduled or unscheduled maintenance.

You can buy a battery backup for the modem as an add-on when you check out, as shown on the Cox website. However, the battery backup can only help you if you have a power outage. If Cox has an outage or other issues, your fiber phone lines will be down.

6. Expensive Bundled Options

You must bundle your landline with expensive internet, cable, or OTT from Cox. This bundling can considerably increase your phone bills and hamper your customer experience as all your devices will use the same internet connection. Getting high-speed internet for a better experience can only mean a costlier phone bill.

7. Safety and Security Issues

Calls from your Cox landlines may leave you vulnerable to hacks, attacks, malware, and internet-related threats, as it uses the internet for voice communication. Hackers may intercept your data, leading to data and identity theft.

For example, you may be liable for credit cards, expensive purchases, and loans you never took.

8. Installation Costs and Challenges

To get a Cox landline, you must install fiber-optic cables at home as it needs the internet. The expertise required for fiber-optic installation and the delicate nature of the cables make the entire process complex and expensive. A minor breakage or an incorrect setup could lead to myriad problems leaving you stranded without a landline.

You may also have to invest in a modem/router, ethernet cables, etc., to ensure you have a landline.

Switch to Community Phone - The Best Cox Alternative

Community Phone is the best home phone service in the US, providing reliability and excellent voice quality. The Community Phone landline base does not require internet or fiber connections to power your landline. The built-in antennas on the base provide superior voice quality and reliability on your landlines by amplifying mobile signals even in rural areas.

When you sign up with Community Phone or port your existing number, you get fantastic features like call forwarding, call history, landline texting, call waiting, spam call blocking, and more. With world-class support, unlimited nationwide calls and texts, No hidden charges, and No deposits or credit checks, Community Phone is the best wireless service provider in the US.

What Makes Community Phone Better than Cox?

Here are some salient Community Phone features that make it better than most Cox

1. Reliable Landline Service Without Bundles

Community Phone is the best wireless landline service in the US, and it is fighting to keep the landline alive. The company provides

  1. affordable and reliable landline service,
  2. the freedom of wireless access, and
  3. excellent calling features without bundling it with the internet or other services you don't need.

2. No Hidden Charges

Community Phone boasts transparency and does not surprise customers with hidden charges on their bills. You pay what you signed up for.

3. Zero Cost Installation

You do not need a technician or advanced skills to install your Community Phone landline. You can set up your landline in 30 seconds with the following steps:

1. Unwrap the landline base

An image of Community Phone landline base

2. Connect the base to a power outlet. Do not turn it on yet.

An image of Community Phone landline base connected to power outlet

3. Hook your phone to the base per instructions in the manual

An image of Community Phone landline base connected to landline phone

4. Toggle the ON/OFF switch to the ON position

An image of Community Phone landline base turned on

5. Turn on the power and wait for 5 mins. Once the base finishes setup, make a test call to ensure your phone works as intended.

An image of Community Phone landline base finishing starting up

4. Reliability

Resilient technology and thoughtfulness make your Community Phone landline the most reliable option to stay connected with loved ones and emergency services. Their landline base works off resilient cell towers with power backups to support them during a massive outage. The base also has a 12-hour backup battery that keeps your phone working during a power outage or blackout in your area.

5. Connectivity

Community Phone has partnered with nationwide carriers to ensure coverage across 99% of the US. Since the wireless landline base does not need an internet connection to work, you will not face issues such as call drops, jitter, or latency.

6. Call Quality

Community Phone has partnered with carriers nationwide to ensure robust coverage and clear voice quality in rural areas. The landline base has built-in antennas that amplify mobile signals to ensure crystal-clear voice quality in poor-reception areas.

7. Security

Since Community Phone does not tie your landline to the internet, it does not leave you vulnerable to hacks, attacks, data, or identity theft. You get an additional layer of security as the wireless landline cannot be wiretapped like conventional landlines.

8. No Geographical Limitations

Community Phone's landline service covers 99% of the US, including rural areas, making geographical limitations and the monopoly of certain carriers a thing of the past. Take your landline with you anywhere across the country. You only need a power outlet and a phone to get reliable landline service without changing your number, as Community Phone works off local cell towers.

9. Flexibility

Experience extreme flexibility with your Community Phone landline, as you can take it anywhere without changing the number. Plug it into a power outlet and a phone, and your landline will work as well as new! Community Phone's partnership with nationwide carriers and the unique landline base design ensure excellent voice quality and connectivity across 99% of the US.

10. Emergency Tracking

First responders can easily track your location in an emergency, as they can trace the data originating from the cell tower and zero in on your location.

11. Hardware

You don't need fancy equipment for your Community Phone landline, except the landline base and a SIM. You will receive the SIM with the base when you sign up with Community Phone.

The landline base is compatible with all phone models, saving you the hassle of buying new phone equipment. Save time and money with the zero-cost installation of the landline base.

Community Phone Landline Features

Spam Call Blocking

68.4 million Americans were victims of phone scams in 2022, a 23% increase from 2021. Manual call blocking is no longer practical due to scammers' persistent attacks. According to reports, con artists have discovered a technique to get around the STIR/SHAKEN regulations that the government has implemented for customer safety. You need a spam blocker to block unwanted calls before your phone rings.

Get the Community Phone spam-blocker, your one-stop solution to barring unwanted and unlawful calls from ringing your phone. The spam blocker challenges robocalls and blocks them before the call can ring your phone, ensuring protection against spam.

An image of Community Phone landline spam call blocking process

The "Safelist," a new Community Phone feature, allows you to list the numbers you want to accept calls from. Your phone will ring to let calls from these numbers through and block all others before the phone rings. You can update your allowed list anytime to add or delete numbers, or Community Phone specialists will be happy to assist you.

Studies report that several people miss legitimate calls fearing spam. Understanding the need to balance robust spam protection and legitimate calls, Community Phone is launching another iteration of the Safelist soon.

This feature will allow you to accept calls from numbers you want and route the rest to voicemail. Since Community Phone will not block other numbers, you can check your voice messages and respond to the ones you deem necessary.

The soon-to-be-launched "blocklist" is an aggressive spam blocker that blocks over 6 million spam calls based on an ever-growing database of spam numbers and a spam score. You can actively contribute to this database by adding a spam number to protect yourself and other Community Phone customers from scams and fraud.

An image of Community Phone landline spam call blocker feature

Talk to Community Phone specialists to learn more!

Call Waiting

The call-waiting feature helps you handle two calls simultaneously. You will hear 2 beeps when there is an incoming call while you are engaged on one call. You can place the first call on hold, talk to the second caller, or route it to voicemail.

Call Forwarding

Enable call forwarding to forward important calls when you cannot answer them from your business landline. You can opt from one of the several Community Phone options to forward your business calls to a number of your choice.

Temporary Forwarding: Use the manual process to turn call forwarding ON/OFF if you are temporarily away from your business phone. Here's how you can enable it:

  1. Get a dial tone
  2. Dial **21*1
  3. Dial the 10-digit number you want the calls forwarded to and #
  4. Three beeps will indicate you have enabled call forwarding

Follow the same steps, but press ##21# to turn off call forwarding.

Unconditional Forwarding: Forward all calls from your landline to a cell phone or another number of your choice and ditch your landline.

Conditional Forwarding: You can program several phone numbers to ring simultaneously with one incoming call, allowing the person available to answer the call.

You can also have numbers ring in succession if the first number is busy or does not answer. For example, your cell phone can ring if you do not answer your landline within 20 seconds.

An image of Community Phone landline call forwarding feature

Call History

Enable the call history feature and access information on incoming and outgoing calls to and from your Community Phone landline.

You can use this feature to

  1. Return missed calls from known contacts
  2. Store legitimate contacts
  3. Check caller information against known contacts
  4. Send a message or
  5. Block spam calls.

An image of Community Phone landline call history page

Caller ID

On Outgoing Calls

Opt for the caller ID feature so the recipient can see your number or name when you make outbound calls. This feature can help loved ones answer your call or return missed calls without mistaking them as spam.

Incoming Calls

You will be able to see the caller ID of the person calling you if:

  1. The person has enabled caller ID.
  2. Has registered in the national register
  3. Your phone can support the caller ID feature.

Community Phone does not use third-party apps to provide the caller ID feature.

Landline Texting

Studies reveal that millennials and later generations prefer texting to talking. Stay in touch with younger children or grandchildren by texting them from your Community Phone landline through the landline texting feature. The unlimited text feature and 2-way messaging enable you to see the messages from the recipient and continue the conversation.

An image of Community Phone landline texting feature

3-way Calling

Connect with 2 or more of your loved ones simultaneously with the 3-way calling feature, spend some great moments, and create memorable experiences. You can connect with your loved ones on the same call and hear them speak simultaneously without worrying about free calling apps, internet bandwidth, or patchy and dropped internet calls.

Benefits of Switching to Community Phone

Community Phone members enjoy the following benefits:

Unlimited nationwide calling and text: Stay in touch with loved ones across the US with Community Phone's unlimited talk and text.

No internet needed: The Community Phone landline base works off cell towers without tying your phone to the internet. Since your phones are not dependent on the internet, they will continue working during an internet outage or maintenance.

Number choice: You can get a new local number FREE when you sign up with Community Phone. You can also transfer your existing number through their unique hand-held porting process.

An image of Community Phone landline example phone number

Zero-cost Installation: The landline base does not require a technician to install it. You or anyone in your business or household can install your Community Phone landline in under 30 seconds and be ready to make calls in 5 mins.

An image of Community Phone landline installation process

24/7 reliable customer support: Contact Community Phone customer support via phone, email, and live chat 24/7 to experience world-class support from live agents. Glowing customer reviews on BBB and Trustpilot are testimonies of their commitment to customers.

Works during power outages: Save the money you would invest on installing costly inverters or backup power, as the 12-hour backup battery in the landline base ensures your phones continue working during power outages and blackouts.


Is it easy to cancel Cox?

You can cancel your Cox service by calling 1-888-952-3278 or visiting a Cox store.

Does Cox have a cancellation fee?

Yes, Cox customers must pay a cancellation fee if they cancel their services before their contract ends. Here's how it looks:

  1. You must pay a $120 cancellation fee on a one-year contract or a $240 fee on a two-year contract if you end service before your contract expires.
  2. But the cancellation fee gets lowered by $10 for every month you stay on your contract.


Canceling your Cox service is pretty straightforward. This article explained why you should cancel Cox's service and how to proceed.

Get Community Phone, the best Cox alternative, to enjoy the reliability of a landline, fantastic calling features, and wireless freedom. Get unlimited nationwide calling, world-class support. Talk to Community Phone specialists today to learn more!

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