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The Best Phone System for Remote Workers in 2023

Remote work has empowered companies to hire talent across the globe, increase work-life balance and productivity and decrease absenteeism and churn. Companies are constantly looking for new and upgraded technologies to encourage remote collaboration to keep employees happy and ensure a superior, unaffected end-user experience.

How can the best phone system for remote workers help your business and end users? Collaboration and seamless communication can be challenging when your remote team is distributed. Companies must route customer calls, provide voicemail access, and collaborate to brainstorm and solve customer issues.

Copper wire landlines cannot accommodate the ever-changing and evolving needs of the remote workforce. Businesses that have used VoIP-based phones have complained of call drops, latency, and crackled calls that have dented their reputation among their customers.

Switch to Community Phone, the best phone system for remote work that combines the reliability of a landline phone and freedom of wireless access. With several features - automated answering service, call routing and forwarding, live call transfer, recording, and more, Community Phone empowers your remote workforce to ensure a seamless end-user experience. Read on to learn more!

How to Choose a Phone System for Remote Work?

According to Lensa's research on workplace demands, remote work had the highest annual Google searches in 2022. Here are some things you need to keep in mind when choosing a phone system to support your remote workforce:


Reliability of the phone lines should be the key focus for companies looking at technology for their remote employees. While copper-wired phones are reliable, they do not have several features that enable remote collaboration.

VoIP-based phones may have several features that make collaboration seamless but unreliable due to internet availability and speed.

Community Phone offers a variety of VoIP features with the reliability of a copper wire landline through its wireless business landline service. The technology of their landline base and partnership with nationwide carriers ensures that you stay connected across 99% of the U.S, including rural areas.


Companies must ensure that their employees handle customers' data and company-related confidential information securely. VoIP phones are vulnerable to hacks and breaches as they use the internet for communication.

Community Phone's landline service is the best bet to handle confidential data securely as it is not vulnerable to breaches and hacks. Spam call blocking services the company offers ensure unwanted calls are blocked before your employees' phones ring, protecting them from fraudulent calls and scammers.

Best Phone System For Remote Workers and Employees

Community Phone's reliable and secure landline services are the best bet to empower your remote employees to collaborate among themselves and delight your customers. Their landline base connects to cell towers in your area to ensure robust coverage and seamless connectivity in 99% of the U.S, including rural areas.

Image of Community Phone business landline service

Important Work-from-Home Features

Some of the features Community Phone offers to ensure you get the best out of your remote phone system are:

Automated Answering Service

Route calls to the appropriate person, department, or voicemail, or answer frequently answered questions by programming your Community Phone automated answering service.

Create a great impression among your customers by uploading a custom greeting, setting business hours, or sharing success stories to help build your reputation.

Call Routing

Route calls to the appropriate departments or persons by programming several phones to ring concurrently. This feature enables an available employee to answer the caller. Varying time zones and flexible employee schedules could impact end-user experience negatively when people are unavailable to answer queries.

You can also program numbers to ring subsequently if the first line is busy, so the caller does not hang up and think of taking their business elsewhere.

If your business staffs multiple support people, you can have an automatic call distribution system that routes calls per specific programmed rules. Your Community Phone account manager will be happy to assist you with the option that best suits your business needs.

Call Forwarding

An emergency or fieldwork should not hamper remote work's flexibility for employees. Community Phone can forward calls to your employees' cell phones when they are unavailable to answer calls on their business phones, ensuring zero negative impact on customer experience.

Live Call Transfer

Program infinite phone extensions to enable your employees to collaborate and handle customer issues efficiently. Any employee can transfer the call to a programmed extension by pushing a button without placing the caller on hold.

This feature saves everyone the hassle of remembering and chasing employee cell phones.


Accessing voicemails as recordings or transcripts in your email allows you to free the bandwidth of the person who logs into the voicemail box to retrieve messages.

Creating a generic mail ID and mapping it with your voicemail can help employees access the mail and respond to the voicemails on priority.

Prevents Phishing and Call Tampering

Boost employee productivity with the Community Phone spam call blocking feature. You can prevent unwanted calls from reaching your landline using this feature, ensuring optimum utilization of your employees' time.

Works During Power Outages

VoIP phones will go down if the internet or power is down, posing challenges when your teams have to brainstorm or collaborate to help your customer.

Facilitate uninterrupted collaboration for your employees with the Community Phone landline base, which carries a 12-hour backup battery. Your employees' phones will continue working even during a power outage, enabling them to wow your customers without spending on a backup power unit.

How Does the Community Phone Landline Base Work?

The Community Phone wireless landline base connects to cell towers in your area, eliminating the need for internet, copper wire, or fiber optic installations. Save time and money, and get strong coverage in rural and low reception areas through the DIY landline base.

Anyone can set up the landline base in 2 steps:

1. Connect the landline base to the power outlet

2. Connect your phone to the phone jack on the landline base and power it on.

You are all set!

Benefits of Switching to Community Phone

Easy Setup

The DIY landline base from Community Phone ensures you don't need a technician or superior technical skills to install your phone. Just follow the simple instructions accompanying the landline base, and you will be ready to make and receive calls in minutes.


Many businesses opting for the Community Phone landlines for their remote employees have appreciated the portability of the phone. Quit worrying about employees moving residences and changing numbers, as the landline base works anywhere in the U.S, as long as you have a power outlet and signal for your cell phone. So, you can take your landline anywhere without the hassle of changing numbers.

24/7 Reliable Customer Support

Rest assured that Community Phone's 24/7 reliable customer support will address any questions or concerns your employees or you may have with their product or service. Your account manager will be glad to assist and expedite issue resolution to give you the reliable service that Community Phone stands for.


Get the best of the copper landline and VoIP world, without the limitations, with the revolutionary wireless landline service from Community Phone at unbelievably affordable prices.

Calculations on pricing for enterprise customers revealed that Community Phone is 31-35% cheaper than analog and digital landlines, 20-25% cheaper than VoIP, and a whopping 73% less expensive than a cell phone.


Community Phone offers one of the best solutions for your employees working from home. Wireless connectivity, superior call quality, easy setup, and the ability to work during power outages make Community Phone's landline system reliable, flexible, and unrivaled.

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