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May 31, 2022

5 Better Alternatives To AT&T Landline Phone Service

5 Better Alternatives To AT&T Landline Phone Service

AT&T, one of the largest landline service providers in the US, has neglected its copper-wire connections for over a decade. AT&T's landline phone services have become synonymous with low service quality, lengthy outages, price hikes, limited coverage, significant tax amounts, and forced upgrades today. This has led to many of their customers looking for alternatives to AT&T’s landline phone service.

The best landline phone service alternative to AT&T is Community Phone, a reliable landline service that eliminates the need for internet or copper wire connections. The landline base is easy to set up (30 seconds) and provides strong coverage across 99% of the cities in the US. The company does not bind you into contracts, has no hidden charges, and offers a 5% LIFETIME DISCOUNT to all senior citizens.

With affordable plans starting as low as $39/month, Community Phone’s landline service can save you hundreds of dollars on installation costs, setup, and maintenance. It is 31-35% cheaper than traditional and digital landlines, 20-25% cheaper than VoIP, and a whopping 73% cheaper than a cell phone.

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In this article, we’ll look at the top AT&T landline phone alternatives offering competitive and innovative landline services. Let’s dive in.

Best Alternatives to AT&T Landline Phone Service

Here are the top 5 best alternatives to the AT&T Home Phone Service:

  1. Community Phone
  2. Spectrum
  3. Cox
  4. Xfinity
  5. Verizon

1. Community Phone – A Revolutionary Wireless Landline Service

Community Phone

Community Phone is the best alternative to AT&T's landline phone service. A revolutionary wireless landline service provider that offers various advanced calling features at NO EXTRA COST. You don’t need an internet connection or copper wires to start using your Community Phone landline.

The landline base works by connecting your home phone to cell phone towers in your area. The partnership with the largest carriers nationwide ensures that you get strong coverage even in the most rural areas. The built-in antennas on the landline base amplify signal strength, so you can experience crystal clear sound quality even in areas with poor reception.

The landline base is also quick and easy to set up. When it arrives, you will need just 30 seconds to get your landline up and running.

Community Phone customers have been ecstatic that they could install the landline base themselves, just like we said they could.


1. No Internet or Copper Connection Needed:

  • Cost savings by not having to pay for an expensive “bundle” of services
  • Phone lines won’t go down during a power outage
  • Lesser downtime as curious chipmunks cannot chew on copper cables damaging them.

2. Quick and Easy 30-second Set-up:

Hassle-free and ZERO cost installation as you don’t need a technician to install your Community Phone landline base. You can do it yourself in just 30 seconds. Cost savings and Freedom from having to wait endlessly for technicians.

3. Unlimited Nationwide Calling at NO Additional Charges

Think of all the money you can save on long-distance calls!!

4. The Landline Base Packs a Battery with a 12-hour Backup

A unique feature of the Community Phone landline base is that it works even during power outages, unlike internet-based VoIP phones. More cost-savings as you won’t need to buy a backup power unit to stay connected during emergencies.

5. Approachable Happy and Personable Customer Care Agents

At Community Phone, landlines are our primary focus. Our Happy and Personable Customer Care Agents are experts at listening to and patiently helping out our customers.

Check out what Community Phone customers have to say about the excellent service they have received, on the Better Business Bureau.

BBB review 2
BBB review 1
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Customer Success at Community Phone

Customers and their feedback are the life force at Community Phone. The company encourages criticism and feedback from customers, as it helps them be “Customer Champions”.

While customer neglect and apathy are huge among several carriers, every employee at Community Phone is a “Customer Advocate”, and goes above and beyond to help customers.

Community Phone’s Happy and Personable Customer Care Agents watch all channels for customer feedback, engage immediately with unhappy customers, and work with them through their problems to ensure customer delight.

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2. Spectrum

Spectrum - AT&T Landline Phone Alternative

Spectrum is also a popular landline service that can serve as an alternative to AT&T’s landline services. However, there’s a catch: the landline service requires a subscription to either internet or TV service as well. So if you’re looking for a landline service only, Spectrum is not your ideal option. 


  • Instant tracing to 911 services
  • Call waiting and speed dial
  • Readable voicemail 
  • Optional international calling


Spectrum require you to bundle your home phone with an internet or TV package, which comes out to be quite expensive. In addition. many customers are unhappy with their service because of the slow internet connection, unhelpful and rude customer support, and differences in billing.

Check out more customer reviews on Trustpilot, while you are in the process of checking out landline alternatives to AT&T phone service, to make a more informed decision.

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3. Cox

Cox - AT&T Landline Phone Service Alternative

Cox is a landline phone service that packs 14+ calling features, promises clear sound quality, and unlimited calling across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. With the Simultaneous Ring feature, you can answer phone calls from anywhere at home.

The company also has automated features that block annoying robot calls. Speed dial, caller ID, and customization are some of the other features available with the Cox phone service.


  • 14+ Calling Features
  • Unlimited Calling across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada
  • Simultaneous Ringing
  • Automatic Call Blocker

You can customize your landline plan by adding extras with your Cox basic plan. One of the alternatives to AT&T landline phone service, Cox also provides free international calling to certain countries.

While the features seem good, reviews from customers have indicated the failure of the automatic call blocker, and customer apathy from Cox’s customer support. You can decide on your AT&T landline alternatives after going through more customer reviews about Cox.

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4. Xfinity

Xfinity - AT&T Landline Phone Alternative

Xfinity is a VoIP-based landline service provider that works over the internet. Since your landline will be internet-based, reliability and voice quality will be dependent on the strength of your internet service.

The added disadvantage is that the phone lines will go down when there is a power outage, leaving you stranded if you have an emergency.


  • 3-way Calling
  • Readable Voicemail
  • Optional International Calling
  • Decent Spam Blocking Technology

Customer reviews for Xfinity indicate that their service is not very satisfactory. You can decide if Xfinity can be a good alternative to AT&T landline phone service after going through more customer reviews.

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5. Verizon

Verizon - Landline Service Alternative

While Verizon may be a reputed carrier, they are shutting down their 3G network on December 31, 2022. The copper cable connections are going away too, as per FCC Order 19-72. So, consider Verizon only if you would like to bundle your services and are comfortable with VoIP phones.

The company offers 30+ calling features with its home phone service, including spam protection and caller ID. They also offer different domestic and international plans to suit your needs.

Here are some reviews from Verizon customers on Trustpilot that can help you make an informed decision when considering alternatives to AT&T's landline service.

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The Bottom Line

AT&T has been on a bumpy ride ever since its launch in 1877. Its landline cell phone services are not optimal for today’s needs. Targetting high-income areas, having expensive subscriptions, expensive taxes, neglecting customers, and having apathetic customer service, have forced customers to look for landline alternatives to AT&T.

Among the several alternatives to AT&T landline phone service, Community Phone is the best because of its modern and reliable landline services which run off of cell phone towers. Click here to sign up at Community Phone today.

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