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855 Area Code: Everything You Need To Know

855 Area Code: Everything You Need To Know

Did you know 86% of US customers believe toll-free numbers belong to quality businesses? A location-based number is not the solution if you want your clients and potential customers to be comfortable calling your number. For instance, a San Francisco resident would likely never call a New York-based phone number because it’s irrelevant and comes with long-distance call charges.

That’s why you need 855 area code numbers. For those wondering - Where is the area code 855 in the USA? Here’s the answer.

The 855 area code numbers are toll-free numbers not tied to any specific location in the USA. When your customers or anyone else calls an 855 number, the callers won’t have to bear the charges of the call.

Get a new area code 855 number or port your existing number to Community Phone to enjoy the excellent calling features, the reliability of a landline with the freedom of wireless access. Read on to learn more!

What Area Code is 855?

The 855 area code is location agnostic, which means it does not belong to a specific location. It is a toll-free number allowing people to call you at no charge. As it’s a non-geographic area code prefix, it won’t hold your non-local callers back from dialing your number.

How to Get an 855 Area Code Number

Follow the steps below to get an 855 area code number:

Step 1: Sign up at Community Phone by visiting their website. The fastest way to get this done is to call their Business Specialists at 866-471-2089.

Step 2: Choose from the various toll-free 855 phone numbers available as you like.

Step 3: Start your free trial. That’s it; as the trial begins, you’ll be able to use the 855 number you picked and test Community Phone’s services without being charged during the free trial period.

Community Phone: The Best Landline Phone Service

Community Phone

Community Phone is a wireless landline phone service provider servicing thousands of companies in the US. A wireless landline means increased geographic freedom, an easy and quick set-up, and network reliability.

Unlike VoIP and copper landlines, Community Phone’s cellular landline doesn’t depend on the internet or copper network. Most importantly, Community Phone’s landline remains functional during power outages, thanks to the battery-packed base device (more below).

You can choose from a wide variety of local, toll-free, and vanity numbers. You can also create customer numbers, check their availability by talking to Community Phone landline specialists, and register for those numbers.

How Community Phone’s System Works

The Community Phone landline base connects your landline phone to cellular networks in your area to ensure uninterrupted coverage and service. Since the technology does not need copper wires or the internet to operate, it increases the reliability of the service while reducing threats from hacks and breaches.

The built-in antenna ensures it amplifies signal strength in rural and low-reception areas. Stay in touch with your end-users during a power outage with the 12-hour backup battery in the landline base.

Save money and time on installation with the DIY installation of the Community Phone landline base. Here are the steps to install the base:

  • Plug the landline base you receive from Community Phone into the power outlet.
  • Plug your phone into the jack that says “Phone” on the landline base device.
  • Power on the device by turning the ON/OFF switch at the back of the base.

As the device boots up, it’ll begin a 30-second set-up connecting your landline phone to a nearby phone tower. Once the lights on the base turn green, you are good to make and receive calls from your phone.

Community Phone Set Up

Community Phone Features for Businesses

As a versatile and modern-day landline provider, Community Phone offers various business-centric features to help enhance the end-user experience, leading to more referrals and revenue.

Call Routing

Route calls that reach your 855 area code number to the right person or department with Community Phone’s call routing feature. You can program multiple phones in your business to ring simultaneously or calls to roll over from the first to the second to ensure your team answers all customer calls.

Call Forwarding

Forward your calls to a cell or another landline if they can’t be available in the office to answer a call. The call forwarding feature ensures that customer experience is not impacted despite challenges, leading to increased customer satisfaction and enhanced business reputation.

Custom Dial Menu

With the custom dial menu feature, you can program your automated answering system to route calls, answer frequently asked questions, or route to voicemail. You can also share a custom greeting or essential information with your customer about your business by uploading a recording to your custom dial menu.


Ensure you return every missed customer call with the voicemail-to-email feature. Receiving voice messages as audio files or transcripts can help your employees respond to them promptly as per priority.

Unlimited Texts

Engage with your end-users through the unlimited text feature from Community Phone. You can send particular messages to your customers on special occasions and information on offers and discounts.

Personalize your messages and marketing campaigns with the landline texting feature instead of sending bulk impersonal text messages.

Why Switch to Community Phone

Here are some benefits of switching your business service to Community Phone:

Unlimited nationwide calling – Community Phone offers unlimited calling across the US. Stay in touch with your customers, vendors, and suppliers without worrying about paying by the minute anymore.

No contracts or Hidden charges – Community Phone does not levy expensive equipment charges or bind you in lengthy and expensive contracts. You pay what you signed up for and would never have to worry about hidden charges.

Reliable support service – Speak to an actual representative every time you call to get assistance, not to some random bot. Your Community Phone support rep will patiently answer your questions or solve issues for you.

Works during power outages – Stay in touch with your end-users and stakeholders even during a power outage with the 12-hour backup battery from Community Phone.

Cost-effective plans – Unlike providers charging per phone and internet subscription, Community Phone is a cost-effective solution, offering economical business plans that you can tailor to your specific business needs. Talk to their business specialists now to get a custom quote.

Quick set-up – Save time and money on the Community Phone DIY landline-base installation process. Plug it into a power outlet and the phone, and you are all set once you power on the system.

Difference between an 855 number and an 855 Vanity Number

An 855 number is generally a toll-free number. In comparison, an 855 vanity number contains the 855 area code followed by an easy-to-remember pattern of numbers or letters. Match the vanity number with your domain name, enhance your business reputation and stay abreast of competition with the 855 vanity number.

So, what number is the 855 toll-free?

The 855 toll-free numbers only contain random digits after the 855 area code. This way, they’re not as easy to remember or relevant to your brand as 855 vanity numbers would be.

How Toll-Free Numbers Work in the US and Canada

A toll-free number means a Canadian caller won’t have to pay to call your company. But, your business may have to bear the long-distance charges.

Community Phone has you covered as it offers unlimited local and long-distance calling when you get a new area code 855 number from them.

Why Should Businesses Get an 855 Vanity Number?

Here are the top reasons why getting an 855 vanity number is suitable for your business:

1. Distinctive

An 855 vanity number stands out from similar phone numbers, helping customers remember your brand. Pair this with a jingle or a great punch line to send out subtle marketing messages to increase your sales and referrals.

2. Easy to Remember

Vanity phone numbers like 1-855-PIZZA are easy to remember. The vanity number helps customers remember your number and not have to ruffle through mounds of booklets or the internet directories to find your number when they need assistance.

3. Increased Brand Recognition

A vanity number related to your business will help increase your brand recognition. This relevance will help your customers build trust in your brand.

855 Area Code FAQs

Who has an 855 area code?

Unlike regular area codes, 855 is not tied to a specific location and is a toll-free number. Having an 855 area code phone number makes it easy for non-local customers or potential clients to call your business, as they would not incur charges for these calls.

Talk to Community Phone business specialists at 866-271-4089 to know how you can get an 855 toll-free or vanity number.

Is 855 a toll-free number in the US and Canada?

855 is among the most common toll-free numbers across Canada, the United States, and many other countries that are a part of the North American Numbering Plan. Residents from all these countries can call an 855 number free, as it’s not tied to a particular city or country.

Talk to Community Phone business specialists at 866-271-4089 to learn more about 855 toll-free numbers.

Is there a charge for 855 numbers?

As 855 numbers are toll-free, they’re free for your customers to call. But their charges may apply to your business. Choose Community Phone to stay in touch with your customers, vendors, and suppliers, and engage with them through the unlimited nationwide calling feature.

Talk to Community Phone business specialists at 866-271-4089 to sign-up for unlimited nationwide calling as part of your landline service.

The Bottom Line

855 area code numbers are not tied to a particular location, making it easier for your customers to reach out to you. If you’re looking for an 855 area code number, Community Phone is your best bet, as it offers 855 toll-free and vanity numbers at economical rates.

Their landline phone service is equipped with many other calling features to take your customer service experience to a new level.

Talk to Community Phone business specialists at 866-271-4089 to start your free trial today!

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